Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

31 July 2009

Kara no Kyoukai: Boukyaku Rokuon

hehehe I've been waiting all day for my Kara no Kyoukai torrent to complete its download. At 11:04pm, the notification that I've been waiting for from u-torent makes me giggling like a fangirl that I am.

This is the 6th installments of the 7 series movie. I've rated 10 out of 10 for movie #2, #4 and #5 while I rated 9 out of 10 for the first installment and the 3rd one.

For this one, I'm giving it a full mark yet again.

Seriously, I couldn't stop giggling or squealing. Part of it was because I'm too effing excited to watch it and also because this time around, the mood started of lighter compared to the previous installments, thanks to the incest thing going on --

Wait, where the fuck do you think you're going? Just because you can't tolerate incest, that doesn't mean you have to stop watching the whole damn thing. Stupid faking moe...

Anyway, like I was trying to say earlier, the theme of incest doesn't go that far. It was implied but we all know that it never going to happen because we all know who Mikiya really likes anyway. And to be honest, I am a 'lil jealous when she holds his hand. She doesn't know it, but besides Shiki, she has to compete with me too *giggles and blushes*

Shiki is funny without trying to be one. That's why I like her from the very beginning. I wish I could say the same about Mikiya's sister, Azaka. She's trying oh so hard to be tsundere and moe at the same time. Phailed. But I have to give her some credit though. she did a good job making this movie enjoyable with her antics and she kinda redeems herself in the end.

This time around, the movie focused on fairy that stole memories. These fairies are being used by a magician to cover up certain something. Shiki was sent by Touko to Azaka's boarding school to investigate the matter since she has the 'eyes'. Oh you guessed right, she's cosplaying a school girl this time around. Thehehe... See why I got excited? *cough* moving on...

Like the other movies, this one gets really dark as the story progress but... Shiki is more human in this one, talking to Azaka about Mikiya, of her feelings/unfeeling. It also gave us flashback of Mikiya's past, albeit it's related to Azaka.

The characters are simple enough. Art is superb and flawless as well as the sound effects. I think Kalafina did the ED for this movieas well. All in all, I don't have any complains at all regarding this movie. Excellent as always.

Now I can't wait for the final installment! Did you see the preview? Oh. Em. Gee! Bloodfest!!!!!! *squeals*

30 July 2009

Anime: Fall 2009

Omigod. I. am. FUCKING. excited!!

Just look at the delightful menu of anime that are coming this fall! kyaaaaaah!!!

- Darker Than Black 2 (Hei OMG =3)
- To Aru 2 that will focus on Misaka instead of annoying Index!
- the FAIRY fucking TALE! I decided not to read the manga first after all since this is one anime that I don't want to know what's gonna happened before hand. Perhaps I will pick it up once the anime is over. Maybe.
- Trapeze simply because it is done by the same people who did Mononoke.
- Kimi no Todoke: Production IG
- White Album 2 since I watched the first one. To be honest I don't know why I want to watch this. Toya is a fucking whore. Honestly he should just pick Rina and stop fucking that old fuck yayoi. Grrr....
- Inuyasha!!!!
- Asura Cryin
because I have the first season DVD that I still haven't watch yet
- Nogizaka Haruka same reason as Asura Cryin. I've heard the first season is shit though >_>

Oh btw, keep the five fucking ecchi anime away from me. please and thank you.

Get to know yourself better

1. Open this website : http://www.quizbox.com/personality/test82.aspx
2. Take the Personality Quiz (it's VERY short)
3. Copy Paste the result

I was curious so I did this and here are the results, which... bloody hell... I got this!

fanart by Sai992

thehehehe kidding but dayyum, I wished it wasn't so.

Here are the oh so creepily accurate results O_0

Your view on yourself:
Other people find you very interesting, but you are really hiding your true self. Your friends love you because you are a good listener. They'll probably still love you if you learn to be yourself with them.
The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.
Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.
The seriousness of your love:
You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?
Your views on education
Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.
The right job for you:
You have plenty of dream jobs but have little chance of doing any of them if you don't focus on something in particular. You need to choose something and go for it to be happy and achieve success.
How do you view success:
You are confident that you will be successful in your chosen career and nothing will stop you from trying.
What are you most afraid of:
You are afraid of having no one to rely on in times of trouble. You don't ever want to be unable to take care of yourself. Independence is important to you.
Who is your true self:
You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

25 July 2009


Most favourite anime:
besides Bleach and Gintama, they are
1. Detroit Metal City
2. Seirei no Moribito
3. Honey and Clover
4. Mononoke

Least favourite: Ecchi/Yuri

Fav male characters: Ichigo Kurosaki, Ulquiorra Schiffer, Hirako Shinji, Ichimaru Gin, Grimmjow Jaggerjacques, Sakata Gintoki, Gaara, Shinonome Kon, Uzumaki Naruto, Bonten, Tsuyukusa, Jin, Michael Gracio, Baroona, Kid, Stein, BlackStar, Shinobu Morita, Chagum, L, Kyon, Kamina, Lavi, Kanda Yuu and Kiryuu Zero. At least those are the one I remember atm.

Fav female character: Kuchiki Rukia, Hiyori Sarugaki, Haruhi Suzumiya, Kannagi, Torako and Isurugi Noe

Fav animal/creature character: Keroro

How long have you watched anime?: It has been more than 18 years.

Why you became a fan?: I don't know who I will be otherwise.

Will you be a fan forever?: Forevar!!

Do you think any anime characters are hot?: I ends up wanting to rape them. So yes most of them are.

Like yaoi?: Don't have problem watching it.

Like yuri?: Only if it is not stupid.

Like hentai?: Most of them are trash though.

Own a lot of hentai?: A few.

You're a big pervert right?: The biggest!

Like bishounen?: Hot guy?! Of course!!

Like bishoujo?: Meh.

Read manga?: Yar!!!

Have any untranslated manga?: What's the point if I can't read Japanese?

Fav manga: Bleach!! and Ares. Also love Amatsuki, Soul Eater, Naruto and everything from Tsutumo Nihei.

What anime magazines do you own?: none.

How much manga do you have?: I downloaded Bleach, Amatsuki and Ares.

How many anime DVDs or VHS?: 283 and counting.

Own any fansubs?: Nope

Make your own fansubs?: Nope

Do you draw anime?: Fucking talent betrayed my genes T____T

Good at it?: Sorta.

Do you use software like Photoshop?: Who doesn't?

Ever use Oekaki applets?: What the fuck is that?

Have any doujinshi?: A few.

Ever make your own doujinshi?: Not talented enough <_<>=D

RAMEN: Emergency food

What is the first anime you watched?- DBZ when I was a kid. Later years it was Bleach.

How old were you when you watched it?- I was 10 when I first watched DBZ

Did you know it was Japanese?- Yes

What is/are your current anime obsessions?- Gintama

What was your worst anime obsession?- Zettai Karen Children... I mean the antagonist shoots laser from his penis for fuck sake!! XD

Favorite anime genre?- Doesn't care as long as it is not ecchi.

What is your favorite of that genre?- Action

Favorite shojo anime- Honey and Clover

Favorite angst anime- Persona ~ trinity soul~

Most confusing anime?- Chaos;Head

Anime you wish to see- Oh god too many >_<>=(

Anime you're embarrassed to like?- None

Like some anime most other people do not?- Yeah, I don't understand why people don't like Haruhi Suzumiya =\

Do you remember who or what got you into anime?- The sheer hilarity of it.

favorite Seiyuu- Tomokazu Sugita (Kyon/Gintoki) and Masakazu Morita

Favorite English voice actor?- dubbed fucking sucks!

Anime you wish you were more into- TTGL

anime you wish you owned- Bleach!!

Favorite anime-related purchase- Bleach DVD, OST and figurines.

Imagine for Christmas, you could own any anime character. Who would your choice be and why?
Hmm... this is tough. It;s either Ichigo or Ulquiorra. Reason? So I can have their babies!!!!

Cutest couple:

Least favorite pairing?
Ichigo/Orihime. Fucking hate these pairing.

Will Luffy ever find One Piece?
Don't have a fucking clue. I need to get on this boat soon

fanart colored by JeniSkywalker

23 July 2009

Great Teacher Onizuka

Couple of years ago, a friend of mine lent me his DVD when I told him I was yet to be acquainted with Onizuka. He could not believe it and literally forced me to watched it right away. Putting aside my studies (Yeah, I was in college back then), I dedicated my next couple of days to finish the anime.

It was time well spent.

After watching the first episode, I was totally enamoured by Onizuka Eikichi and his ridiculous crazy ways of handling matters in life. Here he was, an ex-biker gang leader, an emotionally fragile loser with no life, less social skills and a good heart whose aspiration is to be a great teacher. Mixed that all up and you get one character that fucked up a lot and get carried away from time to time with violence yet can't help being a good guy.

Onizuka was thrown into a class where the students have to deal with their own set of problems (a sad accurate reflection of modern Japan youth). Between skirt chasings and torturing the student, he managed to help them solved those problems, using his unconventional (read: retarded) methods which provide plenty of comedy and humurous situations. Onizuka was in the heart of it all. He, more than anything, what makes GTO as much fun as it is.

He is a one man hero.

The story is somewhat cliche and is considered episodic where several different story settings take place. However they are some very clever surprises and plot devices to keep the viewer poised for more.

The art and animation was adequate for its time but comes across as kinda outdated in this modern days. Nonetheless it fits right in with the mood the show aims to give you.

The voice acting from everybody fits well too with the characters (i'm not talking about the dubbed version). The variety amusing mood-enhancing tunes for background music will perk you up. As for the OP and ED songs, they were decent selections.

While there is a certain moral message to the anime, watch it for the sheer fun value. It will make you laugh, that's for certain, or perhaps it might even make you cry.

Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
Storyline 8/10
Characters 9/10
Overall 8.5/10

Diary of a tard

I decided to start a tard diary for myself for three reasons. Reason a) I need an outlet to spazz. Reason b) at least with this my blog will have an update at least once a week. Reason c) I can referred to my episodic spazz because I tend to forget the details.

The introduction

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August 2009
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22 July 2009


See... I had a thing going on for this guy who has been constantly in and out of my life whenever he feels like it. Not that I mind but it proved to be a hassle whenever he did show up.

Anyway, this guy (lets address him as A-Hole for the time being, for name's sake) was very charming. Personally I thought he's that way because he was lacking (a tad) in the look department as well as to make up for his rather average height. Luckily his charm rarely works on me since I know his game well enough to know that he's trying to shit things up.

He tried though. Oh how he tried. If one thing that is good about him, I'll say that he never gives up. A-Hole is a rather chivalrous fool. And I think he is rather cute like that.

Oh shut up me.

But anyway, I accidentally found out one day that he is in a relationship. Good for me right? No. Bad. Because he got worse. Maybe because he doesn't know that I know and I'm not going to tell him that I know. I don't want him thinking that I care because I don't. Sorta. So I pretend that I don't know and he pretends like he is not in a relationship. Fucked up, right? Very.

So I played his game. I'm good at this kinda of things, ya see. I'm just curious how long A-Hole can keep the tango going.

And it has already been a year. There's no sign that the music is slowing down. I think without neither of us noticing, we kinda get used to the idea that we're together, despite that I'm kinda together with someone else.

Living in denial ain't so bad after all.

Way to fucked up everything, I say.

Congratulation, klux!

18 July 2009

Light Writings: Prying eyes

I came across an interesting question in writer's block archive in LJ. It asked 'Have you ever read someone's private writings (journal, diary, email, letters, etc.) without their permission?'

*thinks hard*

No, I haven't.

Because I know I would be royally pissed it if it happens to me. I value other people's privacy simply because I want people to value mine.

I know people who pries on other people though. In fact some of my friends have a habit of doing so to their boyfriend/girlfriend or worst husband/wife. They have become the e-stalker. It is something that is beyond my comprehension.

I don't operate that way, you see. To me, trust is the most important thing in a relationship. I can honestly say that I will not lost it if my boyfriend decides to meet or start a relationship other girls just as long as I hear it from his own mouth. I don't get jealous nor do I feel the need for revenge.

My friends called me crazy.

Well, let just say that I am a big believer of faith. If things are meant to be, it will be. If it doesn't, meh try hard as you might he will still slipped through your fingers.

But that is totally irrelevant to the topic now, isn't it? LOL

13 July 2009


There is not much going on in my life at the moment. Or so it seems.

Everything just went from plain boring to fucking dull. What happened in the past year has really taking it's toll on me. It's a miracle that I didn't crack my head open with a hammer.

The sad thing is, I know the cure for all these shits. I am also painfully aware of the fact that if I opted this 'cure', it will only hurts the peeps around me. My heart yearns for it by my mind is against it.

Damn it all.

If this continue, pretty soon I'll be reduced to a walking corpse.

Fuck you who inflicted this pain upon me.

Fuck it all.

12 July 2009

Hatsukoi Limited

"Have you ever fell in love?"

That's the first line of this series. It made me cringed. "Oh god, not another shoujo anime please!" I said.

However, despite that dreaded feelings, I continued watching the rest of the first episode and by the time the ED song was playing, I was hooked, thank goodness.

Hatsukoi Limited (literally means First Love Limited) is a story about a bunch of teenage school girls/boys who are exploring and learning about love. Sounds rather generic, isn't it? Well it is not. Let me explain.

Hatsukoi Limited is a well executed romance anime. It involved a complex love web. The complexities of those loves, paired with the personalities of the characters are what make watching Hatsukoi Limited such an enjoyable ride despite it being only of 12 episodes. Eventhough the comedy in Hatsukoi Limited was derived from the combination of it's characters, slapstick and timing, I didn't think any of my brain cells died. Everything is done seamlessly and things never get stupid for the sake of comedy which was one of the reason I take pleasure in completing it.

Hatsukoi Limited does not begin and end each story lines within one or two episodes. It moves and develops those stories throughout the 12 episodes. Like I said it kind of complicated with such a large casts but this anime managed to pull this one by introducing them and addresses them slowly and flawlessly without the needs to stress it out.

To captured the various aspects of a first love, this anime needs a large cast. Don't fret though because it is impossible to get confused. The overall plots will adapt you to each of the major characters' development. You'll love watching them grow and mature throughout the series. I was surprised to find myself rooting for Kei-chan and Kusuda-kun and thought Yamamoto-san and Arihara-kun made such a good-looking couple. The characters are extremely likeable (even I liked characters that I usually hate). They are also easy to relate to because none of them seems too fictious or fantasy-like. I'm sure once upon a time we have all been through such similar situation.

They are all sorts of love. The typical unrequited love to brother/sister complex that borderline incest. Although I won't consider Hatsukoi Limited as ecchi, there are still some fanservice moments for the guys. So you perverted out there can enjoy this one too! As for the girls, don't worry. You will have no problem enduring those moments because it didn't feel overly forced.

The OP and the ED are catchy but nothing special. As for the voice of each characters, they fit perfectly.

Since this anime was done by J.C. Staff, a well-known animation studio, it was to be expected that the quality of the animation was quite high and there was never a point where I spotted any inconsitencies with the character designs. They did an amazing job with the adaptation leaving me wanting more and completely satisfied. It also makes me all giggly and girly, which I definitely am not!

I'll end this review with it's famous catch phrase: "Are you in love right now?"

Art and animation 9/10
Sound 8/10
Storyline 9/10
Characters 10/10
Enjoyment 10/10
Overall 9/10

03 July 2009


It's already half of year 2009.


I'm still stuck without knowing exactly where I should go.

I'm screwed, aren't I?

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