14 August 2009

Almost but not equal to

This is supposed to be the 'About me' section.

However, I feel retarded trying to describe myself, without being overly critical. It doesn't matter even if I tried to be brutally honest about it because the way I see it, what I am is how people around me perceived me to be. Don't get confused though. What they think do not constitute of who I am.

I'm not making much sense now, do I? Did I ever though? XD

pepsi > coke

Anyway, I asked my friends to describe me the best they can. Here are some of the answers:

Amirah Mohammad: you're YES when you're NO, you're HOT when you're COLD.

Allen McLeod: Scared, honestly. But, then again, you were rping Byakuya...

Elise Galmard: Cold and critical on the outside/on first impression. But truely warm and caring :) I liked you right away, even though a bit scared....

Ridzwan A. Rahim: Um, doesn't give a fuck about what others think? :)

Ntale Bahana: online: scary mean lesbo, RL: fragile, shy, totally afraid of meeting me

Hairil Aszlan: self motivated.

Colin Silkwood: Scared of you cuz of the random rape comments, but now, Im kinda used to it!

Marshall Mahoney: FTW attitude (both meanings ^^,)

Stuart Craig: Otaku ^^. I believe I was rendered speechless by the rape attempts.

Farhana Kamal: confident.. in control.

Krimson Eyes: an open minded person with huge amount of imagination and really friendly .....^_______^ V and an extremly DANGEROUS Yaoi Fan girl too.....XP

As Sahar: pervert...dirty talker...maniac...insane...queen of otaku..

Christian Kit Lembo: well...i thought you were Obsessed...and kinda over-sexual...now I know you have a great sense of humor...you still are overly sexual though...

Marit Olberg: sexually frustrated.. just kidding! But yea, I agree with everything As Sahar said... and I love your yaoi fangirl side! *is also a yaoi freak XD* I remember that I thought you were a good RP'er, and that I found you kind of creepy and weird in a good way X)

Daniel Fogal: Hmmm, well you were scarily good at RPing Nemu. So my first RP impression was that you were exactly like Nemu haha. First out of character impression was you were a nice addition to the Knight Krew and funny too ^_^

Surovi Rahman: my first impression was that you're a guy. and very creepy in the sense that you were obsessed with Daniel. yep.

Joshua Shukster: sexual beast, and confident

Nathan Ballah: I say you are a caring, funny, down to earth girl. You always are a shoulder to lean on if a person has ideas or problems to bounce off of you. Your love for things of creativity draws others like you around. Your sense of humor is lovely ( I love it cuz it is satisfies my raunchy mind). Your love for children or obsession w/ having one shows you LOVE somebody or want to love something lol so you aren't evil or anything. Oh and you owe me a Hichigo figurine :P lol j/o
I first met you I believe on the msn chat I knew of you from jeremy, b/c he said you were cool. Then I was raped by moses and attacked by you. I had fun, though I lost 48hrs of sleep lol. My first impression of you was this funny girl, who gets serious when seemingly irritated, hence why I tried not to piss you off.

Norazlia Zainodin: Oh, macam yg aku kenal dulu kini dan selamanya...u're urself, one of a kind...jujur...cakap je ape nak ckp, maki je ape nk maki & puji je ape nk puji! hehe...sincere la tu maksudnya ^_________^ V

Joshua Green: I hardly remember you way back when, but I remember that you were outstanding at RPing. I also remembered how you wanted to molest me.

Razz T: Sexually attracted ;)

If you can't already tell, I am a RPer in a Gotei 13 hence why all the RP comments. I have a very wicked sense of humors and pretty much what they were saying up there. Having said that... don't take everything you read up there at face value! LOL

you can locate me at:


I don't know you well enough to make such classifications, but I'm liking what I see so far =)

LOL shouldn't you be afraid? XD

I'm putting you on my blogroll so I can stalk you. muahahahaha

@_@ .. fangirls
is scary for some reason eh

macam ku kenal gambar tu :)snedir

eceh... lagi nak ayat camtu XD

klux: u look cool... n i like it, especially ur style...

lol thanks, but what style? Hahahaha

now i whant to read some of you 'rape comments'

I have toned down a lot lately but yeah there's the occasional rape attempts XD

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