21 February 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 3, February 2011

Wednesday, February 16

Watching Level E: I found it is hard to explain this show in words. I feel like you have to see everything yourself to help you understand how good this show is. But anyway, since this is my diary, I'm obligated to try and explain what is going on. Episode 5 is about Color Rangers. Ki kidnapped 5 kids and gave them power through wristband. I love how they transformed unwillingly.

Thursday, February 17

Star Driver episode 13: Benio came to Sugata's house and asked for a Kendo match. Obviously Takuto ended up as her opponent and obviously Benio tried to make him hers. She even stole a kiss from him while he was sleeping. Thankfully her first phase didn't work anymore and it was revealed that she actually loved Sugata. Heh, she's not the only one. Benio lost her cybody but took a risk and piloted another one. Bloody hell, she even got her clan mark back. Without wasting any time, she challenged Tauburn and lost. Jeebus... and because she lost, she's in love with Takuto now. WTF

so cute =3

Friday, February 18

Level E episode 6: Continued from the last episode of Color Rangers. The kids went to Yamagata to challenge Craft so they can get the key that can free them from the wrist devices. They managed to do that by telling Ki the name of the girl they like but Ki has other plans for them. He threw them to a RPG planet where they have no choice but to use the wrist band again. As expected they got hooked and leveled up. Now they are headed to the castle to find out why the king is not feeling well and hoping to beat Ki's ass. TBC

The hairy balls grossed me out


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