29 May 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 4, May 2011

Sunday, May 22

Episode 4 of Ao no Exorcist wasn't as great. Well, introduction episode is mostly like that.

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control episode 3 - I have forgotten how boring and complicated all the finanical shit are. Satou, the lady with lollipop, is from an organization that tries to uncover the secret and the impact of Financial District in real world. She has been following Mikuno for that purpose but it is a tough job. On the other hand, Yoga finds out that his father was involved with the Financial District. He went bankrupt and hung himself.

For his next opponent, Yoga has to fight his teacher who is expected his third baby. This happens in episode 4 of C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control. Yoga would have lost if Mikuno did not buy the asset stock he's selling. Remember that for Midas money, you have to put your future as collateral. I always thought the loser will commit suicide but the teacher who lost showed Yoga can "lost" truly means. He lost all his three child. They disappeared and his wife has no recollection of having children either. That is just too cruel. He also tells Yoga about the Starling Guild, an organization created by Mikuno. He's trying to minimize the effect of losing in the real world. I still can't make up my mind about Mikuno. I think he's a bad guy but all his actions are contradicting my opinion. Ah, well he finally managed to convince Yoga to join him.

Episode 3 of Deadman Wonderland - Wretched Egg, the one who did the masacre is on the loose and immediately goes into a killing spree with the inmates. Of course Ganta will react to it. He foolishly seek the Wretched Egg without knowing that his own life is in danger. He's wanted by the Chief Warden. I find it stupid that they are willing to kill other inmates just so they can capture Ganta. Can't they see how fucking useless he is? But he's one lucky motherfucker to have Shiro by his side though as she helps him (and Yoh) escape and straight to G-block. Well, he gets what he's looking for. The Wretched Egg comes and greets them himself.

everyone, meets the Wretched Egg. He's my new husband ♥

To be honest, I don't feel like watching Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko anymore but against my better judgment here I am watching episode 3. I try not to let Erio pissed me off too much. Thankfully Ryuuko makes an appearance and her moeness cure my blacken heart for this show. She changed the tone of the show for me. When she's not around, it turns shit whats with the aunt trying to seduce the nephew and the delusional cousin finally coming back to earth. Urgh

How cute =3

Fireball Charming episode 5 - Drossel is still planning on a dress to wear for the ball. This time around, it's an underwater spacesuit or so it seems to be. Then Drossel gets to learn about table manner. What a farm, she means, farce! Another episode gone by so far LOL

I actually want to look forward to Hanasaku Iroha but there is just something about this show that makes me shy away out of fear. I don't know what it is either. But lets just watch episode 5 and get it over with. Ohana blabs around telling others about the love triangle between Minko, Tohru and Yuino. Now everyone was making conclusion that Tohru is leaving Kissuiso when he is just taking a day off so he can go on a date. No wonder Minko is so taken by Tohru. He's the one who allows her to work at the inn. I still have a bad feeling that Tohru will end up liking Ohana as well.

LOL oh well I feel like watching episode 6 of Hanasaku Iroha as well. It's pay day and the inn got a visit from Kawajiri Takako. She's there to revitalize Kissuiso, as she puts it. She wants the waitress to wear some rather appealing uniform that is totally not Kissuiso. Ohana is a willing participant though. Well, it's not like they have a choice. The inn is struggling and they need to do something to improve their sales. Hmm, i guess they really are angling for Tohru/Ohana/Minko. That pissed me off. It's degrading for Tohru as a character.

I might as well. Episode 7 of Hanasaku Iroha: Tomoe is being pressured by her mom to attend a marriage meeting while the inn is busy attending a bunch of whacky customers who play survival game for fun. It's a perfect opportunity for Tomoe to act up and get fired because she's planning on quitting anyway. Unfortunately her plan backfired and the customers love her and she ends up realizing that she loves what she's doing anyway. Argh, what is with this show. It lacks consistency. It's episode 3 all over again.

I understand how you feel Tomoe

The World God Only Knows II episode 5: There are 60,000 loose souls left. LOL it seems like Keima will never find his freedom. But he can look forward to 60,000 kisses, right? Heh. Keima makes me laugh. He pretends not to care what real girls say yet he gets depressed nonetheless. That's cute. This time around he has to save his classmate Chihiro who always goes around calling him dweeb. Keima refused to help her at first but his feeling to conquer drives him forward only for him to be shot down right after making him completely gives up on the real world. Somehow this episode is about him getting help.

Snoopy reference FTW!

And he finds it from Ayumi in episode 6 of The World God Only Knows II. He's the first girl he ever helped with the loose soul. Booyah! I love the fact that these girls are coming back. It makes this show so much interesting. Anyway, Keima does ends up helping Chihiro but as expected, since they have grown closer together, Chihiro kinda has fallen for Keima too. Heh, who wouldn't.

Episode 6 of SKET Dance: Sasuke storms in and informs them that SKET Dance will be disbanded starting from today. As if they will comply to that. I can't help but see Keima in Sasuke though he's not as awesome. I'm taken in by Hiro Shimono thanks to Keima. Anyway, they end up competing who would have the best play and if SKET Dance win, they won't be disbanded. Heh, it's not hard to figure out who wins, ne?

Monday, May 23

Jintan is some sort of a necrophilia, isn't he? Ano Hana episode 6.

Tuesday, May 24

Ao no exorcist episode 5, another introduction episode.

The World God Only Knows II episode 7: Today is the big day for Chihiro to confess to Yuta. As expected, she doesn't want to, not after knowing that she might not be able to talk to Keima after that. Heh, girls are fickle being. So since he thought he failed, Keima is more determined to conquer her. I love the whole process of convincing her and take whatever opportunity he has to place a kiss. Go Keima!

Keima is desirable like that ♥

Yokozawa kinda pull a stop on Takano's attack on Onodera in episode 4 of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. As expected, Onodera couldn't help but thinks what Yokozawa is doing at Takano's place at 2am in the morning. I have to give it to him though for having such strong self restrained. In this episode, Onodera proves that he is a worthy editor thanks to Takano who has full confidence that he gets it done. Then Yokozawa comes and pretty much tells him off, saying that it is all his fault that Takano's all screwed up. Onodera has no fucking clue what that is all about though. Guess I just have to see the next episode to find out.

The most intense moment in the episode for me

Akutabe hires a sleazy kid who made a contract with Gusion (he eats people fond memories) in episode 7 of Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. Akutabe asked Sakuma to look after him but she refused so he opted for Undine the fish again. When she send that boy to school, she falls in love with the homeroom teacher and tricks him on signing the marriage paper.

It's good to see that they are focusing on Sinpachi for a change in episode 147 of Gintama. It looks like everyone is obsessed with getting stronger. Everyone except Gin that is who always comes up with various of excuses not to train. So Sinpachi and Kagura get helps from other adults: Sinpachi's sister, Hasegawa and lastly Katsura. Neither one of them is any help though. They keep reverting back to the gym instructors and bear. LOL

Hijikata and Okita Sugou are captured and chained in an abandoned building in episode 148 of Gintama. This totally reminds me of Doubt or Saw. Jigzaw threatens to blow up the Shinsengumi headquarters into smithereens in 3 days. Only Hijikata and Okita know about it so it is up to them to save that place. Just how will remain to be seen. Jigzaw totally have them by their noses. You know it will be hilarious when you put Hijikata and Okita together in one room, just the two of them. I think there's only one person Hijikata is afraid of and that's Okita. I can't say that his fear is unfounded though.

Thursday, May 26

Kubo still refused to reveal who the mysterious shinigami is in Chapter 449 of Bleach.

Friday, May 27

Episode 6 of Ao no Exorcist is a filler but it's still fun nonetheless.


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