11 June 2013

Diary of a tard: Week 1, June 2013

Tuesday, June 4

Aku no Hana episode 9: Saeki refused to break up with Kasuga. She didn't mind that Kasuga did all those things and even glad that he did. She's angry that he chose to tell Nakamura instead of her though. This only made Kasuga confused, even more so now that her mother knew it was him who vandal the classroom. He ran away and ended up where Nakamura and he used to hang out after school. Naturally Nakamura was already waiting for him. I love the fact that when Kasuga asked her to stay with him, her answer is "No, you will stay with me, you little piece of shit".

Wednesday, June 5

Episode 8 of Shingeki no Kyojin: the abnormal Titan helped them defeated the other Titans. Thanks to Armin's calm plan, they managed to get to the supply tower and stock up on their gases. Jean questioned himself whether or not he's fit to be a commander but his friend convinced him that he is. Sorta. Well, I still doubt that he can though. At the end of the episode, the abnormal Titan was spent (after being eaten alive by the other Titan) and guess who merge from the corpse? It's Eren though he's dead as well. I am still unsure how or what the deal with him being a Titan etc...

Episode 9 of Shingeki no Kyojin: So it is finally revealed how Eren becomes a Titan. It all thanks to his dad. All he needs to do is bite the side of his thumb and voila! The soldier was ready to shoot him down because they all saw him emerged from the Titan's body. Obviously Mikasa and Armin won't let them but since they were so adamant, Eren has no choice but to protect his friends by becoming a Titan. On the other hand, Levi is awesome as fuck but I can see him as a threat to Eren since he's determined to eliminate all Titan and Eren is one now.

Love Live! School Idol Project episode 2: The girls are having trouble finding a place for them to practice but that issue solved rather quickly. They started to practice diligently and slowly but surely other students are showing support for them as well, including the president of the student council. They also managed to convince Maki to write their song for them. 

Friday, June 7

I'm pissed at someone but instead of feeding the troll, lets read some manga!

And holy shit Kannagi has new chapters! Chapter 41 and 42: There is still no Nagi though Jin tries hard to bring her back. Now that he finds help from Shouhou everything looks fine but what Jin doesn't know is the fact that Shouhou is actually a girl. Ah I can see some conflicting shit in the future where Shouhou fall for Jin etc. Urgh I just want my Nagi back. Where is she?!

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