06 June 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 1, June 2011

Monday, May 30

X-Men episode 6 - So they return to Japan to distribute the vaccine. They learn the river there has becomes toxic. The mutants, and few other things there are getting weird deformations too. As they investigate the source, they walk straight into the enemy's trap. U-Men is more than ready to welcome them. They have every means on how to defeat the X-Men. But of course they still have something up their sleeves. Team work is the keywords. As they travel back to Hisako's place, the storm force them to retire at Sasaki Yui's place who seems not to happy with Emma and vise versa and so the plot thickens. dum dum dum...

poster worthy

They looking for someone who has fire as powerful as Fire Emblem but the wrong enemy (he's not worth it as a character so the show doesn't give him a name :lol:) already targeted Tiger as his next victim in Tiger and Bunny episode 6. In the mean time, Bunny is busy reminiscing about his parent's death. He still has not give up looking for the murderer. Coincidentally, the wrong enemy has the same mark as the man Barnaby is after. Right on cue the new antagonist appears and burns the wrong enemy to crisp.

I can't take this guy seriously with mask like that

Time for some yaoi. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi episode 5 - oh, new character new story? Hatori Yoshiyuki, Yoshino Chiaki and Yanase Yuu are the names. Threesome in the future? Awesome. I have to ask though, why does the uke all look the same? It got me confused. So let see if I get these uke/seme thing right. Hatori likes Yoshino who unconsciously likes Hatori but Hatori is fucking Yuu who also has feelings for Chiaki. :lol: talk about complicated. But of course everything works out by the end of the episode. Blurgh such is yaoi. So weak :(

this is kinda hot

Wednesday, June 1

So Dojin is assigned to his class that is full of fugly students in episode 8 of Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. That teacher of his sure is popular as fuck with the girls. This of course makes Undine jealous thus she turns the school upside down. The fact that Himoi-sensei looks a lot of Ichigo makes this even more hilarious, even after Undine turned him into a fish and got eaten by the monkey. Oh, since Akutabe refused to help Dojin, he makes up story about how he loves Undine and what not. Hah, this should be entertaining.


SKET Dance episode 7: Bossun has to stand-in as Koutarou for Te-chan as part of their request this time. He has to meet with Te-chan childhood friend, Misaki who kinda sick. Once they find out that Misaki is going to America for a life-death operation, Te-chan doesn't waste any time and immediately turns emo. The rest of the episode is cliche as fuck.

lol what's with the fuck-me face?

Thursday, June 2

Bleach chapter 450 makes me rage, thanks to whorehime.

Saturday, June 4

I keep postponing Ao no Exorcist episode 7. Oh well, at least I get it done.


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