Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

30 April 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 4, April 2011

Sunday, April 24

That's one great OP song. Also I saw Shiro's nipple. Just saying. Episode 2 of Deadman Wonderland: Ganta entered the Dog Race. The seemingly nice inmate Takami Yoh isn't really very nice but I guess you have to be cunning to survive in that kind of hell hole. He told Tamaki (the warden) about Ganta entering the race so Tamaki made the hurdle as dangerous as possible. In this race, either you win or you are dead. It was cruel shit. Ganta is lucky because Shiro is looking out for him otherwise he's long dead.

Why the fuck do all gangsters/side characters sound so fucking annoying. Some were too high pitch while some is all bass. Who can take them seriously? Anyway, SKET Dance episode 3: some girl name Momoka stole Onihime's identity and caused trouble around town. She even kidnapped Onihime only to find out that she's the real one. Despite some serious moments, this is still a comedy which has successfully made me laugh. It's well balanced indeed.

the best of both worlds

Monday, April 25

Tiger & Bunny episode 4: For once we are focusing on other Hero. This time it's Blue Rose. It's interesting when she said being a Hero isn't her main goal. This goes back to what I have been saying since episode 1. These so-called heroes are either doing it for the money and/or for the glamor or worse, being forced to do so. That's what happened with Blue Rose/Karina until Tiger made her realized that being a hero is not as bad as she thinks. Typical.

Episode 2 of Ao no Exorcist is still as awesome as the first episode, if not better. Though it is stereotypical type of stuff that we have seen countless time, it still managed to grab our interest and even WOW us with the whole presentation. This is how shounen anime should be.

Episode 3 of Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san: A human is a slave for lizard-like looking demon, Grimoire, who has the power over words. Everyone else fell under his power except for Akutabe-san. To counter his power, Akutabe summoned Citro, a fish mermaid who desired love and has the power to transform and giving man a fucking blowjob. She can't control herself when she gets jealous. I LOL at the cruelty of Akutabe. God, i love him.

lol wut?

On to the next anime, episode 3 of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi: Ritsu met Yokozawa from the Sales Department and dislike him almost immediately. Why? Because Yokozawa and Takano are obviously fuck buddies. Anyway he's adamant not to fall in love with Takano again but hey, this is yaoi. He'll give up his ass sooner rather than later. It was so apparent that he got jealous and such. He tried to avoid him as well unfortunately Takano is his boss so there's no way of doing so especially when there's a storyboard he needs to approve. As I have expected, Takano jumped him only to be interrupted by Yokozawa who has the key to his apartment. Ah dorama...

It means that HE WILL MAKE YOU SAY IT with his dick up your ass ^__^

Hanasaku Iroha episode 4: Ohana starts schooling again at the same school where Nako and Minko are. Ohana is immediately famous just because she transferred from Tokyo. Looks like Minko is quite famous with the boys herself. Ohana makes a new friend with a bubbly girl named Yuina who is the successor for Fukuya hot spring. Basically they are rivals. There are other sides of Ohana that I see today so she wasn't as annoying as she was in the last episode. For example, her surprised with new things that the local found as normal like seeing Heron for the first time. This episode also confirms that Minko likes Tohru while Ohana is denying her feelings for Ko. Interesting. So I guess the OTP for now is OhanaxKo and MinkoxTohru. But wait, towards the end of the episode, Tohru picked Yuina up and looks like they are dating. WHAT THE FUCK? That was totally unexpected. Great XD

It has been a while since I read any manga. Not even yaoi. But for some reason I feel like doing it tonight and what other way to start it off if not by reading some yaoi manga. I picked Curiosity at random. It featured two shouta but hot damn the yaoi was good.

that's a cute dick >=3

Tuesday, April 26

Haqua is introduced in episode 3 of The World God Only Knows II.

Episode 3 of Fireball Charming: Drossel is planning on going to a ball but Gedächtnis won't allow her to go out since the relationship between robots and mankind is still complicated. He tried to stop her going on an electrical car with made up excuses about special car for mature ladies with thought process comparable to a sea slug. Drossel ignored him and got on one which only tour around the mansion where she lives in less than 5 seconds. I guess this episode introducing one of Drossel accessories as a figure, which is his father red cloak.

awww *pouts*

They introduced two more characters in Sengoku Otome: Momoiru Paradox episode 4, Shingen and Kenshin. Both of them have the armors that Nobunaga seeks. Mitsuhide/Akerin suggested some underhand tactics to get the armors which enraged Nobunaga. Ieyasu quickly took the opportunity to poison her mind since she has her own agenda up her dirty sleeves. Mitsuhide decided to follow through with her plan but since Hideyoshi overheard her, she locked her up. But of course Nobunaga came, save her and stopped Mitsuhide. This only made Mitsuhide hates Hideyoshi even more. Nobunaga interfered with Shingen and Kenshin battle. Of course she won it and almost killed them both but meh she won't do it. In the end she got the armors. Mission accomplished.

Thursday, April 28

Episode 4 of X-Men is much better structured than the last episode. It still meh though.

28 April 2011

X-Men: Episode 4

Hopefully this episode will be much better than the pussy piece of shit we last saw. I know Madhouse can do it. Episode 1 and 2 were decent, weren't they? *crosses fingers*

Emma Frost was attacked by some kind of weapon by the mad doctor that caused her to underwent a secondary mutation, or in mutant scientific term, Deamon Hall Syndrome where a certain emotion triggered the mutation causing them to lost control of their power and go berserk.

glittering semen?

I still want to post the question that has been bugging me since the last episode though: how can the X-Men be so incompetent? Did they simply left the mad doctor in there free to do whatever the fuck he wants? Or at least, make sure that he has fucking died before you went around reporting to Charles that everything is A-Okay.

Because it was not bloody fucking okay. The mad doctor went amok even before the saved mutant children got a chance to drive away. Their lives were in back danger thanks to the X-Men negligence. Once again Hisako stepped up and kick the mad doctor's plate steel ass. Wolverine finished him off. He always got the easy part >_>

No, Wolverine. Everybody just hated your face more

Since the crisis is over for the time being, they will go back to New York. Beast planned to bring along Emma for examination but obviously Scott was against the idea. Unfortunately for him, majority wins. The rest of the X-Men believes that Emma was telling the truth. When Hisako learned that about Emma going to New York, she wanted to tag along. I suspect that Hisako has developed some fetish hentai feelings for Emma. Damn those titties...

This mean that the casts for this show are finally completed.

Their journey back home wasn't smooth though. They were attacked by a mutant. They sent Wolverine to handle the situation. The BGM for the fight was good but unfortunately the animation was too... action-isque that I can't see anything properly and couldn't get the bearing quite right. Such a shame really because it would have been pretty good. Wolverine was having a hard time handling the mutant alone though which goes to show when you are infected with secondary mutation, you are obviously more powerful. Not only he was fast, he can changed form too if he so desired. Somehow he reminds me of Nightcrawler.

Wolverine eventually managed to knock him unconscious so they brought the boy to Xavier Institute for vaccination and thorough examination. LOL it was a total failure. The boy turned to dust once the vaccination took effect.

LOL at facepalm

Fortunately for Emma, hers is benign but Beast confirmed that both underwent secondary mutation at Tohoku. Coupled with the fact that Charles still couldn't locate any mutant using Cerebro at Tohoku, this is worrisome news indeed.

Ah, this episode is much better. We even got to see Scott and Wolverine having a good time playing pool while Storm watching them from the side. The preview shows Hisako training to be an X-Men. Meh, I can already tell it's going to be cliche and boring. Insecurities is old.

27 April 2011

Level E

All Level E did was trolling but damn it I enjoyed all 13 episodes, some more so than others. The fact that I enjoyed the trolling kinda tells you that this show is good at what it does which is bringing you shounen comedy. I appreciate that and honestly we need more shows like this and less that of Rio or Dog Days.

Don't let the title deceived you. The seemingly average, nothing special title of Level E was just one of it's way of trolling. It makes you skeptical of the content, especially when you read the synopsis. Yukitaka is definitely just a supporting character and not the protagonist, like the first episode suggested. All that plot I wrote in that first impression post was misleading. I only got to know this when I watch the second episode. The trolling continued until the very last minute of the show and I took pleasure in it.

The story has no central point and it lacks complexity however it was cleverly written to give sometimes quite an unexpected twist on that simple stories, employing witty humor that caught you by surprise as well as flavoring it with various genres such as thriller/suspense, romance and of course comedy.

Now lets get on with the characters. The show would have phailed miserable if it's not for the characters who give such vibrant colors to this premise but you only needs to know one important character which is Prince Baka, or as I called him Ki, who is the highly intelligent alien protagonist and seems to outwit everyone with his mischievous agendas and games just to keep himself from getting bored. He is the thread or the anchor that holds the story together. Yes, the story pretty much evolve around this jerk. There is only one person, or more correctly an alien who managed to outwit him. If I reveal that character, it would be too big of a spoiler so you just have to watch it till the end to find out.

I am not familiar with the manga from Yoshihiro Togashi so I dunno how true it was to the original work. Having said that but thanks to the anime blogsphere I came to learn that Studio Peirrot has did an excellent job with the adaptation. It used strong visuals, detailed character designs, streamlined narrative, and witty dialogues to make it more suitable for TV viewers of today. They experimented and they have succeed. If you phailed to appreciate this, then you are missing out.

The studio has also cast the right seiyuus for the characters and the cast is HUGE! It goes to show that this project got quite a budget hence why they can experiment. The seiyuus delivered their punchlines naturally whenever it was needed which is important in a comedy show like this one. This is the second time I see Daisuke Namikawa works his magic (the other one through Yondamesu yo, Azazel-san) as Ki. He, Yoshimasa Hosoya (as Yukitaka) and Takehito Koyasu (as Kraft) deserved special mention for their excellent job. They not only bring those characters to life but they also make them one of the most recognizable characters in recent memory. You can say that they completed each other.

(c) kaden

Just like the characters, the OP and ED are very memorable too, especially the OP: Cold Finger Girl by Kuriyama Chiaki (famous for Kill Bill). The animation in the OP have that Men In Black vibe to it which is awesome. Like I said, memorable and one of the best OP I've heard in recent time. It is up tempo and sets the right attitude for the episodes. The ED is a classic JRock by ViVid that kinda completed the whole premise. Having said that, there is nothing special with the background music that is worth mentioning.

The randomness of plot twists and the lack of central direction might throw you off your track but that would be your loss. To sum-up, the ingredients that made Level E so entertaining are the right combination of witty comedy, strong visuals and charming characters. If you can learn to appreciate that you will eventually agree with me that this show is definitely not your average comedy anime. It gives me hope and satisfaction knowing that amidst the inclination of stupid fanservice and moe oriented anime, I can still rely on some of the production house to bring me something clever and funny at the same time without over do it with slapstick jokes.

art & animation 9/10
story 9/10
characters 9/10
sound 9/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 9/10

26 April 2011

The World God Only Knows II: Episode 3

I like Haqua the first time I saw her in the last episode of TWGOK last season. She will have to prove herself to me in this episode, that me liking her is not a coincident, that my judgement on character is still impeccable.

Haqua is totally different than the useless Elsie. She's the chief division for... whatever I can't remember. The important fact here is she's a chief, first class public servant and in check with her surroundings. She knows that she's awesome. She reminds me of me. LOL so humble. She might acts all mighty but the truth is she's not doing so well with collecting souls. In fact, Elsie is doing much better than her which is just wrong.

so modest

As usual, Keima doesn't give a flying fuck who Haqua is. He's just too engross with his game to pay any attention to another demon. He's cool sometimes and I don't blame him. Elsie has done nothing but caused him troubles. Another demon would mean double the trouble. Besides, he got to kiss so many pretty girls without doing much so why is Haqua any different?

look at those sexy lips

Haqua on the other hand totally underestimating Keima. She learned very quickly though that Keima is very perceptive when he blown her secret (without Elsie knowing it, of course). He saw right through her every lies.

Keima used to bully Elsie so I am quite surprised that he let Haque bullied him. Is he warming up to her? Gah, there I go making assumptions and letting my imagination runs wild again. This is the episode where Haqua is being properly introduced after all.

signs of tsudere-ness

So in this episode, Keima teamed up with Haqua to capture the demon that was loose. If they didn't hurry, the demon will reincarnate as the person's offspring and then it will be too late. For the first time, the loose soul did not reside in a girl's body. It manifested itself into something hideous and took over the school theater.

And thus it will continue in the next episode where I believe Haqua will tell Elsie the truth and managed to redeem herself by capturing the loose soul. I want to see her falling for Keima for whatever reason. I'm sure that would makes this show even more interesting. Forbidden love is always good. Even more so when Haqua is such a tsundere.

Conclusion: I still like Haqua.

25 April 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 2

I come in my pantsu every time someone mentioned Ao no Exorcist. I am just that big of a fan after what I saw in my first impression post. Awesome shit is awesome. But enough me fapping and lets get on with episode 2 of this show.

Now that Rin knows he's the son of Satan, his friends and family suddenly decided that they should pay him a visit but they all have ill intent towards him which is why Father Fujimoto is protecting him the best he can. His new found friends and family consist of ghouls, apparition of monsters and of course demons. Nice. Though that's only on his father's side of the family.

Shiratori, the dude who was possessed and exorcised by Father Fujimoto in the last episode, well... he's still around and Astaroth has come back to possess him again. Man, Rin's family must have missed him so much. They ran amok at the Abbey but since it is gated by holy water and chants, they couldn't break in.

Father Fujimoto knew that they can't last very long from the attack so he prepared Rin for battle. He gave Rin the Kurikara, the Demon-Slaying Blade. Nice of him to remind Rin that the sword is more important than his life. I guess it made sense since Rin's demonic powers are concealed away in it's scabbard. What doesn't make sense is the fact that Rin can never draw it out or his demonic powers will awaken and he will never be human again. Heh, but we all knew that he would sooner or later. That's just Rin.

and Rin did ask a valid question. If he's a demon, then Yukio should be one too, right? No, because Yukio's body was too weak when they are in the wombs so the power rejected him and went only for Rin. It is also valid that all these information gets to him, otherwise it would be too illogical for him to calmly accept everything.

Yes. Yes, you are

Unfortunately for him, he can't be emo for too long before Astaroth drove a lorry straight inside the Abbey cancelling of the barrier they made. He's very determined to bring Rin back to Gehenna. Though Father Fujimoto told Rin to fucking hide himself, of course he wouldn't listen. Instead he chose to have a selected hearing ability and only hear what he wanted to hear.

He must kicked himself in the ass if he can, I bet, when Father Fujimoto was possessed right after that. It's even worst when he was possessed by Rin's father of all demons. and thus ends Father's life trying to save Rin. Jeebus what a traumatic experience this is for a normal human being. Luckily Rin isn't one and as expected he drew the sword out and close the Gehenna's gate. It's too late to do anything about Father Fujimoto though.

I cried~

Rin did call Father Fujimoto's best friend after his funeral and guess who showed up if none other than Johny Depp. He's can't wait to get rid of Rin since he's awakened as a demon now but Rin surprised him when he said he wants to be an exorcist too. The irony.

Like Pheles said, it would be a difficult path for Rin but that what make this show oh so much interesting. Fuck I can't wait for next episode where Yukio will play a bigger role, and the introduction of many other fappable characters. There is so much in store for us fans!


24 April 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 3, April 2011

Monday, April 18

My first impression on SKET Dance and [C].

Hanasaku Iroha episode 3: Ohana was about to get rape by the novelist. I approved because she obviously volunteered to atone her mistake in the last episode. Such a nice girl. She even helped him with her sex-writing career (Ohana having a threesome with Nako and Minko in a bath tub). Then she tell the others about it *facepalm* which pushed him to the point of being suicidal. He jumped off a cliff but was save by Nako. The end. By the way, what's with the fanservice in this show? It decrease the value and I'm definitely getting bored with the crap. So what if the animation was flawless when it's boring as fucking a dead guy? Fuck, Ohana is annoying *is mad*

*shakes head disapprovingly*

Tuesday, April 19

Episode 2 of Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san! Tamura's lecturer asked her agency to look for his dog. Akutabe used the service of Beelzebub for this mission. His power is "forcibly induce excretion in living creature" as he puts it. He was good though and they caught the missing dog in no time at all but he also ate shits. But yeah as the show progresses, I was lolling off my chair with laughter because it took turn to the unexpected! God I love this show =3

the timing of this scene was impeccable

Ah crap Ritsu has started dreaming about his boss. That is always a bad sign that the anime is taking turn for the worse. Well we got to see how Takano is charismatic when it comes to his work in episode 2 of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi though. It just the process of wowing Ritsu which also included him forcing himself on Ritsu, trying to make him remember of the past. And fuckif that is not cliche enough, how about the fact that they are fucking neighbors?

Episode 3 of X-Men disappoint me. The pacing was poor and the plot was too cliche for my liking.

Episode 2 of The World God Only Knows II on the other hand was good. I was entertained.

Oh wow, I am watching episode 3 of Tiger & Bunny. Who would have thought? I sure did not plan this but I might as well watch this since I got the time to spare. This episode is about Kotetsu and Barnaby working on for better understanding and team work. Sounds terribly boring and sometimes it were but the show has it moments too. TV Hero was also doing a documentary on Barnaby so we got to learn a few things about him like his parent were murdered. The show won't be completed without a little action so they added in a bomb threat where Tiger & Bunny finally managed to work successfully as a team. They still bicker though but that's the best thing about this partnership. Btw, what's with Karina Lyle?

Wednesday, April 20

Sengoku Otome - Momoiru Paradox episode 3: Nobunaga paid a visit to Imagawa Yoshimoto to obtain the left leg of the crimson armor but it won't be so easy. The episode is about how Nobunaga used 'recreation' to get the armor. It was stupid >>

Episode 2 of Sket Dance: random samurai guy showed up at the club asking for help to win the kendou tournament. They solved the problem with Friske. Then onto the second mission: taking care of Yabasu and getting rid of a bomb. They have to do both at the same time because the monkey ran away with the fucking bomb. There were some funny moments but only like for 2-3 minutes of the whole show.

Thursday, April 21

Bleach chapter 445 was somewhat interesting.

Glo convinced me to check out Nichijou so I started with the OVA Nichijou episode 0. Not as I expected it to be.

Friday, April 22

As expected from A-1 Pictures, Ao no Exorcist is fucking awesome. I came in my pantsu.

Episode 2 of Ano Hana
. I am glad to say here that the quality remains and the story/drama just gets better. Awesome shit.

Yoga met his Asset, Masu in episode 2 of [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control and immediately forced into a Deal. As expected Yoga was totally useless and got beaten by his own bitchy Asset but through this Deal at least I grasp the idea of what it is and how it works. Eventually Yoga won which was a big deal. The last person who won on their first Deal was Mikuni so naturally he paid Yoga a lot of attention. He even went out of his way to pay Yoga a visit. Yoga still has stick up his ass when it comes to Midas. He doesn't want to has anything to do with it. That's impossible. Masakaki remains as best character of the show.

Saturday, April 23

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko episode 2: Makoto treated Erio like she's totally retarded as she explained about some alien shit. She totally deserved that kind of treatment. She also brought him to the ocean and when she went adrift, I couldn't help but laughed at what Makoto has to say. Apparently Erio disappeared for half a year and came back with no memory of what happened. Interesting... In this episode Makoto also met Mifune Ryuuko, a totally moe and adorable girl from his school. I can't help but like Mifune because he made Makoto do all kind of stuff that even he questioning himself doing it. Her attitude is infectious. He also met the Giant Oarfish, Maekawa. Note here that some of Makoto's monologue are really witty and funny. Kudos to the writer.

23 April 2011

My Top 10: Anime You Musn't Miss Out On

I just happened to see the latest post from Sankaku Complex about Top 10 Anime You Musn't Miss Out On and I felt compelled to check it out. I shouldn't bother though because what I saw pissed the hell out of me. Sure, it was written in plain sight that the list is not for Type A anime fan but still... I feel like I was challenged. Here is the list:
  1. K-ON
  2. Angel Beats!
  3. Bakemonogatari
  4. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
  5. Gintama
  6. Toradora!
  7. To Aru Majutsu no Index
  8. Haruhi
  9. Durarara!!
  10. Evangelion
You know there is something wrong with the list when K-ON topped it, unless it's for the most useless anime ever produced. This list is misleading especially for the n00bs who are just venturing into anime and looking for some really good stuff. Though it does includes some of the anime that even I will recommend, most of it are just average anime at best.

But then again we can see the trending in Japan and this kind of answered my question as to why they produced so much garbage lately.

Obviously the list can be subjective, depends on the person who makes it but I think my list would be light years better than this crap they pulled up. I will not rank them by numbers though because it is impossible to rank these 10 anime that I have chosen. They are all oustanding.

Haruhi Suzumiya

(c) deco

Death Note
(c) denchi

Detroit Metal City

Honey and Clover

Samurai Champloo

(c) enami katsumi

(c) adachi shingo

(c) kio shimoku

Code Geass
(c) mecco

I would have included Madoka, unfortunately though I haven't seen it yet. I am also tempted to include Ao no Exorcist and Ano Hana but that would be unwise and too biased even for me. All in due time because this list is bound to change as more anime are being produced every season. One of them will eventually blow our socks off.

So there.

First Impression: Deadman Wonderland

I don't read the manga although I really want to but since I can't afford to spend my time with any manga (except Bleach) nowadays, I am really look forward to see the anime. I have heard and even been forced to read the original so that's why I have high hope for this one. This is only a 12 episodes show though. I wonder if the pace will be too fast. I hope Manglobe doesn't ruin the original with the adaptation.

To be honest, I have no idea what this show is all about. I avoided spoilers because I know even the slightest shit will ruin the show for me. Thank goodness the synopsis didn't tell you much either so imagine how fucking wet I was when I found out how bloody and gore this show is. FUCK FAPPING YES!

what a sight ^_^

Imagine your friends were killed in front of your eyes. Imagine waking up to corpses and ruined class. That's what Ganta, our protagonist, has to deal with. If that's not bad enough, he was accused of mass murdering the 29 students in his class and sentence to death. Well, the evidences were all against him, after all which just made this show that more interesting though it was clear that he was framed and someone wants him dead. That someone is the antoganist, Tamaki. He is the warden of Deadman Wonderland, a prison that is also a theme park, where Ganta was sent to. That's where he met Shiro, a mysterious albino girl who possesses inhuman physical abilities. I guess the more time you spent in Deadman Wonderland, the more adapt you'll become. Shit, I'm all stoke now when I saw the inmates eating candy. Fuck, now I want some too.

Ganta actually met the guy who killed his classmate. He called him the Red Guy and that dude left a souvenir for him in his chest. Now he too possesses super power.


The details in the animation are great. The slow motion in certain scenes captured the essence of what the story was trying to convey to the audience and since more often than not we are seeing things from Ganta's perspective, it gave us the sense of embodiment with the character. Manglobe didn't skim with the budget. When characters look scared, they look like they were just about to piss in their pantsu. Sure they missed some here and there but all is forgiven because the overall result is awesome. If only they don't fucking censored it too much. God dammit.

I recognized Kana Hanazawa's voice immediately. That's how big of an impact she made as Nessa. But yeah, the cast of seiyuu for this show is great. I have no complain at all. Having said that I still don't understand why they hire Paku Romi as Ganta. Why not hire a male for the job? Ah little details...

It's official. I am a fan of Deadman Wonderland now. No wonder my friends were forcing this one down my throat. I am definitely going to read the manga now. Screw work and time. My worries were unfounded. Thank you Manglobe for adapting this.

arts & animation 9/10
story 10/10
characters 9/10
sound 9/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 9/10

22 April 2011

Ano Hana: Episode 2

This episode covers the other two friends of Menma. Continuing from the first episode, Jintan told Poppo about Menma and Poppo simply accepted that fact by believing every words that came out from Jinta's mouth. By the way, it seems like Popo is living in that club house they made when they were kids, what's with all his stuff in that place. Despite his looks, he has been around the world, living his simple life and will only used the club house when he's back in Japan. Just like Jintan, but not quite like him, he quit school and I assumed do odd jobs to afford the trip. He's still happy go lucky like he was back in the days. Since he believed Jinta, he's helping him figuring out what promise did Jinta made to Menma. The best he can do was remembering the rare Nokemon (lol troll) that Menma really wanted back then.

At the other side of the town, Anaru was out with two of her bitchy friends who were talking shit about Jinta or also known as the loser or the hikikomori. I am glad to see that Anaru still defends Jinta in her subtle ways unfortunately her two bitchy friends have selected hearing problems. Anaru didn't realized she was sitting besides Tsururu until that childhood friend of hers stormed off looking mighty pissed. Clearly these two haven't spoken to each others in years. Tsururu definitely acted all snobbish towards Anaru. She wants us to believe that she's the least affected person among that group of kid by Menma's death. Heh, but we knew better or at least I do, having to experience such loss myself. It's something that will always there, at the back of your mind.

I feel you. I missed my day as a hikikomori

Tsururu was right about Anaru though. She did want to be like Menma, quite possibly because she likes Jinta and Jinta likes Menma. You always want to be the girl that your man likes. It's only natural. I bet she has at least once thought that since Menma is gone now, she would have a chance with Jinta. Once again, even though such feelings seem cruel to the dead person, it is only natural to feel that way. Consequently it will makes you feel guilty and embarrassed about yourself, even more so if the person we like came to know about it and/or spurred the incident that claim the life of a friend. I can just imagine the feeling of guilt that burdens Anaru all these time. Poor girl.

Anaru then met with Jinta at the store she works at. Jintan was looking for the rare Nokemon Gold that Poppo reminded him about. I wish there were more interactions between these two but it was done just right. It would be awkward to suddenly being chit-chatty when you haven't talk to one another properly for over how many years.

Menma went around town by herself having nowhere to go as Jintan waited for her to come back to show her the game he had bought for her. He still doesn't believe that she's a ghost though. He conveniently used his theory of his stress creating hallucination of her. Some people are just that dense. And since he likes having her around, he decided that he still has plenty of time to apologize. Also, I want to smack both his and Poppo's heads. It just doesn't make sense however way you look at it that a ghost/dead person came back for a video game, no matter how fucking rare it was.

though they are still thankful of the effort

The next day, Poppo met with Yukiatsu who was actually thinking about Menma while he jogged. Poppo told him what Jintan had told him yesterday. It was clear that Yukiatsu was green with envy and maybe even hates Jintan because even in her death, she seeks Jintan instead of him. But he did tell Poppo about the Nokemon game though and I assumed insisted that Poppo don't mentioned his name to Jintan. Aww... that's cute of him ♥

All these build ups were ruined momentarily by the fact that Menma took a shower and tempting Jintan just by wearing a bath towel. I facepalmed. Hard. I hate this kind of scenes because the turns out will always be the same fucking cliche embarrassment sort of shit. Get over it fast please!

urgh cheap shot

And thank goodness Poppo showed up. He and Jintan went to Anaru's place and we got to learn that despite her look, Anaru is quite an otaku. She has these stack of boxes full of games and cards. You see Kirino, you can learn a few things from Anaru. Anyway, since Menma ran into Anaru and Tsururu having a fight yesterday, she didn't want to be in the same room as Anaru at first because she thought that it would make Anaru sad but Jintan won't hear any of that and dragged her in. When he took Menma's hand, my heart tugged. I feel the intimacy of friendship these two shared and I can see why Yukiatsu and Anaru felt like they were a third wheel. That feeling sucks and hurts like hell.

The four of them spent their afternoon in Anaru's room and after such a long time of not seeing and talking to each other, this is quite a change. The best thing about it is the fact that they don't feel awkward around each other anymore except when the situation warrants it. It's like Menma said, they do not change at all in the inside.

Except maybe for the creepy Yukiatsu who smells dead people's clothes. Or maybe in a sense he too doesn't change at all. Jeebus

Having seen this episode (and what a good one this is), I think Anaru is wearing my shoes when it comes to her feelings towards Jintan. It's not like I like Jintan but there is someone in real life who I have similar feelings for. I can totally relate to her. For example when she blushed when their elbows met... argh that was frustrating!

the fucking gap! KILL IT!

First Impression: Ao no Exorcist

Ao no Exorcist is the only anime that I look forward to the most because of two factors. Factor number one is the fact that I have read the manga back when I was a manga whore so I know what to expect and I expect greatness because the story is fucking awesome (though I have forgotten most about it). The other factor, if you have not guess it yet, is the fact that A-1 Pictures is the one producing this show.

I am three things: anime tard, Sugita slut and A-1 Pictures' whore. Explain a lot, doesn't it? LOL


As expected from A-1 Pictures, the start of the anime puts me at the edge of my seat where a bunch of priests praying to protect the Assiah but one by one they were burned to crisp. But this show is not about them, this show is about the twin Rin and Yukio Okumura who have opposite personalities. Yukio is the smart and obedient one while Rin is the rebel who always gets into trouble.

The Abbey where Rin and Yukio live provides exorcism but Rin doesn't believe in ghost and demon until he saw one himself. That's the beginning of his adventure. Little did he know that he's the offspring of Satan. The day he learned that, he also saw Father did his exorcism and finally he was told the truth about himself. Now that the demon knows where and who he is, Rin will be hunted down. Shit is about to get real people!

Fuck, I'm soaked.

Ao no Exorcist is not all serious shit. It plays with emotions too. When Rin was embarrassed in front of Father, I feel my cheeks heat up as well. And then there were the clumsy side of Rin that made me chuckled. He's cute like that. The same goes for Yukio. I can really feel his concern for Rin and I can't wait to see him playing his role in this whole premise. Gah, twinsome is awesome.


I dunno who Nobuhiko is since I'm not familiar with his previous works but since he does Rin so well, I better look out for him the next time I watch an anime. Yukio is voiced by Jun Fukuyama who is famous for his role as Lelouch so Yukio kinda has that kind of charisma. The rest of the cast will definitely makes this show a huge success, like Hiroshi Kamiya and Kana Hanazawa who are yet to make their appearance. Both the OP and ED are outstanding. Uverworld, whom I know and come to like thanks to Bleach, does the OP and since I learned that 2PM is singing the ED, the conceited old me like it right away. Credits to the music director as well for the appropriate BGM.

There is no need to sing my praises to A-1 Pictures for the great art and animation. It was expected of them and once again, they delivered. It was flawless. The character designs are just like that of the originals and the backgrounds were very detailed. To say that I'm impressed is an understatement. Thank you A-1 Pictures for not disappointing me this time around.

I'm going to recommend this show to everyone not just because I am a biased fucker but also because I think great anime ought to be shared. I already have friends that I can spazz to so that just makes watching it even more enjoyable. Love. Love. Love.

art & animation 10/10
story 10/10
characters 10/10
sound 10/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 10/10

21 April 2011

Nichijou Episode 0

Nichijou Episode 0 is the OVA for the TV series that is airing at the moment for the Spring 2011 season. I want to watch this since it first came out but I was too god damn busy with work and has been postponing it week after week. I can't procrastinate Nichijou any longer though. Glo convinced me that I need to watch this show for the funneh and before I could watch the TV series, I need to watch this one for obvious reason.

(c) 77gl

Nichijou translated to Everyday or My Ordinary Life so I assumed this is the perfect example for a slice of life genre (NOT). Nichijou also falls under the "comedy" and "school" tag according to MAL. I'm definitely one of the people who watch this for the comedy.

The arts are simplistic and used a lot of shading. It's not bad but it wasn't outstannding either like we used to get from Kyoto Animation. Same goes for the characters. They may not seem appealing appearance wise but they will charm you with their personalities. Or in my case, kinda get on my nerves. KyoAni once again aiming to provides cute, a little funny and random show for us. Recipe for disaster, in my opinion.

My favorite character is Sakamoto-san, the talking cat. He provides most of the lulz for me. Also, since no background story was provided, I was confused at first when I saw Nano. It was only after I looked her up that I learned that she's actually a robot who wants to be human, which explained the mechanism on her back. Yuuko is an airhead, Mai the typical silent character and Mio who reminds me of Kagami for some reasons, which means I don't like her that much.

I may not know any of the seiyuus but they did a decent job with the characters. None of them seems out of place and they embodied the characters' personalities perfectly which brings those characters to live. There's no OP, the BGM were OOK and the ED is kinda forgettable. It just the seiyuus humming some melodies.

After watching 22 minutes of the OVA, I have come to a conclusion. This show is kind of a cross over between Lucky☆Star and K-ON. The comedy is definitely Lucky☆Star oriented though most of the time they forgot to insert the jokes, while the plot (or the lack there of) reminds me of K-ON where a bunch of school girls seemingly enjoying their simple life without worries. So I am on a fence with this one. On one hand, I enjoyed Lucky☆Star, but on the other hand I was bored as fuck when it comes to K-ON.

Overall, they were trying real hard to live up to their title. It maybe their downfall because Daily Life are often boring as fuck. However, Glo did say that the OVA is not as funneh as the TV series. Maybe I ought to give it another chance?

arts & animation 6/10
story 6/10
characters 7/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 6/10

Bleach: Chapter 445

Since Tsukishima destroyed the tank, Ichigo and Jackie are back to normal though Ichigo is still clad in his shikakusho a.k.a his full-bring. Make sense though since even her bankai manifested in that manner, along with the change of his sword.

Tsukishima didn't wait for an invitation to attack Ichigo when all of a sudden Chad interfered. For whatever reason he doesn't want Ichigo to find out that the dude is Tsukishima. It was a foolish decision on Chad's side but then again, he always ended up looking stupid anyway. The explosion destroyed part of the club house and now the neighbors are curious. It was funny as fuck though because he was trying to hide the fact that Tsukishima was the one who attacked Inoue and Ishida but he was the one who blurted it out.

Why is Chad still around again?

Consequently Ichigo went emotionally and attacked Tsukishima confidently. It was expected. Interestingly though his zanpaktou/sword is also part of his shikakusho. He used his right hand as sword in an attack. He failed to do any harm to Tsukishima though despite the fact that he kinda has mastered his full-bring quite a lot. Actually that's a lie. To someone stupid like Chad it might seemingly looked that way but to the eyes of someone with experience, Tsukishima knew that his full-bring is still lacking a lot. Obviously Tsukishima was just playing with him and the only reason for the attack was just to check him out.

Thankfully Ginjou finally interfered. Hopefully we get to see these two seniors in full-bring fight it out in the next chapter instead of Tsukishima chasing Ichigo around, toying with him. Then again, I predict more boring dialogues.

Gah, where are the shinigami? :(

For my rants on previous chapters though, click here.

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