02 January 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 5, December 2011

I went to my hometown to celebrate Christmas and New Year here. I basically spent the whole week running around meeting friends and hang out with them like old times. God, I didn't know I miss them that much until we sat and started chatting away. We were all busy with our lives and can only met like this once or twice a year.

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I only managed to read yaoi on the last day of 2011. VulpineNinja recommended Poison Cherry Drive. I decided to check it out and because of the poor translation, I didn't manage to enjoy it much. This yaoi is about a secret gay service company that will do anything gay for the client. They will help solve any gay problems as long as they can afford it. It's pretty confusing and it didn't even have any decent sex scene either. Yaoi without sex is like reading a picture book without the picture.

Happy New Year everynyan ^_^


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