24 August 2013

Diary of a tard: Week 2, August 2013

Saturday, August 10

Free episode 5: They went to some island to train for the tournament. Looks like Mako has some issues with the sea but he seems up to it. Anyhoo, Rei felt like he's dragging everyone down so he decided to practice on his own only to be caught in a storm. Mako to the rescue! It was a meh episode in my opinion. The only highlight is when Rin showed some concern when he found out that they are training out at sea. Awww...

Sunday, August 11

Instead of seeing his brother, Staz met with Liz, his younger sister instead in episode 4 of Blood Lad. There's a reason why Staz is so afraid, or seemingly so, of his brother. Apparently he wanted to kill Staz, or at least sealed his power for some unknown reason. I'm sure Staz just misunderstood him and that's why he ran away from home. Btw, it looks like Liz is smitten with Staz. Meanwhile at demon world, Fujiko (can't be bothered if I get her name right), is disappearing so Wolf brought her to meet Dr. Franken.

Episode 5 of Brothers Conflict: This episode focus on Natsumi and Subaru relationship. For some reason these two can't get along. It does seems like Natsumi is pretty strict with Subaru. Maybe he was a basketball player too but something happened and now he wanted Subaru to take on what he failed to do. I dunno. The romance with Chii is getting ridiculous as well. Subaru has somewhat confessed and Chii is confused as fuck. That lucky bitch.

Gatchaman Crowd episode 3: Mess is no longer a threat thanks to whatever Hajime did in the last episode. It kinda make the Gatchaman effort all these time to rescue the mankind, kind of a waste. And then there's the trap that developed GALAX. I don't think he's a bad guy. He wants a better world but maybe his method might need some improvisation. Anyway, there's some accident at the end of the episode and he decided to use the Crowds. Whatever that is.

hawt trap is hawt


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