09 October 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 1, October 2011

Monday, October 3

Looks who is back people! Kannagi chapter 37! but still the update is painfully slow... Anyhoo, I'm just thankful for this chapter really. I have been waiting for this for more than a year! and even after this long period of time, I am still mad at Zange for ruining that almost perfect date. Unfortunately Nagi has forgotten all about Jin when she started to remember who Ozuma is. She even tainted herself so that Zange has no choice but to exorcise both her and Ozuma. This is completely unexpected. I'm pissed that Zange has no qualm whatsoever to destroy Nagi just because she has become a fallen god. WHOSE FUCKING FAULT DID YOU THINK IT IS, SLUT?! But anyway, at least Jin gets to see Zange for the whore that she is. My heart reaches out to him when he seems so lost without Nagi after that this reminds me of Ichigo and Rukia :3. Nagi on the other hand changed completely. She allures and then kills human to satiate her hunger. She responds to Jin but THAT DAMN ZANGE! FUCK I'M PISSED! and now she gone and kidnapped Tsugumi. As if things aren't complicated already

Eyeshield 21 chapter 3: Hiruma wants them to find 9 more players for the tournament. Everyone said no to Kurita and Sena but no one dares to say no to Hiruma. At the end of the day they only managed to gather 10 people which mean whether he likes it or not Sena has to play, or at least that;s what he thought. In truth Hiruma managed to gather at least 10 people all by himself.

Chapter 4 of Eyeshiled 21: Their first opponent in the tournament is the Koigahama Cupids. Hiruma really is a great team leader. He just know the right words to say to lift up the mood of the team. While they are on the field, two players from other team (which supposedly to be the strongest team) come to see the game and at the same time find any worthy recruits.

They already look like a great player ♥

Tuesday, October 4

The last time I read a chapter of D.Gray Man was in November last year. I stopped reading it because I was too pissed with what happened to Kanda. Almost a year has passed since then and I guess this is a good time as any to catch up. Chapter 200: Allen ordered the Ark to take Kanda and Alma to Matel so that no one can disturb them, neither the Order nor the Noah. Kanda spent his time pretty much hugging (the half-bodied) Alma until that girl of his affection appeared (wut?). I dunno what the fuck is up with that. Mean while at the other side of the world, news spread fast about Allen becoming the 14th. His ally and enemy alike have to made decision whether to be on his side or destroy him. Also, Alma's grudge has not disappear so Allen has to step in again. The Order still has the nerves to order Allen around. If he didn't destroy Alma then he will no longer be an exorcist. Allen ignored them and try to save Tokusa but his effort was interrupted by Link. WTF?

Gintama episode 151: Gin went to a barbershop for a haircut but the old man rather buy volume 7 of Abu-san manga than attend to his customer. While he was gone, he left the shop to Gin, Kagura and Shinpachi. Who else but Kondo walked in after being rejected by a saloon across the street. They have to pretend to be barbers but things got worse when Zura and the Shogun came in for a make over as well XD

Rubens Barrichello, Ayrton Senna and Jacques Villeneuve in my Gintama =D

Episode 152 of Gintama: The Shogun wanted a Mage. Kagura made a mess when she accidentally cut his Mage. They tried everything to put it back to normal, cutting Zura's hair and even to the extend of using Kondo's pubic hair lmao. It was gross but I'm laughing my ass off.

Saturday, October 8

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! chapter 27: The introduction of Dino Cavallone. He is Reborn's former apprentice. Dino is only awesome when he has his family around. Without them he's a total klutz. I personally think it's stupid >_>


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