09 April 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 1, April 2011

Monday, April 4

Watching the first anime of Spring 2011. I chose Fireball Charming to be the first because it only took 2 minutes of my time.

Tuesday, April 5

Episode 10 of Fractale: Sunda learned that Phryne has gone back to the temple. I applauded Sunda when he punched Clain in the face. The audacity of him calling Sunda a murderer. I would have killed him myself! Dias overheard the whole conversation and offered to be the decoy. Obviously he has other plan in his twisted mind. In fact, he has a Fractale terminal as his pet and he is going to eliminate Phryne using Nessa. Cunning son of a bitch. But really, all these drama about Phryne really got on my fucking nerves.

Fractale final episode: It started out with the perverted father telling Clain the secret of Fractale System. Apparently the others before him miscalculated. They thought the God is inside the 10 year old Nessa when in fact it's in the 16 year old Phryne. Seriously, I was disturbed with all these shits. I don't blamed Clain for getting freaked out as well. At the same time, the battle was getting intense. Other families (except Danan) have turned back, leaving Alabaster to fend for themselves. Dias decided to blow up the temple with him in it. Sunda won't let him go that easy though but it was too late. Dias blew up together with the Grand Priestess and Sunda got shot in the process. I will rage if Sunda dies. Phryne on the other hand being a jackass again. FUCK SHE NEEDS TO FUCKING DIE ALREADY! Conclusion to the story:

  • fractale will never be rebooted again
  • Sunda died TT____TT
  • Phryne ended up with Nessa's personality and fucking live! *RAGE!!!*
  • Clain goes back with his old life, with Phryne by his side *DAMN IT*
I bawled

You can read the full review of Fractale here.

Wednesday, April 6

I expected shit and I got shit but having said that, I ended up enjoying Tiger & Bunny first episode.

Thursday, April 7

Just another boring chapter of Bleach :(

Friday, April 8

I was really dreading Madhouse latest adaptation of American Comic but X-Men turned out pretty great. I am very pleased indeed.

Watching Gintama episode 139 because I need a good laugh. Gin met with a pickpocket (a kid) who has interest with the top courtesan. Seita thinks she's his mother. He ended up working for Otose-san. Oh? This is the episode where Tsukuyo made her debut! Obviously Gin encountered her when he came looking for the most powerful man in Yoshiwara named Hosen.

yes, this is Shinpachi

Obviously I can't stopped watching so I continue with episode 140. Gin pretending not to get stabbed was one of the funniest opening gag in Gintama. I freaking love it. I guess he was trying to impress Tsukuyo who went along with his shit. LOL. Turns out she's a good girl but of course Gin, Kagura and Shinpachi won't have it easy getting out of that place. This is where Kamui made his debut. I'm fucking stoke! He's merciless. Damn I love him already. (p/s: he's one of the Harusame crew - the space pirates and Hosen is actually the king of Yato. WTF!) Fuck I need to continue.

Episode 141 of Gintama: Kamui fucking called for a mutiny! Hah but he quickly lost interest when he found out that Hosen is nothing now but an empty shell. Sure he's still strong but he became too attached with the place. Kamui only interested with the strongest. Noted that he fights with a smile on his face. Reminds me a lot of Ichimaru Gin. May he rest in peace.

The many different expression of Kamui, all with intent to kill

Gintama episode 142: Next up is Kagura fight with Obato. This is the first time ever I saw her as an adult. So is Sinpachi. Yato's fight is always entertaining. She even got her arm broken and Sinpachi almost died. Almost killing Sinpachi was a bad choice though because that awakens the Yato blood in her. She was freaking awesome and I have no doubt that she's Kamui's match. Meanwhile, Kamui is busy looking for Seita's mom. So is Gin. They are bound to meet halfway through.

psycho kagura is great. She should come out more often

And so they did in episode 143 of Gintama. I love Gin's entrance. He's so cool like that. He is not only facing Kamui but Hosen as well. This should be good. and it turns out to be so god damn nerves wrecking. That's how intense it was.

So there's no way for me to stop just there. Episode 144 of Gintama: Nothing much happening though. Gin lives and the fight continue. Shits get real.

Gintama episode 145: LOL even in the middle of arc, the show still managed to troll us for 4 minutes. When the arc resumes, Gin was on fire but Hosen is still way to strong. However, Kamui was impressed which mean, Gin has to fight him sooner or later. SWEET! In the nick of time, Seita opened up the ceiling at let the sun shone. Hosen is getting his tan.

p/s: look at me messing up the grammars, tenses and everything else. Forgive me, I don't proof read my post and its nearly 4am. I need sleep.


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