06 March 2010

Diary of a tard - week 1, March 2010

Tuesday, March 2

OMG I'm slacking off! But I didn't mean to. Work has prevents me from doing anything anime/manga related for the past few days. I can't hate my job because it was fun, but it kinda a let down that it takes me away from my usual anime/manga routine.

Enough with the rant though. Vampire Knight chapter 58: I don't think I can tolerate any shits that have to do with Yuuki/Kaname anymore. The unnecessary drama is just so fucking ridiculous. Looks like that's not the only drama. Kaien was involved with lots of killing too back then and I doubt he did it legally. So what's his story, I wonder. Somewhere else, Sara is enrolling into a girl school, looking for consensual prey. Too bad Zero can't do anything about that. I want to see him try though.

Clare must have really lost it. She kinda stopped herself from awakened in Claymore chapter 101? Thank goodness Helen and Deneve are around to help her from getting raped by Priscilla. Just when everything looks bleak, Miria's reinforcements come around. Safe at last?

Hell yes, D.Gray Man!! w00t!! Katusra Hoshino just getting better and better at the drawing I think. It is not so much about the stories that I look forward to see, but how much hotness have my favorite character achieved. Have you guy seen Allen? OMG *faps* But anyway, back to chapter 192, Yuu has regained his memories and the mysterious lady is actually a fragment of his memories when Fo was exprimenting on him. What a harsh reality for Yuu. Again, it shows how the Order is really fucked up. They care more about the Innocence than the life of either Yuu and Alma (I feel like I am repeating myself here =\) and holy fuck, of all people I didn't expect Road to get Allen back on earth again. But I'm glad. Allen must know that the Order is not really the good guy in this matter. Man, everytime I read Yuu and Alma's stories I have tears in my eyes. They are too cruel =(

I dunno how it happened but apparently the old geezer, Arago and Rio are now team mates? In this new story, they are on a stakeout on a teacher who they suspect is in a cult and using the student as sacrifice. Arago was caught too.

I am really confuse at what was going on in Drifters. Are the Drifters the bad guy or the good guy? And the war is who against who? All I know is Black King hates Drifters and wants them all dead. Apparently Octobrist is an organization that gather the Drifters to fight the Black King. Gah!

Shut Hell is about to be executed, naked. However Yurul stopped the execution and Harabal has ordered him to be killed. But that's not what excites me though. The end shows that they are back in modern world. I didn't know I missed the male version of Shut Hell until I saw him again =)

I am surprised that not one person realized that Yuri is the Phantom's Daughter. I mean, wasn't it obvious? Jeez. I really don't like this arc. Zettai Karen Children can do better without her I think.

Fuck. I feel a sudden urge for yaoi. Dammit

So what did I do? I go to mangafox for a my dosage of yaoi. This time I randomly picked up 17 Sai no Hisoka no Yokujou. I think Takamura-sensei is just so freaking damn hot. I'll go gay for him any day dude. Imagining him sex me up under the piano is enough to give me a b0nar. It was a good read. kluxorious is satisfied >=3

Watched some few bad hentai. I puked blood.

I washed it clean with Ladies versus Butler episode 7. Not really the most efficient but it did the job >_>

Wednesday, March 3

I love the latest episode of Bleach. Why? Because I have a secret b0nar for Kazeshini @_@

Thursday, March 4

*sigh* the latest chapter of Bleach bores me to death >_>

I am not in the mood for Naruto after the disastrous chapter of Bleach. But I can't hold on my curiosity only to find another bummer. Naruto understands Sasgay? WHAT THE FUCK, even after all that? *facepalm*

It doesn't get any gayer than this

In chapter 208 of Karen Zettai Children, Minamoto and the adults are on a mission to discover about Black Phantom. Before they could retrieved the information, Black Phantom already make sure that his secret will not be known. Minamoto and Sakaki end up at the Forbidden Zone.

OMG I have always thought that there is no anime that can replace or at least has the same impact as Gintama does on me. I am on a depressed mode at the moment because my stupid hormone decides that I need to have a crush on a person as if my life is not complicated enough. I am so glad that Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu exists. It is another dose of stress reliever for me. I just love this anime to pieces. The first minute of episode 8 has me rolling off my chair, laughing. The best thing about this show is that the male characters have no qualm whatsoever to be gay for Hideyoshi or when their summon beings go gay for each other. Not even the protagonist has the ethic to be discreet about it. No discrimination. Awesome. In this episode the SME is having problem and Yoshii is the only that can change things to normal again. I am a bit disappointed with the lack of blood/nosebleed in this episode though


I just read 17 Sai no Hisoka no Yokujou and enjoyed it, I feel dirty now.

LMAO OMFG what made you read it?

I pretty much expected Naruto to say that. He doesn't really say much else anyways :/ I mean, he even understood Pain, so...
That episode of Baka to Test even riffs on Evangelion, which I could not love it more for.

yeah it was expected but dammit, how many years have it been? Just fucking get over it already gay dammit!

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