18 December 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 3, December 2011

Sunday, December 11

I was bored and in no mood to watch anime so what did I do? I read yaoi. This time the title is Brothers and despite what you think this incest is totally legal since they are both from different parent and only becomes family because their parent married each other. After only two days of marriage, they died of plane crash (lol cliche) and thus leaving Christine (the Japanese older brother) and Wataru (the English younger brother) all by themselves. It took sometimes for the romance to bud but it gradually gets there but if you expect a hot steamy action, you'll be thoroughly disappointed. Final score (5/10)

this is as smut as it gets >_>

If you want smut, then I suggest you pick up Three and a Half. It's about 3 guys and a dog who live under the same roof. Two of them are bi while the straight guy is straight as you can think of, which mean he is a bit of a nerd too and rather be fucked by his dog than gets pleasured by a slut. But of course you already knew that the straight guy will eventually becomes gay and the three of them (plus the dog) will have a threesome (or a foursome if you want to include the dog - but I'm just saying). Turned out the straight guy has premature ejaculation and that's how the gay guys "helped". That's only the first chapter of the story though and since it's 3am and I have bread class tomorrow, the rest of the chapters have to wait.

Wednesday, December 14

Chapter 2 of Three and a Half: This chapter is called Dessin and featured different characters - Hibiki and Yuusuke who keep breaking up and make up but hey if the make up sex is great, why the hell not right? This chapter is pretty stupid overall but the sex was kinda hot.

Torso is the third chapter for Three and a Half and get ready for some really messed up shit. It's about a boy who fucked a mannequin. It wasn't even a full body mannequin, it was just a torso (and has dick - obviously). He fucked the mannequin senseless until he found an art student who has the same figure as the torso and made him watched he fucked the mannequin before he raped him. However, instead of getting angry, they ended up being real lovers. LOL I told you this one is messed up.

jeebus =|

I think I need a break from that. Thank goodness that Hyakko has finally update with chapter 41! The last chapter I read was back in May Orz. They did the Halloween theme for their school festival and it just one chaos after the other. To be honest, I was quite confused because it was just sort of all over the place, this chapter. I can't even differentiate Torako from the rest of the characters at first, that was how confusing it was. It definitely had something to do with all the costumes they were wearing. There were a lot of things that were revealed in this chapter.

  • We were introduced to Nagi Tanjou, one of the members from Ushio's group.
  • Suzume has a younger twin brother
  • Shishimaru Sengoku has a blast when accidentally both he and Toriko wore the vampire costume and Toriko ended up spending the day with him.
  • Amagasa Kyouichirou, the teacher was a student from that school and was one of the four deities known as the "wolfblade". He was pretty much a delinquent.
  • Kitsune once again saved Ayumi from getting harassed. How can I not think he likes her now? It was obvious she likes him >_>
  • They concluded the chapter with rock-on performance by the OOZ.

the simple joys of love ^_^

Friday, December 16

I barely catch up on my anime this week, aside from Working'!! and Fate/Zero. I am just simply not in the mood for it or perhaps I let the yaoi fangirl inside of me wins the argument every time. Same goes for tonight. I'm picking up another yaoi. The title is Kimi wo Watareba (translated to If I Can Cross to You). It's about Haginuma Yoshimori who traveled through time and ended up in Midou Ibuki's room. Apparently it happened a lot at the dorm, as was said by the manager. Haginuma was in love with his best friend from his era that looks like Ibuki. His best friend was the grandfather of Ibuki. So it was a perfect opportunity for him to get it on with Ibuki. He didn't waste any time at all. The only problem now is that when he went back to his era. Both of them would have been butthurt missing each other >_>

that took... less than 5 minutes >_>


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