24 October 2009

Diary of a tard - week 4, October '09

Sunday, October 18

I tried out Kiddy Girl And- it was made of lame. What can you expect from an anime that has special agents named Twiddledee and Twiddledum? It's a story about two female waitresses: one hyper, one seemingly more matured. They happened to have quite the fighting skills and the rest of the story is kinda predictable, don't you think? I is not entirely sure about this one. It can go either way with me.


Monday, October 19

Bamboo Blade chapter 84: OMG Ura is totally fangirling over Black Duran. LOL she's worst than Tama!

The Children escapade continue in episode 190 and 191 of Zettai Karen Children when they got attack by a giant thingy thing. That was it -__-.

Tuesday, October 20

We were introduced with a new cool character, Ishizuka, in Bamboo Blade chapter 85. They are recruiting her for the TV show as well. I kinda feel sorry for the uniform thief LOL

Amatsuki chapter 44 is worthy of fangasm. We have all the bishies in one place and finally got to see what happened to Kuchiha. I kinda forgot that she was with her brother Kanzou the whole time and what a loving brother she has. I always wanted a big brother. Being the eldest sucks.
Anyway, so the demons are out to attack the human while the Onmyou Bureau (consist of Kanzou, Benitobi, Kurotobi, Ainezu and Sasaki) is all out against the demon, using Toki's belongings. Dayyum.

My awaited Nendoroid Arawn finally arrived which mean no more manga/anime for the rest of the day ^o^

Wednesday, October 21

Why do I feel like I've seen this week episode (242) of Bleach before? =\

One of my friend asked me "what the fuck is this shit?!" after they finished watching Hyakko OVA. I don't have any valid or legit argument to present to him ^^"

Thursday, October 22

Gintama OVA is the shiznit!!

Chapter 35 of Hyakko is out today after almost 2 months since the last update. OMG new character and he might be Shishimaru's arch enemy. His name is Edo Kumahiko and he and Torako know each other since they live at the same area and went to the same school together. Apparently, despite his delinquent appearance, Kumahiko is very shy with girls. The only girl he can talk to normally is Torako-chan. What follows are the usual hilarious moments spawned from Toraku and Kitsune's geniuses. Eh... Shishimaru is one of the four deities?!

All of these shit because of a bushy eyebrows? Congratulation Saten. You has successfully turned a straight girl into a gay person. Jeebus. Give me real story To Aru Kagaku no Railgun!

OMG one look at Trapeze, I immediately put my stamp of approval on it! like the unconventional animation and the way the story is being told. Lots of mind game it seems. It certainly is attention-grabbing material. I'm ready to get mindfuck by this series.

just take a look at that knockers! Oh Miyami-chan @_@

My brain explodes and splutters on my screen after I read Bleach chapter 379 this week. I want to marry Kuchiki Rukia and make it legal ^o^

Friday, October 23

In Mononoke chapter 8, the spirit of the neko continues to rampage, seeking its revenge after the truth was revealed.

Holy schmoly! The sixth unit of the special force in Dogs - Bullets & Carnage is freaking awesome. And OMG at first I thought Giovanni was killed by Heine because he was shot in the head. I know that they are fighting and all that shit but didn't expect one of them to be dead since they seems immortal. Guess what, I was right. Long live Giovanni!

Saturday, October 24

Gena brought Cheburashka to the zoo in episode 2 of Cheburashka Arere. There, he met Chandre the Lion and learned how to juggle.

Fairy Tail episode 2: What the- I hate censorship! Gray shouldn't be wearing anything, fool and Loke is supposed to be the hottest bishie around! And what a gay ass way to get a Fairy Tail tatoo. OMG phailed animation is phailed... This is like watching KHR...

Yes, this was exactly how I feel watching this shit, Natsu

Gareki in a suit is effing smexy. I think my brain just explodes from sheer fangasm. Karneval chapter 15 this week saw Gareki and Nai helping out with the Circus show. This, of course is Yogi's idea. In the middle of that thing, something came up: a high powered rabbit disappeared (WTF?) that fucked up the play Tsukumo was in. Luckily Nai has great hearing ability and heard her cry for help. Now they are off to Rinoll.

Like I have expected, the giant thingy from the last chapter of Zettai Karen Children was the old pervert Tanizaki. He was too worried about Naomi-chan not to show up. By the way, we have a new team: The Mice consisting of two sibling with the brother having a siscon disease. Next up: test of courage!

Inusyasha episode 2 reminds me why I was such a fan of Kikyo. She is freaking GAR! And Koga is so effing cool too. All the speech... dayyum. No wonder he got the Goraishi without breaking a sweat. Oh and how can I just realized this? Sesshomaru is Byakuya's twin brother! By the way, Kagura is dead.

As for episode 3... a fucking waste of my time. Who the fuck cares about Shippou anyway?! And I suspect that Kagura will be revived soon.

Lag joined the Letter Bee and met with his Dingo, Niche, in episode 3. I can't stop making the "awwwww" sound whenever I saw him so determine to be a Tegami Bachi. This is all thanks to Gauche. But I have a bad feelings. Why doesn't Connor said anything when Lag mentioned Gauche. Did something happened to Gauche? Gah, I need to know!

Hahaha you're the man, Lag


Trapeze... interesting.

"OMG phailed animation is phailed... This is like watching KHR..."

Erm.. What does KHR stands for? -.-"

And just for fun, I counted the colored words in your post. You chase 20+- titles at the same time. Lol. Crraaazy anime addict you!

Twiddledee and Twiddledum? That's just tragic. -_-

@Yi: You have to see it!

@blur: KHR stands for Katekyo Hitman Reborn. The manga was good but the anime was a bucket of phailed.

and I can't help with the numbers ^^"

@Snark: exactly -__-

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