10 April 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 1, April 2010

Friday, April 2

To kill time, as I wait for sleep to knock on the door as I lay in someone else’s bad, I decided to finish Sora no Woto. Thank goodness I remembered to bring my external hard disk with me. At least I wouldn’t die out of boredom.

Tuesday, April 6

Finally got the energy and time to check out the first episode of some of the new Spring anime. I started off with Heroman because Snark convinced me.

Arikawa Under the Bridge is hilarious! I am so glad that it does not disappoint because it is definitely one of the anime that I look forward to for the Spring season. A must see anime of the season. Definitely.

Wednesday, April 7

Last episode of the filler arc. Bleach will resume its canon story starting next week. w00t!!

K-ON!! and its moe blob shit all over again. The first episode of the second season is just like one of the episode in season one. Shitty.

Thursday, April 8

Bleach latest chapter was awesome until the last few pages. That really pissed me off.

Naruto chapter 490: Eh?! I thought Kabuto was challenging Madara but instead he wants to join forces with him? Damn, I was hoping he wants to cut Sasgay's dick. Oh wait, he does. Phew! Now... I wonder who was it that Kabuto has in that one coffin that made Madara agreed to collaborate. And apparently Kabuto is leading some ninja along. Argh this is confusing! What's so pawnage about this chapter anyway? >_>

In Claymore chapter 102, Miria's reinforcement bring in the abyssal eater and that help them a lot. And since Clare has lost it, Deneve is going to face Priscilla alone. Doom! Doom I tell ya! Oh wait, plot twist! Riful's bodyguard is taking his revenge on Priscilla. Of course that will only made Priscilla more mad and before long, she's awakened. Oh no....

Now I understand Yuu Kanda a little better. Why he is so gloomy and without sense of humor. If I went through the same shit that he did, I would have been the same way too, or even suicidal. D.Gray-Man chapter 193 is about how Yuu got his innocence. One of the best thing about DGM is it didn't lost that edge of humor in their chapter. I really appreciate that. It lightens up the mood no matter how bleak the situation is. Anyway, when Yuu met Alma again, he was surrounded by corpse, people that he had killed with his innocence. I was actually glad at the circumstances. They are the one who wanted to experiment on him and the innocence and made him went through hell. They got what they deserved imo. But yeah, about him wanting to kill Yuu... Now it turns out to be a survival game. How cruel. I shed tears...

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
was pretty decent I guess. It has funny moments and I found myself actually enjoying it.

And finally I got to see my most awaited anime of the season: Ookuki Furikabutte season 2! Fucking w00t!! *does a jig* Yes, I am a tard for Oofuri.

Senkou no Night Raid really impresses me. I was taken by surprise at how good the action was. Definitely going to watch this.

Giant Killing is the anime that I can't wait for the next episode to be released. It was surprisingly entertaining. The start was meh but the end of the pilot episode was really good.

Friday, April 9

Gareki and Nai moved to Circus First Ship in Karneval chapter 21. They end up doing the cleaning work on the ship and Gareki is not a happy camper. But then Tsukitachi invited them to go on a "trip" tomorrow because Gareki was curious at how they managed to fly. Jikki offered to train with them and they finally knew of his real strength. Jikki told them off to just go back to where they came from, or rather he told Gareki that. That wasn't very nice of him...

Finally an update on Amatsuki! Fucking w00t!!! OMIGOSH there is so much blood in chapter 47, it's making me giddy. It shows how Ginshu sacrificed himself for the sake of that little girl he considered as his sister. Looks like it was Bonten or rather Shinshu was the one who brought Ginshu back to life. We all know that was when he got the snake curse. And Bonten further explained how Shinshu act of saving him has changed the fate of the world because she's no longer attached to Ginshu but to him as a person.

Emerging chapter 17: People obviously doesn't want to be quarantine so some of them ran away which only going to make matter worst since it will spread like nobody's business. But yeah I can understand them. I don't wanna be quarantined either...

Arago is put on standby but of course he wouldn't take that one easy so he sneaked at the crime scene and do what he mustn't. This time it's about some dude using the fairies arrow to kill people. That dude is a leprechaun.

Ah crap more incest in Durarara!! chapter 10. Nothing that I haven't seen but this incest thingy has really gotten out of hand lately. I wrote a post about it but is not sure whether to put it up or not. Probably won't unless I ran out of material.

I watched the second episode of Heroman and I cringed at the lackluster shit.

I know Glo would hate me for rating B Gata H Kei so low. But at least I kinda enjoyed it and for some reason, it reminded me of myself. Fuck, did I just called myself a whore?

I dunno why everyone is hating Angel Beats. It was just like Ningyo said, it was so bad it's good.

Saturday, April 10

Jeebus the OP of B Gata H Kei pissed me off. I have to skip the whole shit. In episode 2, the whore invited the nerd to go to the pool. Mission? So he'll fuck her later after he saw her almost naked body. Remember the sister? She walked around the house naked. I doubt if the nerd will get in on with average body like the whore, since he didn't get turn on on watching his sister naked. I mean, she's way hotter than the whore, right? And holy shite, F-shita's boyfriend is pretty hawt so obviously the nerd goes gay for him. But back to the story, the whore has bought enough condoms for 100 fuck buddies and becomes a stalker because she has an F-cup rival. How typical, as she lives in denial.


Claymore chapter was awesome. Just thought I should mention that lol.

Yeah agreed on Angel Beats!. It's kind of stupid, but it's fun to watch.

I have reservation about Angel Beats but I am glad I was wrong ^^

I still can't get over with the fact that Riful is dead -_-

"I wait for sleep to knock on the door as I lay in someone else’s bad"

"did I just called myself a whore?"

Not really a good thing to put them in the same post I guess... :p

Lol. Kidding... But more importantly

Last episode of the filler arc. Bleach will resume its canon story starting next week"

WOOT! Can't wait too!

this blog is called conspicuous for a reason :P

and Bleach is already out and I'm pissed.

Lol. And there goes my hopes and dreams. -.-"

nah, you will probably like it. I just hate the whore.

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