Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

31 January 2010

Diary of a tard - week 4, January '10

Sunday, January 24

Ewan's girl (Rio) was about to get on the Hell Bus if Arago didn't stop her in chapter 4. He got on the bus instead and solved the case. Just when I thought it was over in the lame kinda way, Rio got on the lift and guess who was with her? The death god. He really wanted her dead.

Akira finally regained his memory as the werewolf of the Earth clan and Mina Tepes decided to join his school as a student in Dance in the Vampire Bund episode 3. Mina ordered him around, disrespecting everyone just because she's the chairman (WTF?!). I really don't like this vampire loli. She pissed me off with her attitude. For some reason she really left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm glad that there are people who will go up against her or at least try to. *sigh* Akira is just a manwhore >_> But at least the plot is getting better

The comic relief in Ookamikakushi is really lame. I want to gauge my eyes out. The first half of episode 3 was a complete waste and then I did a headdesk watching the second half. I am not sure whether to laugh or slits my wrist... yaoi FTW?

Hidamari Sketch ×☆☆☆ episode 3: ... nothing worthy to write about ^^"

Awesome episode 16 of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.

I cum a little ^_^"

Monday, January 25

Karneval chapter 19: Karoku can hear Nai in his head, Tsukumo got kidnapped and Yogi lost consciousness as he changed back to his own personality (split personality FTW! - his hair color changes from gold to silver when he's in berserk state). Tsukumo managed to escape but now she's on the hunt. Karuko found her and kinda saved her. My gut keeps telling me that Karuko is the bad guy though =\

Wednesday, January 27

The zanpaktou filler arc is over in Bleach episode 255. However we are going to get another filler it seems. I am NOT going to complain MUCH ^^

Friday, January 29

Wow, this is the not a progressive week for anime/manga. I will try to make that matter right again (hopefully).

Let's start with the manga first.

Bleach chapter 399 is predictable but we all see this coming since last week.

I yawn when I read Naruto. *sigh* Next!

Zettai Karen Children chapter 203: I'm pissed whenever Feather appeared for she will definitely make a mess with Minamoto's head and Minamoto lets himself astray...

Arago managed to save Rio by solving the mystery of the crematorium in chapter 5. Rio turns out to be an officer of the special division. I'm glad that she shows strong emotion towards Ewan but it is only a matter of time before she falls for Arago. Mark my words. And fuck me please! Ewan is fucking alive?!

I really like Switch special chapters. It shows the early days of Hiki Masataka and Kajiyama Keigo. Hiki reminds me a lot of Hal.

I didn't mean to pick another shounen manga up but after reading the first 10 pages of Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu, I found myself chuckling at the subtle jokes. Also I don't usually like the female characters right away (except for Rukia, Toriko, Noe, Shiki and Haruhi) but I like Fayris almost instantly when she starts talking. She's a real bitch XD Anyway the manga has something to do with magic and both the lead female and male of this manga is funneh. Fayris is great with sword and Reiner with magic. They are partners and are OTP too so I approved of that greatly. I hate cliche couple. That's not all, there's this Imiyaburi unit who consists of great characters as well. Their leader's name is Milk who apparently has hots for Reiner.

Oh damn, I pick up another one: Guardian Dog. How can I resist it when a guy flat out tells another guy that he wants him and reach out and literally grab his heart? @_@ heh before any of you freaks out, this manga is NOT yaoi.

and obviously this yaoi fanart has nothing to do with the manga either ^___^

Yandere Kanojo chapter 12: Reina is worried about his father because of the student-parent-teacher day. As usual Reina has totally different idea when it comes to Manabu and hilarity ensued. Why? because she met Manabu's grandad (not that she knows it)! Man, I love this manga XD

And time for the anime!

I really need to start reading Letter Bee's manga. I got a feeling that episode 16 is just another filler. It was sweet though and I like it nonetheless.

Hanamaru Youchien episode 3: Hii says it best when it comes to the retard Anzu: What a disaster. What responsible mother would allow a 5 year old kid to cook? That's a fucking stove you bitch! But I think I like Tsuchi a bit more now because he's being open about his feelings and Hii officially is the best character in this show! That oanda-cat dance is teh awesome.

*gasps* could it be? Chu-Bra has a plot?! O_O

Gray recount what happened 10 years prior when Deliora attacked his hometown and how he became Ur's pupil in episode 15 of Fairy Tail. It is a pretty sad episode. I still remember the chapters well and glad they follow the manga closely.

So.Ra.no.Wo.To episode 4: Noel and Kanaka go to town to get the supplies. I want to smack myself for not realizing this sooner but... Noel is the reincarnation of Yuki?! WTF... I still like her the most though. Again, the arts are amazingly details. I wish I could say that I begin to like this show though... but even Chu-Bra can't make me as sleepy as this show did >_>

I'm glad that I decides to watch Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu after that bore-fest. It perks me right up! Oh man, this show is awesome. The dialogs are the best!
  • Yuuji get the double eye poke treatment from Kirishima for trying to be voyeur. He should have known that only Kaito has that ability.
  • Minami's sister Haruka wants Yoshii as her husband. That is 3 girls now. He's a pimp and a pedo. Win
  • The hooded FFF clan (lol parody much?) is made of awesomesauce.
  • Yoshii puke blood. That is freaking awesome.
  • Himeji's food is like Inoue's food. They are poisonous.
  • Kubo just have to make an appearance. More awesomeness.
  • The ending of the episode is perfect *loves it*

I'm gonna end the marathon with the best show of the season: Durarara!! episode 4. This time it was Shinra Kishitani's turn to tell us the story. He started off with the headless rider. He's the underground physician, doing illegal surgery and stuff like that. He also fucking leave with the headless rider a.k.a. Selty Sturluson. Apparently she is not human. In reality she's a Dullahan (the headless horseman) and is looking for her lost head at Ikebukuro. Kishitani has the longest crush on her. I want them to produce freaky headless babies ^w^

fucking freaky

29 January 2010

Random post is random

No, this post have nothing to do with Hideyoshi but lets make it clear that I am gay for him.

And I think Kaito is the awesome.

Alright let's get on with this post.

Few people have asked me what kind of job do I have. I always answered: the best kind.

I have been lucky when it comes to job. The only job that I applied for was the one right after my graduation and it was fun for a while (about 3 months) before an asshole came in and started to piss me off with his stupidity.

Couple of months after that I got an offer from pitstop. It is one of the subsidiary project for Fifthnet Technology. I was offered a job as an administrator. I gladly accepted it because back then (2003) I was (and am?) a Formula One fanatic. Less than two years after that, I was promoted as Content Editor. This is the turning point when I become a passionate writer. The best part of the job I guess is that I don't have to leave the house for work. My office is my home unless there was a race I have to attend or meet the clients. At pitstop I was responsible for Formula One, WRC, A1GP, GP2, WSR and AFOS. It was a glorious job. I love every minutes of it until Lewis Hamilton get into the picture and totally ruin Formula One for me. The year he won his first ever Drivers Championship, my passion for the sport plummeted and last year I decided to quit the job that I have been doing for almost 5 years.

I started writing free lance. And then I realized I have free times on my hands which mean I can enjoy doing what I like best: writing. That is how this blog started being active again. It also means I have time to enjoy my anime and manga.

Besides that, I make dresses for fun too but meh that's for another entry.

In October, I joined JOHO and was offered to be more active. I honestly didn't think it was anything significant when they approached me so I said yes out of habit. I quickly realized it was more than that. I become one of the front men. In JOHO, we do stuffs that entice the youth (range 18-35 years old) in my state to be more active. So we came up with a project called SPAM! (Southern Project of Arts Movement) where we promote these talented youth and give them platform for them to express themselves. At the same time, hopefully they’ll make a bit of a profit and make name for themselves. That is just one of our projects. There are tons of other stuffs coming up and I will be super damn busy from now onwards. I look forward to that /sarcasm.

On another unrelated note, in episode 193 of Gintama, they announced that the show is going to end in April. They have been doing the same shit countless time before so there is a slight possibility that this is another one of their stunts. This better be a fucking bloody joke or I WILL RAGE.

Oh and there will be two Malaysian teams on the grid of Formula One this year: The 1Malaysia team (pfft WTF with that name?) who will be drove by Fisichella and Kovalainen and Mercedes Petronas who will be drove by Michael Schumacher (fuck yes!) and Nico Rosberg. Obviously I have more faith on Mercedes Petronas. Not only because they have Schumacher in the cockpit but they were the former Brawn GP that wins the Constructors Championship last year. Duh.

Am I the only one who think it was funneh that Petronas rather sponsor a foreign team than a local team? XD

I am gonna end this note with a statement: Orihara Izaya is my new Ichimaru Gin

28 January 2010

Bleach: Chapter 390

Whoa Toushiro is really pissed.

That just makes me laugh. I mean, he is acting just like what Aizen suspected of him. How immature. It will only make me laugh harder when he gets nailed so easily by Aizen. The shinigamis keep saying that they won't allow Aizen to release his zanpaktou but do they really think his power is that limited?

Just like Aizen (and Gin), I can only afford to smile at their foolishness.

While Toushiro going all out, Komamura and Love interfered. There is not even a scratch on Aizen.

I can honestly say that Komamura does not see what's coming for him. The same goes for every other shinigami. This is where they will be dropping like flies. I almost feel sorry for them. I hope some of them will turn out dead though ^__^

Part of me is glad that Aizen decides to take care of them himself (without breaking a sweat I might add) but the other part of me wish we could have Gin in the mix right about now. It is not enough that he's standing in the sideline making us understand how fearsome Aizen is. We already know that. The only one clueless about that shit are the shinigamis.

My question from previous chapter still stand: WHERE THE FUCK IS THE OLD FUCK?

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

27 January 2010

Bleach: Episode 255

I've checked wiki and according to them, this week episode is the last episode of the season 13. I was hoping it is the last episode of the arc but doesn't seems like it. Well we just have to see till the end of the episode to find out, right?

Let's get on with it.

Remember that Ichigo was inside that blob thingy? Apparently he was taken to the inner world of Muramasa. I gotta say that his entrance was pretty stylish. I like that.

Muramasa didn't waste any time to attack Ichigo. Heh awesome. This shit has been dragged long enough if you asked me.

Muramasa's power has something to do with the reflection in the water and once Ichigo figured that out, Muramasa is pretty powerless. Once the water rippled, everything else crumbled.

But I shouldn't count the chicken before the egg hatch. Apparently Muramasa has more up his sleeves than what Ichigo and I anticipated so Ichigo got his ass kicked. But Ichigo quickly got his wit back thanks to Zangetsu. Together they beat the crap out of Muramasa. It was pretty sick but get this: ICHIGO WAS FIGHTING WITH HIS EYES CLOSED!

I am happy to report that Ichigo didn't use his hollow powers. Not even once. I'm getting bored seeing him fight with the aid of the hollow power. It would be nice if Hichigo Shirosaki himself take over once in a while, you dig?

Ichigo saved Muramasa in the end (duh, it's not like we didn't see this coming).

Ichigo's gay moment #47

Holy fuck?! O_o

And then all the zanpaktous returned to their sheaths. I can't believe I'm gonna say this after I bicth in every episodes, but... I'm gonna missed those fuckers.

And guess what. This filler arc is definitely over but we are going to have another fillers coming up next week. I can't say that I'm mad or anything since I've been expecting this. Also because Ulquiorra has asked nicely ^w^

kiyaaaaaaah!!! *inserts heart*

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

25 January 2010

Sword of the Stranger

Original story by Bones
Director: Masahiro Ando
Animation Director: Itou Yoshiyuki
Character Design: Saito Tsunenori
Art Director: Morikawa Atsushi
Art Design: Takeuchi Shiho
Screenplay: Fumihiko Takayama
Music: Naoki Sato

Less than 5 minutes in we already have awesome bloodfest that made me go BAM! whenever someone got killed (brutally I might add but oh so awesome). I knew then that I am going to like this film very much ^__^

And right I was. The actions are non-stop. I am smiling from ear-to-ear whenever a fight starts because it promises oh so freaking awesome fighting sequences and bloodfest.

I really like the art. The animation is freaking smooth it is definitely movie-like quality. What the heck am I saying? This is a movie! duh!! But like I said, because of the smooth animation, all the actions that follow are exceptional. As for the background, it is like water-colored painting-isque. Very pretty indeed. Gotta give props to the Art and Animation directors as well as the Art Design guy. They really did a good job.

Props for the character designs too. They did an excellent job. There are plenty of characters and they don't just stand there with a blank for a face. They all have their own characterizations, even for the extras. I won't go into details about the characters except for these three:


Meet Kotarou, the very bossy kid who is on the run from the Ming. With him is Tobimaru, his loyal dog. When Tobimaru was wounded with a poison weapon, Kotarou hired Nanashi and that is how they become attached to each other. He lived in Ming (China) two years prior and now the Mings are looking for him. For what reason? That would be too spoilerish >=3

Akage/ Akaoini/ Nanashi
oh hell yeah that is blood!

A former very skillful swordman who choose not to draw his sword again. Even though he carries one around, he tied his sword so it would be VERY difficult to draw it. He met Kotarou when he accidentally came across his hiding place and saved him when the Ming attacked. When he found out that Kotarou was taken by the Ming, he does not hesitates to rescue him. By the way, the reason he doesn't want to be a soldier anymore has something to do with his background. Aye, very awful indeed. Oh did I mention that he is actually a red head? *nosebleed*


Rarou is part of the Ming mercenaries army of some sort. It was easy to recognize them since they wear the red cape. They are given the task to catch Kotarou. It has something to do with the Elixir of Immortality. Like many other skilled swordman, he always look for stronger opponent. So you pretty much can tell with who the epic battle would be. thehehe...

So what else did I miss. Oh yeah the story! I'm sure you can pretty much tell what the story is about by reading the characters' info so lets skip that part. Just know that the pace was great and they keep you guessing what is going on.

I have no complain whatsoever when it comes to the music scores. They were excellent. I remember mellowing when they played the calm music in the background and anxious as hell when it comes to the battle. They definitely play a part in setting up the mood for this movie.

You may have notice that there aren't that many screencap. That's because I was too busy drooling and spasm and squealing and FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE when I watched this. I have lost how many BAM! moments it had. Must be more than twenty, at least. Oh man, this is why I so love carnage. They promised a lot of bloodfest. Bloodfest is like... orgasm man. I just can't express with words what it does to my state of mind. Total bliss!

I watched this the second time to actually get the screencaps yet the same thing happened. It is only on the third try that I get all these screencaps, and I still got distracted. Aight, here are some of my favorite scenes. No bloodfest scene because a screencap won't do justice at how bloody awesome it was. I swear I got tears in my eyes. Oh man IT WAS BLOODY FUCKING AWESOME!

nothing says bonding like taking a pee together

They weren't doing waltz btw ^__^

I can't take my eyes off of Nanashi *nosebleed*

*ehem* So yeah, if carnage and bloodfest is your thing, don't fucking miss this.

Like Kara no Kyoukai 7, just 10 out of 10 will not do justice fort this movie. So it will get the extra stars.

art 10/10
story 10/10
sound 10/10
character 10/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 10/10***

24 January 2010

Bungaku Shoujo no Kyou no Oyatsu ~Hatsukoi~

This is the preview for the movie of Bungaku Shoujo or Literature Girl. By the way, bungaku in Malay means 'my flower'. Just thought that I throw it out there. Seems appropriate with the shoujo theme going on.

This OVA/movie is based on the popular manga with the same title. I haven't read it though since it is shoujo and I don't normally read shoujo. The 17 minutes OVA is pretty much the preview of what to expect for the upcoming movie that is set to be released in 2009 winter which only titled as Bungaku Shoujo.

It is about a girl named Touko Amano who literally eats the pages of the literature book she is reading. She considered them as her meal. She can feel the emotions and what not of the story after she consumes it and it also kinda placed her at the scene.

She is the president of the literature club and the club has one more member, Inoue Konoha. Konoha is pretty good at writing thus Amano always tell him what she wants for a meal: something that has vault pole, bamboo blade and first love. So Konoha has to make up stories for her to consume at the end of the day.

This movie is produced by Production IG. I am not too thrill with the art. It certainly does not looks like the typical Production IG product. Having said that, as someone who loves to read myself, I am interested to see where or what the next adventure could be.

At the end of this OVA, they showed us a bird house which has been 'renovated' to be the place for the school student to tell the literature club of their love. I expect the movie would be using that as a story.

Not bad of a premise I must say...

art 6/10
story 7/10
sound 6/10
character 7/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 7/10

23 January 2010

Diary of a tard - week 3, January '10

Sunday, January 17

I have seen the uncensored version of Seikon no Qwaser. Now it got me thinking that I probably should just continue reading the manga and forget about the anime...

I decided to catch up on Tegami Bachi. I have been neglecting the show for the past two weeks. They have not disclosed any new information about Gauche but they did introduce the doctor: Thunderland Jr.

Aight, time to complete One Outs! I have 4 episodes left. Yosh! I can do this... I think? This show is really one of the very good strategy shows that I have seen. The reason I postponed the completion of this show is probably because I don't want it to end? lol retard but I do feel like that with a certain shows hence why the backlog. Take these 4 last episodes for example. I dunno how the heck it will end and the suspense just keeps on building. Yep, definitely a show that deserved the rank of almost perfect :)
edit: I did it! I completed the show! w00t! One down 14 go.

Monday, January 18

When I wrote my first impression on most of the winter 2009 season, I didn't think that I'll be watching any of them week-to-week basis except for one anime: Durarara!! However I found myself with free time and nothing else to do. I am still finishing up on my backlog anime but in between those, I thought why not just see few more of the episodes, perhaps it will grow on me? Or maybe it has something to do with my New Year's resolution. The only anime I have dropped for the season is Omamori Himari. It is just too shitty for my taste.

And that is how I find myself watching the 2nd episode of Hanamaru Kindergarten. I would have spanked Anzu's butt if she's under my care. It is for her sake and it should have been a lesson for the rest of the class. In the second segment of the episode, Hii-chan just proved that she is the best character in the show. I enjoyed it.

The dialog and the age of the character do not match -__-

Tuesday, January 19

So.Ra.no.Wo.To episode 3: I really like how the show started off. It has the serene feeling to it. Felicia went to Treize with Noel and Kureha so Kanata has the whole day to practice with Rio. But there won't be drama if everything goes as plan right? Kanata fell ill and we got glimpses of Rio's flashbacks. I don't get it but why was Rio panicking? *sigh* whatever. In the end she called a non/nurse/doctor. Lets hope we don't see any mecha in the future episodes. Also I really think the troop is useless as shit.

Chu-Bra! episode 3. Yes I am still watching this show. Don't ask me why because I dunno the answer to that question. Anyway, Nayu has a stalker as she decided to open an Underwear Club. She was all emo and shit.

Thursday, January 21

*sigh* Bleach episode 254 is shit again >_>

on the other hand, Bleach chapter 389 is awesome. People may say otherwise but screw them XD

As for Naruto chapter 479, Tobi explained what those eyes on Danzo's hand are. They are Izanagi, a jutsu of ultimate illusion. I still facepalm at the illogical of it all. Eyes on your hand? Pfft >_> Then he went and called a Baku, a mythical chimera that devours nightmare to counter the Susano. Err... yeah -__- They kinda showed that Sasgay managed to stab Danzo in the end. I bet it was all an illusion.
Wow I approach Naruto like Bleach-haters approach Bleach. I can't find anything that excites me. Then again maybe because the chapter concerned Sasgay and Danzo. I kinda hate both of them and can't wait for this shit to be over.

FLAGS chapter 6: Apparently Pilaria is a dangerous assassin but she decided to play soccer with Usagi's Shiden instead which consequently destroyed it. Usagi broke down and said she can't fight without her Shiden. Lame. Oh wait, she was just playing mind tricks on ya -__-

Kuroshitsuji chapter 41: Whoa WTF Kuroshitsuji has a musical? I must see this! Anyway, I find it awesome that the servants of Ciel is always so vigilant even in their sleep. Sebastian left them instructions for the next three days. I suspect that he's not going to be around. That's the only explanation I can think of atm. I got to say that it was funny when Mr Wordsmith started to theorize about Sebastian eloping with Meilin. Remember back in November when they showed us the spread of Sebastian fatally injured? Well that what happened in the end of this chapter. HOLY SHITE! Ciel almost lost it when he saw what happened to Sebastian. I'm not gonna lie. I cried... But this rules out the possibilities of Ciel as the murderer, which I figured what Sebastian wants. And in the end I don't believe that he's really dead. He can't be. Just no... IMPOSSIBLE!

I picked up a new seinen manga (or was it manhwa?): Let's Bible. The one-shot is funny and I am happy to report that the manga is too. The art is definitely something worth checking out for. I love the details.

Another episodic review rant on Ladies versus Butlers. What is wrong with me?!

Saturday, January 23

I really can't wait to see the episodes of Durarara!! Haven't feel this excited about an anime for a long time. I can't even remember the last anime that I watch week to week with so much anticipation. In
Durarara!! episode 3 titled Rampant, Anri Sonohara becomes the class representative and Mikado Ryugamine becomes the vice. I suspect he likes Anri because he quickly raises his hand when he saw the other guys were thinking about it. Masaomi Kida doesn't want to be left behind so he goes around town looking for a girlfriend. lol I really like the confident level of this guy. Then they see Anri getting bullied and Mikado becomes her knight in shining armour. Sorta. When Orihara and Shizuo appeared, they turn this whole episode into one that is full of EPICness!!!
p.s: This time the story was told by Simon
p.p.s: Yagiri went looking for his love (the girl with the scarred neck that bumped onto Mikado in the first episode) and found her at the end of the episode.
p.p.p.s: Orihara reminds me of Gin somehow and I still wants his babies XD

I get carried away and write an episodic review for Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu episode 3. But the show deserved it.

Fairy Tail episode 14: the fight between Lucy and that 'Love' lady continued. I gotta admit that Lucy was funny in this episode. Aya Hirano did a mighty good job. This is the episode where Erza appeared to bring back Natsu and the gang. Gray wins my adoration as he went against Erza. Awesome. btw, Natsu tilted the ruin and fighting with Reitei.

Yuuri has a new present for Kaoru in Zettai Karen Children chapter 202. Theodore brought it for her. He also told Yuuri that Nai will self-annihilate if she ever leave the group. Theodore too think that Yuuri is getting soft. Maybe she'll get the same treatment as Nai?

Ultimo chapter 12: WHAT THE- My jaw hung from the start to finish of this chapter. Regula get in between Ultimo and Vice but before he can do anything, Rage (Wrath) appeared and kinda killed Regula. The others were suffering the same fate too. Gorg in the hands of Glutton, Service getting raped by Avaro (Greedy), Sopia caught by Allgreo (Pride) and Dezil (Lust) basically cut Slow in two. Palace (Sloth) warned the other not to move but they crushed the good Douji nonetheless. The only one standing is Ultimo. In the turn of event, Murayama revealed something unexpected and right after he said that, all the masters for the five good douji were decapitated by Palace and caused the destruction of the world (hyakki eikou) WTF?!

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Episode 3

I can already tell that Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu episode 3 is made of awesomesauce when the first scene they recapped was of Tsuchiya doing his thing.

lol @ the pun

And since this show has never disappoint me before, it won't start doing that now either. Yoshii was forced to bring Himeji and Minami to the cinema. Being the calculative bastards, he was of course miserable all the way despite that these two beauties want to get into his pants (which btw, he has no idea about because he's that dense).

the undeniable truth?

There they met with Yuuji and his stalker, Kirishima who doesn't accept no as an answer. When Yuuji tried, he gets electrocuted lol

and she's blushing too *chuckles*

Yuuji ended up watching the 3 long hours film twice with this chick just because she said so. It was a given that Himeji and Minami are envious. They want a guy like Yuuji too who will always (forced to) follows their desires XD

The next day, on his way to school, Yoshii bumped onto Kubo from A Class who apparently is gay for him. The indication was all there. I'm not making this up! Kubo was eating a bread when he bumped onto Yoshii and the bread fell to the ground with obvious bite mark. Yoshii being a cheap bastard asked him if he wanna eat that bread. The first thought that came up in their mind was totally different and coupled with awesome sfx it became the funneh.

Being a yaoi fan, I lol'd hard at these XD

At school, Yoshii found Himeji near his locker with the love letter that he thought for Yuuji. What a stiff and thick fucker lol

Then he met Yuuji and Yuuji recounted what happened yesterday when he 'watched' the movie with Kirishima. In summary:


As they entered the classroom, Yoshii realized that their class situation has become more dire because they lost to A class. Instead of a desk, now they used empty boxes as their study table. Yoshii being Yoshii, he quickly blamed Yuuji for it and got wrestled by Minami because of it. If I didn't know any better, I would say that Yoshii was asking for it. He is quite the masochist.

By the way, as for the ESB, since they lost in the last match, they aren't allow to challenge other classes for another 3 months so they are basically stuck in that rat hole.

The following weekend, Yoshii had to treat Minami and Himeji again. And again they met Yuuji with the hand cuff on. They also met Minami's stalker, Kubo and Hideyoshi. One thing led to the other and before I know it, I got this:

lol wut?!

And that letter Himeji was writing... well, it ain't a love letter but a chain letter. WTF. But Yoshii did received a love letter by Kubo, complete with his glamor shot. heh

The amount of screencaps for this one is ridiculous. I just got carried away. This is definitely the second most entertaining anime of the season (first is Durarara!!). So here I present thee with the rest of the random screencaps.

What a motivational speech...


Match made in heaven

Look at the opportunist! >3

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu just presents more and more good stuff to me. I seriously have no complain about the show up to this point and really hopes that the trend will continue.

edit: I would have no problem to be Kirishima's pet and I like Kubo the minute I saw him blushing. Damn these characters are awesome. Except for the girl who is gay for Minami. She reminds me of Kuroko and I don't like Kuroko much.

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