29 January 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 4, January 2012

Monday, January 23

Recorder to Randoseru episode 2: Shows Atsumi in her everyday life chores like drinking milk hoping that she will grow taller or bringing Atsushi along when she is doing some shopping so he can help her out getting stuff from the high shelves. In episode 3, Sayo treated Atsumi like she's a kid and then proceed to discuss the kind of guy that they like. Sayo obviously has a crush on Atsushi. I wonder if she knew he is Atsumi's little brother.

Episode 3 of Kill Me Baby: Yasuna was easily influenced. This time she believes that she has esper power just because a guy in the TV said so. As usual, she forced Sonya to take part. From esper to voodoo to fortune telling. Best thing about Yasuna is, she NEVER gives up LOL. In second stint, Yasuna came up with different things to do when it's raining outside from playing puzzle rings to making Rain Doll. When the sun is finally up, they introduced a seemingly unused character, Kyara, that keeps looking for Yasuna and Sonya. Rie Kugimiya is her seiyuu, btw.

Thursday, January 26

Episode 3 of Another: Misaki showed Kouichi what is underneath her eye-patch. Well, nothing creepy like Nnoitora's empty eye socket but only a different color pupil. Misaki is a heterochromia but not really since that eye was artificial. She uses doll's eye and that somehow gives her the gift to see things that should remain unseen. She warned Kouichi: the doll shop isn't a good place for him to hang out since the dolls are seeking to fill their hollowness. She also told him about the class 3 story. It sure was creepy telling ghost story inside the doll shop. It was as if the dolls were eavesdropping. When Kouichi ased his classmates and aunt about it, everyone was jumpy and even warned him not to mess with things that don't exist. He didn't heed their warnings though. He then found out the name of the girl who died at the hospital was Misaki Fujioki. When he told Misaki, she said that Misaki was her cousin and admitted that she didn't exist. Just then Yukari was about to go home but I think she saw Misaki with Kouichi and ran quickly away. As she ran down the stair, she slipped and was killed by the sharpen edge of the umbrella she was holding. Jeebus. That was cruel O_o

I don't like her much now :S
(c) Aranmax

Friday, January 27

Hunter X Hunter episode 12: Phase 3 examination continued. They have to serve the 50 hour penalty. Tonpa trying to make Leorio feel guilty about it but didn't work. When that 50 hours were up, they only have a balance 10 hours to complete the phase. At the end of the exam, they were supposed to fight and only 3 should pass but Gon came up with an idea of hacking through the short cut wall with the given weapons. Thus they passed along with other 19 applicants.

that butt crack...

Sora turns out to be the tsundere and not Miu. I found out in episode 2 of Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! that Yuuta will be the legal guardian for all three of them since the plan that his sister took with her husband crashed. Other family member wanted to take those siblings separately but Yuuta was against the idea because of his own experience of losing his parent earlier on.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 3: Yuuta pretty much ran away with the girls. He didn't think it through so when his aunt asked how is he going to raise the kids and attending college at the same time, it finally dawned on him of the magnitude of his responsibilities. He is not chickening out though. They might face some difficulties trying to cope with the changes but they'll manage.


Yeah, randomly ending up here because you mentioned Misaki Mei and I just finished watching "Another" and am already missing the character. I loved her, loved the fact that not only did she live in a doll shop, but she was part doll as well ... looking for something to fill her up the same way those dolls were.

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