15 April 2013

Diary of a tard: Week 2, April 2013

Tuesday, April 9

K episode 5: Every time I see Kuro, I feel like slapping him with a dead fish. How the fuck can he be so nonchalant. I'm so disappointed in him. As the red and blue team go to the school to find Yashiro, he, Kuro and Neko go out of the school to buy some fireworks. The episode gets far more interesting when Fushimi looking for a fight with Yata and actually did fight only to be interrupted by Seri. After that fight, I am not a fan of Fushimi anymore. Anyhoo, none of them managed to find Yashiro and turned out he is not a student at the school at all.

oh but that megane... hhhnnngggh :3

Saturday, April 13

Episode 2 of Karneval: They have identified the bad guy as Varuga. They want Nai, as do Circus. Thankfully Yogi/Circus managed to get to them first though they didn't give up trying to get Nai. Karoku is still alive though he looks like he was injured or something. I still can't remember whether he's a bad guy or not. It's good that I can't remember shit though, making watching the anime somewhat more enjoyable since I don't know what to expect.


~I really liked episode 5 of K because of the fighting scene!! ^w^ And, for some reason(as you keep watching the show), I feel sad for Fushimi ._. You`ll understand Shiro better as the show goes on(but I also can`t understand how he`s so calm about everything. It`s just. Not. Normal.

~Gonna watch Karneval episode 2 now(thanks for the sort-of reminder)!! Nearly forgot about it!!

I just don't like Shiro =|

~As I watch Karneval, Nai reminds me of Shiro in some ways >_< And I don`t like Nai, so i guess i get how you feel

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