31 January 2010

Diary of a tard - week 4, January '10

Sunday, January 24

Ewan's girl (Rio) was about to get on the Hell Bus if Arago didn't stop her in chapter 4. He got on the bus instead and solved the case. Just when I thought it was over in the lame kinda way, Rio got on the lift and guess who was with her? The death god. He really wanted her dead.

Akira finally regained his memory as the werewolf of the Earth clan and Mina Tepes decided to join his school as a student in Dance in the Vampire Bund episode 3. Mina ordered him around, disrespecting everyone just because she's the chairman (WTF?!). I really don't like this vampire loli. She pissed me off with her attitude. For some reason she really left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm glad that there are people who will go up against her or at least try to. *sigh* Akira is just a manwhore >_> But at least the plot is getting better

The comic relief in Ookamikakushi is really lame. I want to gauge my eyes out. The first half of episode 3 was a complete waste and then I did a headdesk watching the second half. I am not sure whether to laugh or slits my wrist... yaoi FTW?

Hidamari Sketch ×☆☆☆ episode 3: ... nothing worthy to write about ^^"

Awesome episode 16 of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.

I cum a little ^_^"

Monday, January 25

Karneval chapter 19: Karoku can hear Nai in his head, Tsukumo got kidnapped and Yogi lost consciousness as he changed back to his own personality (split personality FTW! - his hair color changes from gold to silver when he's in berserk state). Tsukumo managed to escape but now she's on the hunt. Karuko found her and kinda saved her. My gut keeps telling me that Karuko is the bad guy though =\

Wednesday, January 27

The zanpaktou filler arc is over in Bleach episode 255. However we are going to get another filler it seems. I am NOT going to complain MUCH ^^

Friday, January 29

Wow, this is the not a progressive week for anime/manga. I will try to make that matter right again (hopefully).

Let's start with the manga first.

Bleach chapter 399 is predictable but we all see this coming since last week.

I yawn when I read Naruto. *sigh* Next!

Zettai Karen Children chapter 203: I'm pissed whenever Feather appeared for she will definitely make a mess with Minamoto's head and Minamoto lets himself astray...

Arago managed to save Rio by solving the mystery of the crematorium in chapter 5. Rio turns out to be an officer of the special division. I'm glad that she shows strong emotion towards Ewan but it is only a matter of time before she falls for Arago. Mark my words. And fuck me please! Ewan is fucking alive?!

I really like Switch special chapters. It shows the early days of Hiki Masataka and Kajiyama Keigo. Hiki reminds me a lot of Hal.

I didn't mean to pick another shounen manga up but after reading the first 10 pages of Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu, I found myself chuckling at the subtle jokes. Also I don't usually like the female characters right away (except for Rukia, Toriko, Noe, Shiki and Haruhi) but I like Fayris almost instantly when she starts talking. She's a real bitch XD Anyway the manga has something to do with magic and both the lead female and male of this manga is funneh. Fayris is great with sword and Reiner with magic. They are partners and are OTP too so I approved of that greatly. I hate cliche couple. That's not all, there's this Imiyaburi unit who consists of great characters as well. Their leader's name is Milk who apparently has hots for Reiner.

Oh damn, I pick up another one: Guardian Dog. How can I resist it when a guy flat out tells another guy that he wants him and reach out and literally grab his heart? @_@ heh before any of you freaks out, this manga is NOT yaoi.

and obviously this yaoi fanart has nothing to do with the manga either ^___^

Yandere Kanojo chapter 12: Reina is worried about his father because of the student-parent-teacher day. As usual Reina has totally different idea when it comes to Manabu and hilarity ensued. Why? because she met Manabu's grandad (not that she knows it)! Man, I love this manga XD

And time for the anime!

I really need to start reading Letter Bee's manga. I got a feeling that episode 16 is just another filler. It was sweet though and I like it nonetheless.

Hanamaru Youchien episode 3: Hii says it best when it comes to the retard Anzu: What a disaster. What responsible mother would allow a 5 year old kid to cook? That's a fucking stove you bitch! But I think I like Tsuchi a bit more now because he's being open about his feelings and Hii officially is the best character in this show! That oanda-cat dance is teh awesome.

*gasps* could it be? Chu-Bra has a plot?! O_O

Gray recount what happened 10 years prior when Deliora attacked his hometown and how he became Ur's pupil in episode 15 of Fairy Tail. It is a pretty sad episode. I still remember the chapters well and glad they follow the manga closely.

So.Ra.no.Wo.To episode 4: Noel and Kanaka go to town to get the supplies. I want to smack myself for not realizing this sooner but... Noel is the reincarnation of Yuki?! WTF... I still like her the most though. Again, the arts are amazingly details. I wish I could say that I begin to like this show though... but even Chu-Bra can't make me as sleepy as this show did >_>

I'm glad that I decides to watch Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu after that bore-fest. It perks me right up! Oh man, this show is awesome. The dialogs are the best!
  • Yuuji get the double eye poke treatment from Kirishima for trying to be voyeur. He should have known that only Kaito has that ability.
  • Minami's sister Haruka wants Yoshii as her husband. That is 3 girls now. He's a pimp and a pedo. Win
  • The hooded FFF clan (lol parody much?) is made of awesomesauce.
  • Yoshii puke blood. That is freaking awesome.
  • Himeji's food is like Inoue's food. They are poisonous.
  • Kubo just have to make an appearance. More awesomeness.
  • The ending of the episode is perfect *loves it*

I'm gonna end the marathon with the best show of the season: Durarara!! episode 4. This time it was Shinra Kishitani's turn to tell us the story. He started off with the headless rider. He's the underground physician, doing illegal surgery and stuff like that. He also fucking leave with the headless rider a.k.a. Selty Sturluson. Apparently she is not human. In reality she's a Dullahan (the headless horseman) and is looking for her lost head at Ikebukuro. Kishitani has the longest crush on her. I want them to produce freaky headless babies ^w^

fucking freaky


I Chu Bra actually gets a plot then let me know and I might pick it up again.

'densetsu no yuusha no desetsu' is a pretty epic name. That naruto ch. page was also the freshest thing ever, a full page spread with a simpleass drawing. That's almost exceeding kubo level.

see, the liberties the fansubbers of baka to test take are simply awesome. it's almost completely contextually off and it still is so suitable and hilarious.

@Glo, I'll be sure to let you know but don't get your hopes high

@Ningyo, You said "almost" exceeding kubo level and for that I'm gonna give you a hug... and kisses.

One of the reason why Baka to Test is enjoyable is because of the fansubs. They did an excellent job. Kudos.

Sasuke is freaking annoying. At least it looks like the story is going to shift away from him for a while.
Anyway, I got to the yaoi fanpic and pretty much stopped reading after that. Too much awesome.

hehe that's why I put it up even though it was irrelevant ^__^

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