17 June 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 2, June 2012

Monday, June 11

Zetman episode 2: Jin is a teenager, which mean Kouga and Konoha are too. They met again. Kouga still with his idealistic heroism while Jin pretty much just do what he wants. They met a fire Player who caused arson all around town. Kouga was determined to catch him but he lacks everything. Jin helped him out (though much to Kouga's chagrin) and became Zetman (without any eye witnesses of course). He killed the Player but suffered from cardiac arrest. Kouga's grandfather happened to be the old man that has been looking for Zet all these years. Once he found out who Jin really is, he sent someone to kill the Auntie and unleashed one of his failed experiment with his Aunt corpse (naked) in its hand. Fuck I hate that Kouga family already. I hate Konoha and pretty much all the bitches in the show.

In episode 10 of Yurumate 3D, Matsukichi dreamed of being burn at a stake. When he wakes up the nightmare continue with the three girls throwing snows at him in celebration of New Year. It wasn't a funny episode though I really want to see Kumi's imitation of dead/alive fish eyes.

Tuesday, June 12

Nazo no Kanojo X episode 4: For some reason Oka wants to be friend with Urabe. She sat with her during lunch and even shoving foods down Urabe throat herself. My corrupted mind keep telling me that Oka is a lesbian especially when she played with her lips using her fingers. Anyhoo, apparently she too has connection with Urabe through her drool but Urabe still refused to be friends with her. This doesn't stop Oka from trying though. I wonder what her real motive really is...

Mutta has arrived in Texas for the NASA family support program in episode 5 of Space Brothers. He was feeling like he can't compete to Hibito and to see his brother this way frustrates and disappoints Hibito greatly. It was touching to see Hibito always believing in his brother like that. If only Mutta has some self-confidence in himself. I kinda feel sorry for Hibito all of a sudden.

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Saturday, June 16

Kingdom episode 2: Don't asked why the fuck am I watching this show. I just feel like it so shut up. As expected, the kid who looks like Hyou is indeed the King and was impressed by Xin's skills. It's Xin's job to protect him though and that he did, from the man who killed Hyou and followed him to that hut. However, Ei Se's evil brother sent a fleet of army that surrounded them. They thought they are doomed but the girl wearing the owl costume volunteered to show them the way.


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