11 November 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 1, November 2012

Thursday, November 8

Kyousogiga episode 2: Everything is over the top with this episode. Shouko lost her remote control and sent all her troops all over town to find it. Lucky for her that Fushimi has installed a GPS tracking system on that remote and found it, but after she blew up half of the town though.

Sunday, November 11

I know I am gonna pretty much rage watching episode 4 of K. The fact that Kuroh is making bento for Yashiro is enough shit to start with. I want a badass show, not something gay like this. This episode pretty much focused on Yashiro trying to prove himself innocent by going around the campus to find an alibi. He did find one but after that, he found the bloody uniform he wore on the day of the crime. Okay... things are getting interesting now.

uh oh he's in trouble now...

Teekyuu episode 4: They all went to the pink haired girl house where they do some rather random things as usual only to find out in the end that it's not her house. LOL. Mean while in episode 5, they decided to practice some tennis but of course that's not what they were doing. It's alright though. That what makes this less-than-3-minutes show so enjoyable. I wish I have random girl friends like Yuri. Oh wait, I already have, but they are all males XD

Episode 2 of Lychee Light Club: they were trying to modify Lychee so it can performed other tasks but failed as each of them just give stupid suggestion though at the end, the van idea isn't bad at all. By this episode, it is clear we have a bunch of guys with different personality to amuse us, from a genius to gay to a masochist and everything in between. I keep expecting them to have an orgy LOL

Lychee Light Club episode 3: Suda proposed that they used Lychee as a sales tool since his uncle, a CEO of automotive company is interested to mass produced Lychee because of the greener technology (Zera used lychee fruit as Lychee's fuel). When the CEO came to look at Lychee, it mistaken his bald head as the fruit and freaking eat him. Heh, there goes their plan of getting rich.


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