03 April 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 5, March '10

Sunday, March 28

I am going to start this week's diary with Vampire Knight chapter 59. Zero visited Ichiro's grave after Kaito advised him so because he made a face, something that indicated that he wanted to kill the pure blood girl. Zero started talking to Ichiru. He told Ichiru that he has forgot what it was like to be human. Of course Ichiru responded *squeals* But Yuuki just has to fucking killed my mood when she appeared at the cemetery too. WTF?! At least someone else is fucking mad at her and tried to kill her: a young boy from the Touma clan claimed to be older than Kaname. She was wounded and right on time Zero appeared. *ba-thump* my ass >_>

Next up is Arago chapter 13. It was Arago's turn to counterattack but his plan backfired when he was surprised that Seth wasn't possessed. He is the devil himself. lol wut didn't he said he just used that body last week? Oh I see, he was lying. He made a deal with the devil. Just like Arago has the Patchman's power, he has the devil's. Arago didn't manage to catch him though and his reputation in the CID plummeted. Since the guy who he was filling in is back, will he be fired?

Yosh an update on Yandere Kanojo. On to chapter 13!

I was cheated reading the Bloody Little Circus >_>

Everyone is in panic mode when they learned that the virus might be air-born in Emerging chapter 16. Just as expected. Mori and her crew went to Sekiguchi hospital and creep everyone out with their uniform, not to mention the amount of new suspected patients...

I need my usual dosage of yaoi so I picked up a one-shot: Unmei no Koi ni Naritai. It was funny at time, especially when Wataru flustered and frustrated at the fact that Tachibana is not gay (well, he eventually will be gay, duh). Also the other character, Yukio is a crossdresser. He's definitely one of the reason why this one-shot is enjoyable. I like the fact that the relationship is not exaggerated like many other yaoi tend to do. It was surprisingly sweet. But dammit! Why are all the good/nice/badassery guy is taken, by another male nonetheless?! I wept ^^

Yes Wataru, I understand you completely! @_@

Monday, March 29

I really enjoyed Bleach episode 263. I'm glad I didn't skip it.

Episode 12 of Baka to Test to Shoukanju: They are fulfilling their mission to beat Class A in the ESB. Yuuji thinks of everything. He even convinced Class B rep to play a mock ESB with Class A and send Hideyoshi dressed like his sister challenging every other class. The plan is to exhaust Class A. When it was their turned to fight, they pretty had it in the bag if only Hideyoshi's sister played fair. Oh well it was expected.

Wednesday, March 31

It's funny how in the latest chapter of Zettai Karen Children, the first spread says Their Eyes are All Fixed on the Same Future when they have Hyoubu standing next to Fujiko, Minamoto and Sakaki. This proves what I have been saying all along that Hyoubu is ultimately a twisted good guy. I mean, he came to the guys' rescue (no longer in hologram mode, that is). I squealed in delight.

badass Hyoubu is badass ^o^

Thursday, April 1

Woke up to a new chapter of Bleach. Life is bliss ^__^

Naruto chapter 489: All these frogs talking is creeping me out a little. And just like that everyone is back to normal. Nauto was reversed summon by the frog and was given the fourth seal. Whaddaya know, the frog just pull that "THAT" sentence. I can imagined Glo being pissed reading this one XD

On the other hand, Kabuto has find Madara and holy fuck I nearly had a heart attack when Kabuto summoned the dead Akatsuki members' back. Holy fuck... O_O

Yosh I have completed Hetalia Axis Power. Thanks CarrionCow for fansubbing the last episode!

And I'll be gone for the rest of the weekend for the Malaysian F1 GP Race. Fucking w00t!!


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