26 December 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 4, December 2010

Monday, December 20

My least favorite part of traveling is the fact that I can't watch anime as I usually do which usually means the start of backlog on the anime I follow. I hate it when I lost the momentum. But whatever. Let's get the week started with Togainu no Chi episode 3. They went to the castle again for Keisuke registration. He's officially participating in Igra now. Then they met with a blue haired freak who went around stealing tags as well as Arbitro and Kau. I so want to see more yaoi than just him teasing Kau. Grr...

Next up is To Aru Majutsu no Index II episode 4. Touma was being Touma. He will never be satisfied with the fact that he can't do anything to help Orsola so he ran off on his own. Thanks to the cross Touma gave her, Orsola is now and Anglican and that gave Styl the reason to help out too. And then the shit got more real with Tatemiya joined in too. The sisters from the Roman church are all crazy bitches though so I was happy to see them get their asses kicked. I mean some of them pierced their own ears. That was just fucked up, man. TBC

The essence of Touma

Star Driver episode 10 and 11 were decent. Not much going on though.

Time to get down and dirty with Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt episode 12. The Demon sisters were reporting to the mayor and he's not happy with the progress. They ended up masturbating when the mayor walked in on them. Apparently all the shits that were served was to find the blood kin of Hellsmonkey. Whatever the fuck that is. I suspect it has something to do with Brief. The second half was unexpected though. Stocking made it back to heaven while Panty has to repent because she fucked too many guys. Fat chance. Now it's Panty and Brief team. Brief then got invited to a party and Panty's goal is to fuck one more guy before she went up to heaven. Ignoring the Romeo & Juliet theme, we all knew she will end up with Brief. Unfortunately she has her hymen reconstructed and Brief dick turned to key. Whatever, right? With one episode left too >>

I'll be honest. At this point, I want to fuck Brief too

Tuesday, December 21

I fell hard for Kuranosuke in episode 9 of Kuragehime.

The World God Only Knows episode 9: Keima ordered Elsie to learn more about this world and get some common sense. So off she went to the library where she met the next loose soul. I like her instantly. Listening to her talking to herself is amusing and Keima is just so darn charming. I have to watch episode 10 as well now. Keima did it again. And I love the subtle way he did it too. Not forced at all. He made her talk. Proceed with episode 11. Shiori barricaded herself inside the library to oppose the media room. I have always had this fantasy of meeting the person I ended up loving in a bookstore or a library so to see Keima wins Shiori heart like that just made me long for it even more. With one episode left, I wonder what will it be?

Black Jack Keima

OMODAKAAAAA!! yes, episode 12 of Otome Youkai Zakuro. They were sent to the village by Lord A and Um but Agemaki went missing. He ended up to where Zakuro's mom is but not for long. Then he encountered Omodaka by the river bank where he told Omodaka the truth about his mother's feeling. Poor Omodaka, he just wants to be loved. Well, I have plenty of love for you Omodaka *chuckles*. But yeah, spider lady fucked everything up in the end.

The most anticipated episode this week gotta be Yosuga no Sora episode 12 for me. Just can't get enough of the twincest I guess. I couldn't help but laughed at the whole shit. Haru was clearly traumatized after being found out about his sister complex issue while Sora just didn't bother with clothes anymore and out of the blue Kozue confessed her love for Haru. So much shit going on I dunno where to begin. Though it was good that everyone is being honest in this episode, especially Haru. I feel for you, man. Well, at least he tried to resist the inevitable. Also Nao kinda redeemed herself in this episode. Surprisingly the end was very sweet. Nao was kinda right. You can't help who you fall in love with. Wait... where's my tactless twincest sex scene?! Final review click here.

This is sweet but I want twinsex!

Thursday, December 23

Final episode of The World God Only Knows: Keima complained that he has not enough gaming since Elsie came. So he ended up in God of Conquest mode and played 6 games simultaneously. I only empathize when it comes to anime/manga and the game has the same effect with Keima. The dedication he put in though left me in shame. If only I could watch 6 anime at the same time I would have done so a long time ago! Elsie tried to talk some sense into him but just like a true otaku, he wouldn't let anyone in the way of his passion. He is right though, despite the negative view the public has for otaku or a tard like me, I still enjoy every second I spent for it. They said we don't have a life but they don't understand that this is our fucking life. Keima singing at the end of the episode was epic and I couldn't ask for anything better. Full review here.

*sits in a corner because my backlog is massive*

Friday, December 24

I'm bored so I decided to watch Gintama episode 136: Hasegawa's wife wants to visit. Problem is he doesn't have a house. So Gin helps him find a place with the help of a nutty old man who got all these terms thrown at him wrong like the 1LDK. He also keeps showing Hasegawa the dog house. Funneh shit. The end though was totally unexpected. Clever. On to episode 137: Ayame found herself a competition with Kondou but ended up helping each other out with their "loved" one. Their plan of course phailed miserably. LOL. Gin met with Santa and Ben from two years ago. They are street bums now so Gin is helping them get their jobs back again. Quotes of the day:

  • It's your house, you built it!
  • 99% of men aren't confident in confessing their love
  • people who don't believe in santa are the very ones who want to believe, you contentious bastard!

Almost a whole season have passed but I'm still only on episode 7 of Seikimatsu Occult Academy. I totally forgot that this one is from A1-Pictures. Aight, now I'm determined to finish it. Yosh. In this episode, Maya met Ami's dad. Maya totally brushed him off and he knew immediately something has changed with her daughter's childhood friend. So the next day Ami invited her and Kozue over to her house when they heard the news about the mystery circle which I reckon was made by Smile and JK. Turned out I was right. This was all Ami's dad doing btw just to get Maya interested again. Maya wasn't so appreciative about it so she had a squabbled with Ami who then had a squabbled with her dad. Oh shit.

I missed him

Saturday, December 25

I've seen everyone's reaction to Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt final episode on twitter. I mean, seriously what did they expect? This was a shitty show to begin with. So now I'm bracing myself with that in mind so I won't be so pissed about it. So.... Panty lost her power, lived as a farm girl then came back again to fuck geek boy and got her power back. She still teated Brief like shit and because of that the Hellmonkey is completed which released the ultimate ghost that looks like a huge b0nar. Then Corset killed Garterbelt and the girls got to whatever fuck they want. Out of the blue, a giant woman came down from the sky and fucked that giant b0nar. Too bad Garterbelt is immortal though. The highlight of this whole shit is the fact that Stocking is actually a demon. That was fucking awesome. I knew she's too good to be goody two shoes. Second season? I won't bet my money on it but I'll watch it nonetheless because Stocking is fucking awesome. I dunno why people made it a big deal of how much of a troll the finale is.TYhe show is anything but shit since the beginning. The finale is the perfect ending. Good job Gainax

One last look at the bitches. I'm sure gonna miss Stocking


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