06 November 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 1, November 2011

Tuesday, November 1

Last Exile ~Fam, The Silver Wing~ episode 3: Ades Federation has many good airship captain and so they continue to invade other city like Notos. Orand and Sorush are just like Luscinia Hafez, who reports to a 12 year old kid, also the head of Ades Federation (insert facepalm) called Augusta. In front of her, I see a different side of Luscinia. He's more soft and gentle. Anyhoo, since Ades has Exile, the Turanian cities are wise enough to surrender and avoid war. They have seen what happened to Iglasia. Mean while the ungrateful Milia blames the death of her sister on Fam. She's acting holier than thou just because she's a princess of a fallen city. Fuck her. Towards the end, Fam heard the news about Sylvius from Dio. She decided to steal it for Milia. Humph!
p/s: Fam is adopted and her dream is to re-opened the Grand Race. For a comprehensive review, go to Baka Laureate.

a compulsory screeshot

We are getting introduced to three new characters in episode 4 of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. The first one is the sister Takayama Maria. I love it when she retold the story of how Yozora tricked her to be the moderator of their club. She even got slapped twice for it and then blackmailed! On the other hand, Kodaka realized that he's been stalked and the stalker is Kusunoki Yukimura. He (who looks and sounds like a trap) wants to learn to become a strong man like Kodaka. Yozora saw this as an opportunity to get new member and convinced him to sign up. The last character is Shiguma Rika who is a masochist that fap to the thoughts of getting gang raped. Kodaka sort of saved her and now she's devoted to him. Slowly but surely the harem is starting to build around him.
p/s: Yozora tough exterior is crumbling. She obviously wants Kodaka to realize who she is soon, before Rika raped him.

Since I am in no mood to write episodic review, I'm going to continue with Hunter X Hunter episode 5. The applicants were attacked by all sorts of bizarre creatures: giant turtle with strawberry covered shell, claymore mushrooms, frog-in-waiting, ruse raven, etc. But the greatest danger of all comes from Hisoka. Leorio and Kurapika were unfortunate enough to cross his path. If even Gon is having trouble with him than you know he's something else. Turned out Hisoka is a judge. Coolness.

I think Hisako just wants Leorio's ass. I am sure I can find fanfics that ship these two >_>

Thursday, November 3

I must be retarded for I am actually looking forward to watch episode 4 of Mashiro-Iro Symphony. Airi told the truth to them when they saw her at the supermarket. She's living alone and is dead broke but she has to keep up with appearances at school since everyone knew her as the principal's daughter. They ended up having dinner at her house and so Airi's relationship with everyone improves. Ah fuck... I like her less now. I want the old feisty Airi back!

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle episode 5: Kaito's childhood friend has set up a test especially for him, to see his true ability now that he has made a contract with Orpheus. That friend of his is the head of Japan POG while that principal is actually Kaito's guardian. The puzzles that he, Gamon and Nonoha have to solve are his favorites. He knew something is up especially when the last puzzle is the same kind of puzzle that killed both of his parent. Kaito broke down then. Because of this his brain is rejecting puzzle. Unless he overcome this, he won't be able to solve any more puzzle.

Episode 5 of Beelzebub: Oga received a Zebul Spell, a symbol of his contract with that demon child. The mark will grow as Beel get closer to Oga. To relieve his duty as the parent, Oga decided to stop fighting. As if. On the other hand, Himekawa is aiming Hilda as his next target in order to get to Oga. Even Furuichi is caught. Big mistake for that just pissed Oga and the Zebul Spell is reacting to his power. Himekawa is defeated oh so easily.

this fanart makes Beelzebub looks like Kimi to Boku
(c) Pixiv ID 2788516

Blood-C episode 8: Tokizane is all lovey-dovey with Saya. I thought it was weird that he is so calm about it. He even take the opportunity to confess his feelings for Saya. I mean, what the fuck, can't you see the situation she's in right now? Jeebus. But yeah Saya falls for it and tells him everything. The power of love? Then the mysterious dog appeared and asked Saya what she think would happened if she break the promise. Hmm, now I think that the dog might be Tokizane. Too bad he doesn't had a b0nar when he sees Saya naked. That would confirmed my suspicion. The voice is the same though. Anyhoo, Saya goes to school after three days of closer and finds an Elder Bairn waiting for her. Yep, it kills her classmates one after the other. It was pretty gruesome.

you couldn't wait for a better time to confess? Jeebus

Friday, November 4

Episode 9 of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! starts with Minami kissing Yoshi and claimed that it wasn't a joke. Himeji witnessed the kiss and realized that Minami too is in love with Yoshi and thus made her her rival. This transpired because of the love message Yoshi sent in the last episode. Of course Yoshi is oblivious to either Minami or Himeji's feelings. I am all for Minami so I really am curious who would he choose. Probably Hideyoshi lol


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