15 May 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 2, May 2010

Tuesday, May 11

K-ON!! episode 4: They are going on a road trip to Kyoto, the whole class. So obviously Azunyan is not around. The episode is chaotic as usual thanks to Ritsu and Yui.

I must admit that I find this scene cute @_@

In Emerging chapter 20, Akari's boyfriend is a complete psycho. The reason he kissed Akari was because he wanted to get the virus so that Akari won't die alone. It was romantic, yes, but stupid nonetheless. He was infected (when he kissed her at school) but his antibody fought with the virus and he's healthy as a cow. Obviously he'll turn into a lab rat after this. They'll need his blood to create a serum. In order to do so they need to use the BLU research lab.

The key in Judge is actually for a cabinet that has the cassette player. The horse find something else plastered in the cabinet but he kept it to himself. When the cassette played, it instructed them to take off their mask and show their faces. Only the lion obeyed at first and until everyone is convinced they won't die by taking the mask off. Then the cassette recited the 7 deadly sins. To atone their sins, they have to pick one as a sacrifice and in the end only 4 shall remain. The judges (not the victims) are all seated while enjoying the show. Pretty crazy if you asked me.

Zettai Karen Children chapter 214 and 215: The PANDRA kids were trapped with Tim and Bullet and they can't used their power because it has been blocked. Basically it was a trap to capture the Children. Thanks to Kugutsu, their plan came to ruin and with the help of the Children the kids were freed. At the end of the chapter, Minamoto said that he will "always" be their guardian and Kaoru is misinterpreting it. Always?

Wednesday, May 12

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou episode 4: Akuto once again did a number on Hittori so the teacher asked him to go to the Mental Self-Discipline Chamber to meditate. He was supposed to go in alone but the Liladan and Keena followed him inside. Phailed. As usual Etou is devising an evil plan for Akuto but cancelled it when she found the map. btw, they introduced Eiko, another psychotic bitch who wants to get into Akuto’s pants. Because of her, Akuto has to check the map himself. Hiroshi, Liladan and Eiko for no reason at all tag along. Jeebus so illogical.

The Skrugg is now determined to destroy Heroman in episode 5. Meh, it was a predictable episode. Like I previously said, Will will be a liability and the Skrugg will use him however they see fit. Joey and Psy on the hand will not stand around doing nothing so they fight the Skrugg according to Psy’s plan: one Skrugg at a time. It seems to work out too if the fucking useless Lina has used her head and didn’t show up in the middle of the battle field. Besides the Skruggs are intelligent life forms after all. Just look at their fucking technology. Obviously they’d figure something out to counter the attack plan of a crippled boy. The smaller they are the higher their rank is apparently. Oh wait the fucking minute. They are actually Will and the shortie. The Skrugg turned them to become one of them. Fucking LOL

Ichigo has no hope at all in Bleach episode 270. Awesome XD

Thursday, May 14

Bleach chapter 403 was okay I guess. I'm just not feeling it for some reason. Must be the morphin ^_^

So it was a flashback week of how that dude who I will not bother to remember his name was once tried to kill Bee in Naruto chapter 494. Basically it makes Naruto thinking and when he starts thinking, something is bound to happen because Naruto is the kind of hero that doesn't think and just act according to his instinct. I think it was a gay chapter >_>

Maka is being lectured by the girl she found in Soul Eater chapter 74. I don't like where this is going. I agree with that little girl that Soul has helped Maka a lot but that what partner is for. Maka should have realized this sooner and move on. If Soul help her, I will facepalm. *facepalm*
Apparently Soul was compared to Wes too and using Maka to get stronger/better/whatever. I'm glad that the other guys have reached the Wrath chapter where they met Excalibur. Everyone was obviously pissed off but he provided good laugh indeed. Before everyone could kill him, they moved on to chapter 5: Pride. Guess who tag along? So yeah but Excalibur did offer them help. Liz took it and for a second I thought wow, she really grabbed Excalibur and tore another dimension in the sky. LOL but what she really did was throw him away. LMAO

I fucking lol'd

On the other hand, Eibon has sent Giriko to where Maka and Soul is (chapter 6: Sloth) where Maka decided to leave Soul. How damn predictable. But I am stoked! I have always like Giriko. And Eibon too. Can;t wait for Giriko to kick Maka's ass ^__^

Friday, May 14

I have a yaoi OVA: Kaochou no Koi for breakfast. It doesn't taste very good T__T

Watching two episodes of K-ON!! in one week. I must be really bored. If in the last episode they neglected Azu-nyan, they are making up for in in episode 5, together with Ui and on more girl (Jun) who is definitely a better character than all of them combined (excluding Ritsu. duh). ZOMG K-ON!! is fucking shit!

Working!! episode 4: We got to meet Takanashi's sisters! Kozue who happens to be pretty hot and looks like Sawako sensei from K-ON!, Izumi who's gothic-like, Kazue, the lawyer and Nazuna the elementary schooler. But this episode is not about them entirely, it's pretty much is about Souta and Souma. Hehehe, Souma is definitely an interesting character. He might looks harmless and friendly but he's a double edge sword. He knows everyone's secret and using the information to make them do his work. Ngehehehe. I laughed so fucking hard when he got knocked with the frying pan or became the punching bag for Inami who obviously likes Takanashi. And I really do feel sorry for Satou. To have lost your love because of another woman is just sad. Oh and this episode explains why Takanashi is obsessed with small things. I like the small details throughout the episodes as well like Tanakashi folding up his shirt sleeves when he wants to wash the dishes.

Definitely one of the highlight moments in Working!!

Saturday, May 15

Wow, two updates on yaoi OVA in a week. This is great. Seitokaicho no Chuukoku is another yaoi that used Tomokazu Sugita's voice so yeah, I'm a fan by default. In episode 2, Chiga is being over protective over Kokusai after he found out that the president was being molested. And then somehow they get it on and we ended not finding out who the molester is. LOL I don't care anyway. This one is funny thanks to Sugita ^^

I'm procrastinating, just so you know XD

Next up is Working!! episode 5: Inami trying to cure her androphobic. Satou gets annoyed whenever Yachiyo gets close to Kyoko (looking so damn hot while at it). Yachiyo now thinks Satou likes Taneshima. They all kinda switched roles when Takanashi took a day off and it's been fun.

In episode 6, it's the March 14 where Japanese returns the chocolate they got for Valentines. This episode also shows the kind of relationship Takanashi Souta has with his sisters. MAGIC HAND! lmao sorry that was random but I can't help it XD So in the middle of the episode, Takanashi met Inami and they went shopping together (believe it or not, without injuries on Souta's part). I really like the budding romance between these two.

LMAO this is TOTALLY my line!

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