Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

30 April 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 4, April 2012

Friday, April 27 

I have a sudden urge to read yaoi. It has been a while since I read one of those, right? Anyway, today's pick is Boku wa Bokunari ni and it's a typical yaoi story with student falling in love with his sensei who has past experienced of being in loved with student and then got dumped after he graduated. The story is progressing quite fast though. They already fucked each other in the first chapter. I'm sure there will be some drama and what not since both are insecure, feeling like they will lose the other yada yada yada. I have to stop now since I have to go to my shop. Will continue reading this whenever. To be honest, the only reason I'm interested in this yaoi is because I thought I have could have shouta orgy or something. I was kind of disappointed >_>

see what I mean? u_u

Saturday, April 28

#bersih 3.0 fucked up. Nothing new there >_>

On the other hand, lets watch episode 4 of Yurumates 3D featuring Matsukichi. The girls were just making fun of him and since he is that naive, it was fun to see him all flustered. As always Kumi did brilliantly to entertain me in this episode. Watch out for the cliff!

you will only get the joke if you watch this show

29 April 2012

Tsuritama: Episode 2

Yuki just have to get used to having Haru around and living in his house since his grandma wouldn't listen to his objection/reasoning. Yuki is still a nervous wreck whenever he finds himself becomes the focus of attention but thanks to Haru magic watergun, he slowly deals with his panic attack (though on completely unconscious mode). Haru isn't the only one with the water gun though. Apparently Haru has a sister and she has no problem using her water gun on him too. Again, she reminded him that he is the only one who can help save the earth. What about that?
at least Coco dresses the alien part right
(c) pixiv id 134594

I feel sorry for Yuki. He needs to learn to speak what is in his mind. It seems like he is forced to do shits for Haru and his sister. He must be exhausted mentally and physically. Also, he rarely talks in real life because of his problem. He just talks to himself silently in his mind. I almost wasn't aware of this until Natsuki points it out. I love it when Natsuki often surprised whenever Yuki talks. Heh, no wonder people thinks Yuki is weird. He doesn't talk yet has no qualm dancing at the front of the class (granted under Haru's influence). Yuki gathers his knowledge through his smartphone, googling (or whatever search engine that he used) anything that peaks his interest. In this episode, it is sea bass and tackle. In my opinion, it is a clever way for the production team to educate the viewers with fact about fish/fishing without being too forceful.

Yuki is certainly a keen observer. He immediately notices how different Natsuki acts around his little sister. He also gets to learn what that magic water gun can do when Haru used it on Natsuki. That just scares him even more especially with Haru sister threatening him with it. The first time Yuki tried fishing the sea bass, he failed and Natsuki got mad at him for not tying the lure properly like he had showed him before. It makes Yuki frustrated so he goes back again the next day and keeps on trying the uni knot until he gets it right. He also meets Haru afterward and promise he and his sister that he will fish with them under the condition that  they stop using the water gun on him. A mutual agreement was achieved.

Towards the end of the episode, Yuki finally finds his voice as he confronts Natsuki and asked him to teach him fishing, to the surprise of other students. Natsuki just can't refuse him even if he wanted to. But that is not the highlight though.Turbanduck-san, I mean, Akira Agarkar Yamada, who appears randomly through out the episode, walks into their class and introduce himself as the new transfer student. Haru obviously not too happy about it. There is still so many puzzles that need to be figured out for this story to make sense.

However, since Haru and his sister are so adamant that Yuki fish, I have a feeling that whatever that threatens the safety of the earth, must be some sort of water creature. A humongous fish maybe who only Yuki has the capability to catch it? LOL absurd I know but given the vibrant and out-of-this-world setup for the show, I won't say it is impossible.

say what? That I wanna eff you? =3

Lets focus on Natsuki now for a second. There are reasons why he seems so aloof and why he is so loving towards his sister. They has lost their mother two years ago and at the moment Natsuki isn't too happy that his father kind of dating Mari-chan. The future step-mom seems okay though.

Oh and before I forget, I just want to say kudos to the production team and the creator of this anime for using water to signify the panic level for Yuki. It was brilliant and deep.

(c) pixiv is 2392364

 I love this show.

28 April 2012

Bleach: Chapter 490

With mangastream no longer allowed to do the scanlation for Bleach, the chapter updates are irregular. This time it is almost 4 days late. I shouldn't complain though but it kinda frustrating.

I still don't get it why the Vandenreich is calling Ichigo as "special war potential". They definitely up to something and have their own plans for Ichigo. He's not the only one though. There are four others who they have identified as "special war potential" and I believe that Ishida is one of those candidates.

lol typo? It's chapter 490 isn't it?

Anyway, like Buckbeard said in the last chapter, they are going to invade Soul Society since Ichigo will be occupied with matters at Hueco Mundo. Like I said, brilliant strategy indeed. I am actually pretty excited to see Soul Society fighting the bad guy without any help from Ichigo. This should be interesting because I got the feeling that Soul Society will fucking crumble.

As they Vandenreich crossed the gate of the sun, Ichigo, as expected has already defeated Kirge Opie. Well almost. Since Nel was clinging to him (which makes me rage to no end), he has to be a bit defensive instead of going all out offensive. Knowing Kubo though, a battle without dialog will not be a Bleach's battle.

looks like I was right about Ishida

Opie sure used a lot of confusing Quincy terms. I have trouble keeping up. The latest was called "Quincy Letzt Stil" (means Complete  Holy Form) and after a blinding flashing light, Opie was transformed into a fuglier dude. Apparently shinigami/arrancars aren't the only one who can achieved bankai/resurrection and if their meeting with the old fuck (and the death of the first div vice captain) was any indicator, well... Soul Society is fucked.

Pffft I can't take him seriously now.

Oh wait, looks like Urahara noticed something. What was it?

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

26 April 2012

Karneval gets the anime adaptation treatment

It has been a while since I last read the manga but I have not given up completely on it yet since it is one of the many manga I read that I can still remember the details and I always plan on catching up to it. Great news (or not depending on which studios will make it and who will direct it) for the fans of this series though because we get to see Gareki and Yogi get animated soon!

The news came about a few days ago, thanks to the obi strip found in the 9th volume of the manga. To those who have not a clue, Karneval (カーニヴァル) is a shoujo manga by Mikanagi Touya with a little sprinkle of fantasy and a hint of BL in it, which is exactly why I read it in the first place. It is full of beautiful characters, male and female alike, with homoerotic sides to them.

I doubt the anime will be a big hit with the males, unless they are gay. As for girls, especially those who breath yaoi in everyday life, this is like the best news ever.  Jess is at least one of few people I know that will share my excitement about this. And perhaps Vien as well ^__^

25 April 2012

First Impression: Folktales from Japan

Furusato Saisei: Nihon no Mukashi Banashi? Is this show even in the chart for Spring? I can’t be sure but hey I like the sound of the OP. It sure does sounds “Japanese” and I usually enjoy that kind of music. It must be the culture differences that intrigue me so. The same goes for the ED.

Just from the title of the show we can tell that this would be a kiddy show but I found myself enjoying all the tales that has been passing down for generations to the Japanese kids. It is definitely a good thing to compile it into an animation, just so that the new generation of kids would have a way to learn about it and hopefully won’t forget about it. Malaysia, in my opinion, should have done that kind of things too. The only Malaysian kids tale that I remembered watching was the Kancil series, especially Kancil and Sang Buaya.

Folktales from Japan has several short stories in one episode. It was certainly a good reminder for the inner kids in us. Everything about this show is very simple with only couple narrator who becomes the seiyuu for several characters through out. There is nothing spectacular about the arts and animation but it does what it is supposed to do so it is all good for me.

In the end, I sit through the 24 minutes of the episode without nothing much to say other than it was averagely good. I got to learn new tales from other country which is enough to entertain me.

arts & animation 5/10
story 8/10
characters 6/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 6.4/10

22 April 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 3, April 2012

It has been a month since my last diary of a tard entry. Apart from the fact that I was busy, I actually took a week vacation in the first week of April to go to South Korea and fucking unwind. It is only after I got back that I managed to somewhat get my anime-watching rhythm back. Having said that, I think I left my heart in Korea ♥


Sunday, April 15

Yurumates 3D episode 2: It's Spring so Yurume was going through her clothes. She ended up wearing a main costume when her housemates walked in on her. Consequently, she got a bad hair cut, the others role play and finally they decided that it is best to be themselves. Hardly anything funny >_>

Thursday, April 19

Episode 2 of Uchuu Kyoudai: Mutta wasn't sure whether he wanted to go to the JAXA exam so he did what he always do, visit Aunt Sharon whenever his mind is troubled. Thanks to her, he determined to achieve his dream. As expected he managed to pass the exam and on to the interview for the second stage. During the interview, he found a lose screw under his chair and against his better judgment, throughout the interview, he kept trying to tighten the screw which made his posture looks odd. He was sure he will be rejected. That was when he first met with Makabe Kenji, another applicant at JAXA as well as the love of his life. Oh btw, they intentionally loosen the screw to see who noticed it. The three mention people here did.

I do not want to see guys my age blushing tbh

Sunday, April 22 

It's April Fools Day in episode 3 of Yurumates 3D. Yurume tried to fool her the others but she just sucks at it. Kumi on the other hand did brilliantly. Like I said, I like Kumi the best among the four of them. But I have to say that I look forward to episode 4 since it is going to feature Matsukichi, the only male tenant in that run down apartment.


The Aniblog Tourney: Vote For These Bloggers

This is my first entry for the whole brouhaha of the second round of Aniblog Tourney. I am writing this after I saw that Trazor's blog is behind in the poll. I should probably do this when I saw O-New was behind and eventually lost his match) but I was busy that day so I apologize to Mushy for not doing the same thing to back him up. I love my anime blogger friends equally.

Well... that's a lie. Coz I clearly love Glo more since he is my husband though technically he isn't a blogger but an ISSSer XD

So back to the purpose of me writing this post: to ask my reader to help my friends by voting for them in the tourney. I remember doing the same thing for Baka-Raptor and Glo during the first tourney 2 moons ago.

I have no good solid reason to convince you why you should vote for these bloggers other than they are my friends. You can choose NOT to vote but that just prove you are a dick for being such a cunt. Wait - how was that even possible?

Anyway, you get my point.

There's nothing I can do for my friends who were already in the first round for the past few days (but they mostly win the match so no worries there). However I am determine to coax my readers to vote for my blogger friends who will be competing later on. I'm gonna list some dates here where these blogger friends of mine will be competing so yeah, it would be great if you can vote for them.

  1. April 21, 2012 - Trazor's blog. You can vote for Trzr23 here. It's today by the way so hurry the fuck up.
  2. April 23, 2012 - Kritik der Animationskraft
  3. April 25, 2012 - Illogicalzen which I always read as IllogicalAizen for some reason.
  4. April 26, 2012 - A Product of Wasted Time as well as Abandoned Factory Anime Review.
  5. April 27, 2012 - I always love Sorrow-kun insight on anime so yeah go for Behind the Nihon Review to support him if no one else from the team. 

And that's it for Round 1. For other dates or matches, you can check it out here.

Round 2 would be a bit harder since some of these favorite bloggers of mine are pitted against each other but that's the fun part I guess unless another dorama occurred. I guess I will write another post for Round 2 when the time comes. Until then, do vote for the guys I mentioned above.

I hope by writing and promoting these guys, I won't get them disqualified for "manipulating the votes" >_>

I dare you

19 April 2012

First Impression: Uchuu Kyoudai

This show is better known as Space Brothers and though it has been several weeks since it was released (I remember downloading it before I went to Korea), it is only know that I have time to sit down and check out the show. I said in my preview that I look forward to watch this show (because it is produced by A-1 Pictures) but since horriblesubs named the torrent in English, I totally missed it. Orz.

Without further delay, let see if I am right about this being a good show that is worthy to be in my "must watch" list of anime this season.

Uchuu Kyoudai and A-1 Pictures definitely did not disappoint me. It is what I expected it to be and much more. The story is pretty simple; it revolves around two brothers who made promises to go to the moon and Mars when they grow up. Mutta is the older brother of the Nanba household and Hibito is the youngest. The two of them are pretty tight since their childhood days, always doing things together. As an older brother, Mutta always trying to be one step ahead of Mutta, which is how he ended up promising that he's going to Mars when Hibito said that he's going to the moon during the night they both saw UFO, which pretty much sparked this story.

The setup for this show is in the year of 2025. Naturally the boys are all grown up and Hibito is already an astronaut working with NASA in a mission to the moon. Mutta on the other hand just lost his job and unemployed after he butthead his employer when he made fun of Hibito. He was pretty lost with his purpose in life until Hibito helped him out by reminding him about the promise he mad when they were kid. He also (with the help from their mother) sent Mutta's resume to JAXA (Japan equivalent to NASA) which apparently is quite impressive because Mutta was accepted to be their next astronaut.

What I like about Uchuu Kyoudai is the realism about it. It was easy for Mutta to given up simply because he was born on a bad date but he never really take that as a set back but embraces it as part of his responsibilities as an older brother to stay focus and be one step ahead of his younger brother Hibito, who unlike him, was born during an auspicious day. This allow the show to open up a deeper discussion about destiny and personal attitude.

The art and animation for Uchuu Kyoudai are not really familiar to A-1 Pictures' other productions. Usually they produced really pretty and astounding animation but for Uchuu Kyoudai, they choose to be a minimalist. This can clearly be seen for the character designs that are lot less details than what they normally do, and less clean as well. Not that it's a bad thing though because even though they sort of look oldskool/nostalgic (that of BECK), it somehow works brilliantly with the concept. After all we are going back and forth to the past (1996 - 2006) and present (2025).

The art isn't the only thing that is nostalgic about this show. The OP and ED complimented that feelings really well. It is like the OP and ED were specifically chosen to resonate with the two protagonists. The oldskool rock of "Feel So Moon" OP definitely fits with Mutta while the more recent modern rock vibe can be detected in the ED of "This Wonderful World" by Gira Mundo which of course fits Hibito, the younger brother.

As for the seiyuu, can't say that I am a fan of Mutta's voice. I thought he sounds too old for his age. I'm not taking anything away from Hiroaki Hirata though. I am just saying that someone like Tomokazu Sugita would have been perfect playing the role of a mid 30's man. No complains for Kenn though. Hibito is rather perfect in every sense of the word, no?

This show is lot heavier and deeper than any other anime I've seen so far for Spring. It takes a fresh and realistic approach at the lives of two brother without any hidden undertone. I love the ideas of what they want the audience to experience by watching this show: of desires, choices and decisions that we made in our lives, and if they affected the path that we once chose as a child. It is also of hopes and dreams. Ain't that the beauty of being alive?

Why am I being so poetic all of a sudden?

Alright then. End.

art & animation 7/10
story 8/10
characters 8/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 7.8/10

p/s: Did you know that this show is an adaptation from the same titled manga Koyama Chuuya which won two manga awards as well as nominated for several more? Well know you do.

18 April 2012

Bleach: Chapter 489

Reading this chapter opens a flood gate of memories of the time when I used to RP for The Official Gotei 13 group. Having Captains meeting and then Vice Captains discussing of recent matters... it made me missed those guys that spend my sleepless nights with, role playing as a shinigami (specifically the 6th Division Captain) of the Soul Society. Dare I say that it is definitely one of my most enjoyable and memorable moments for my mid 20's. I wished I am a hikki again so just that I can relive that moment.

Anyway, the chapter starts with a scene that we aren't actually familiar with - the Vice Captains having a meeting of their own as they wait the Captains meeting to be over with. Everyone especially Rukia (♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ RRRRRRUUUUUUUKKKKKKIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥) are anxious to find out the outcome of the Captains meeting. Kira on the other hand is more calm as he asked everyone of what they think with the missing people at District 64. He thinks it has nothing to do with the invasion.

When did Kira gets so fucking hot? O_o

In the previous chapter, during Yumichika and Ikkaku's investigation, they found that the people gathered at one place before they vanished, based on the footprints that they found. Some of the footprints are that of sandals which mean shinigami was involved because the people living there are too poor to even afford a sandal. Kira boldly said that he suspected that the 12th Division is somewhat involved. Heh, this totally reminds me of Daniel. He would love this plot twist.

Kira asked Nemu directly about this but of course being so loyal to Mayuri, Nemu told him that she knew nothing and believe that her Captain/Father didn't do anything wrong. Well, I hope Kira is right because I always suspect Mayuri to have a mind of his own when it comes to Soul Society. After all, he kinda have a hate-love relationship with it.

Unfortunately though we have to wait for any progress because Kubo decided to bring us back to Ichigo and his group of clowns. He was surprised that Kirge Opie knew his name. Well, that should ring some warning bells inside of his head, that he is walking right into the lion's den but Ichigo being Ichigo... he never really care. After all, every other enemies ended up ALWAYS looking for him.

While fighting these bad eggs, Ichigo finally realized the kind of enemy he is facing with: quincies. They don't used sonido and shunpo but hirenkyakyu. I guess it's a quincy trademark just like sonido is to arrancar and shunpo is to shinigami. I would love to learn the difference though. Anyone?

The news that Ichigo is already in Hueco Mundo reached Buckbeard in no time at all. Obviously this pleases him to no end. Now that his biggest worry is busy in Hueco Mundo, he decided that this is the perfect time to attack Soul Society. I gotta say that I like how his mind works. That's very good strategy indeed.

why does Buckbeard suddenly looks like Zangetsu?

I would lol'd so hard if the Vandenreich attacked Soul Society while the Captains are still having a meeting. That would totally be like us when we RPed. The Hueco Mundo arrancars loved to invade us when we were having meetings. We never get to end our meeting properly LOL.

And in the meeting they are still... and Mayuri confirmed Kira's suspicion. He reported to the old fuck that he killed 28000 people to keep the balance of soul without his permission. As usual, the old fuck tries to blame everyone else but himself but Mayuri argued that things won't be this bad if the old fuck heeded his warning when Ishida first came to Soul Society.


I just love how Mayuri handles thing. There is a big goofy smile plastered on my face right now. Apparently the old fuck, Mayuri and perhaps all the Captains knew who the fuck Buckbeard is because the old fuck failed to kill him during that Quincy war 1000 years ago. Hmm, no wonder he came back to destroy Soul Society.

You reap what you sow, you old useless fuck!

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

17 April 2012

Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Episode 2

Tenzin is finally going to teach Korra airbending, an element that Korra struggles to master the most. She was having a hard time just like when Aang trying to master the earth-bending. As expected, with her personality, learning it is definitely a challenge.

Korra is interested in a bending show, something that is similar to our own wrestling shows I guess but with bending. Of course, Tenzin won't allow her to watch or even listen to that show and concentrates on mastering air bending. Korra being Korra, she would never listen to anyone but her own reckless brain so she sneak out from the island and go to the arena.

Though I disagree with what she is doing, I am highly agreeable at the same time too because this presents an opportunity for her to meet other character, and in this case, Mako. Yes, needless to say I am pretty stoke about him. He is just couple of letters away from Zuko and he fire-bends as well. I think I found my love for The Legend of Korra ^__^

(c) Frz Dragon

MAKO IS HOT AS FUCK! Though of course not as hot as Zuko in season 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender ♥

And holy shit, I am thankful that Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko decided to include the fight between two teams in the arena because it was juts amazing. I didn't know I missed element bending so much until I saw Mako and his team mates went up against their opponent. It was save to say that I fap my whole way through it =D

Well, if Korra is not worthy enough for me to enjoy the show, Mako is definitely worth it!

I can't wait to hear his story now. Korra? Oh well, we all know how it is going to end for her either way.

Anyway, Korra is learning a few tricks from Mako and his brother, Bolin. I am happy to report that Mako isn't exactly impressed with the fact that she is an avatar. She keeps returning to the arena in secret but this obviously does nothing to her air-bending training. In fact, she has become rather an asshole, blaming everyone but herself. I am definitely losing my patience with her. She needs a kick in the ass pronto! Even more so when she joins Mako's team in the tournament.

That was just going too far in disrespecting Tenzin. But of course, she's our protagonist and she will do good eventually and this happens in the ring with Tenzin witnessing everything. So that's how, ladies and gentlewomen, Korra first learn air-bending.

I'm still bored. Both by Mako and Korra.

Yes, I changed my mind that fast.

I was hoping Mako to be a fraction like Zuko but he's just too straight and no fun at all.

16 April 2012

First Impression: Sakamichi no Apollon

Kids on the Slope is another anime that is featuring in noitaminA for Spring 2012, besides Tsuritama. It is a show that was setup in the year 1966 which is refreshing given that you won't see female students wearing mini skirts to school, and there are no fancy school uniforms. It is all back to basic.

Lets take a walk into the past, ladies and gentlewomen.

(c) pixiv id 3299945

Since I have watched Tsuritama, I can't help but noticed the similarities between the two shows of noitaminA this season. They both deal with the protagonist having trouble adjusting to new school even though both are used to transferring from one school to the other, both has issues with panic attack and then making new friends through something that they have in common. In this show's case, it is music. Specifically jazz music.

But it doesn't necessarily means that it is a bad thing though because the way these two executed their story are very different indeed. While everything is bizarre in Tsuritama, it is quite the opposite for Sakamichi no Apollon. There is restrain and subtlety involved as they delved deeper in the bond that they are creating for these characters. It is more heart-felt in a way.

There is obviously connection made between Kaoru Nishimi and Sentarou Kawabuchi. You can already tell that much by their first encounter. It was too obvious to not notice the chemistry between these two. Sure, Nishimi went all red whenever Ritsuko said something cute but it wasn't her that cure him from having seizures/panic attack. Like he said, what kind of magic is that?

It's BL magic of course!

Nishimi keeps transferring school because his dad is a Marine officer and isn't around much so he has to stay with his relatives from time to time. He sorta looks up to his father and adores him. He plays the piano to fill in the emptiness in his heart whenever he missed his dad. His mom left them both which kinda affected Nishimi a little, if not much and the absent of his father doesn't help much either.

Kawabuchi is the class delinquent. Everyone is afraid of him except Ritsuko who knows him since they were children. He isn't bad, he is just misunderstood by his peers and the people around him. For example, just look at the way he treated Nishimi. He might be rough but that is just his style. He is good with drums and I have a weakness for the person behind the drums. I mean, I fell for Ritsu, didn't I? Just like Nishimi, I too was very impressed with the way he plays the drum. I can't wait to see him and Nishimi start playing jazz together.

I have to say that I am loving the old style art and animation which of course fits perfectly with this show. I have never heard of Tezuka Production before but I have to give credits to them for making everything about this show so good from the arts, animation to the seiyuu and most importantly the story itself. Kudos to Shinichiro Watanabe for the excellent directing as well. Those angles and camera shots during Kawabuchi's fight and Kawabuchi playing the drums... well, suffice to say that it made me fapped. Then again, this is to be expected. He is the same director that directed Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo after all... and those are masterpieces.

I who usually don't give a shit about the OP and ED, is certainly giving a shit now, especially with that ED. For some reason it touches my heart and believe it or not, I shed tears the first time I listened to it. For a foreign song that I don't know the meaning of the words are to do just that... brilliant indeed.

noitaminA has certainly made up for what they were lacking for the past couple of seasons. I couldn't be more grateful and this show is definitely getting my approval. I don't care how fucking busy I am, I will make sure that I won't be missing these two shows from noitaminA.

art & animation 10/10
story 10/10
characters 10/10
sound 10/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 10/10

15 April 2012

First Impression: Avatar - The Legend of Korra

Praise the internet for thanks to it I am finally able to see the new season of Avatar: Legend of Korra. I know that the episode has been leaked since last month but because of the hideous quality, I told myself that it would be better if I wait and enjoy it in full HD glory.

Unfortunately the videos from nick.com are unavailable from where I come from. Damn you Nickelodeon for being racist!

But hey I still get to see the episodes. Like I said, THANK YOU INTERNET!

(c) Yuumei

The first episode pretty much introduce us to the young and feisty Korra, who unlike Aang, has sorta mastered all the four elements since she was a child. That was how she was chosen to be the next Avatar to replace Aang. She was brought up at the South pole, observed by Katara (now an old lady and a grandmother to few airbenders) and is being keep safe as she learned to truly master all four elements.

In this episode, she has mastered the physical side of 3 elements (earth, water and fire) but yet to learn air-bending. Katara's son Tenzin is supposed to teach her but he has to postpone it in order to keep Republic City safe.

The simple minded Korra decided to run away (but with Katara encouraging her) and go to Republic City herself. She who knows nothing about the life in the cities. She has trouble adjusting, even more so when she starts showing off her ability to bend. The city folks aren't that friendly to benders since those who can't bend are being oppressed. They are even anti-bending organization which I think will be Korra's biggest problem.

I am not fond of Korra just yet simply because I think she is reckless and will only brings trouble. It was quite good though to see Katara and learned a few things, like Sokka and Toph being dead :(

We also got to meet Katara/Aang son who is the city council for the Republic City and the only air-bending master nowadays, as well as Bei Fang, Toph's daughter. I must say that I am quite disappointed that these children do not have their parent's sense of humor. It just makes me missed Sokka, Toph, Zuko and the others from the old Avatar even more.

I can't wait to meet the characters that will accompany Korra in her journey to become the next great avatar. So far it has been a good come back. Not great, but yeah... I'll take it.

art & animation 8/10
story 8/10
characters 8/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 8/10
overall 8/10

First Impression: Tsuritama

Surely by now you would have known that I am a fan of A-1Pictures. They didn't come out with any anime last season so I was really looking forward to watching two of their anime this season and Tsuritama is definitely one of it, especially so since it is featured in noitaminA and Tomokazu Sugita is one of the seiyuu. But then I started notice people's reactions to the show and though it doesn't dampened my excitement, it sure does rings some warning bells in my brain, just so that I won't be disappointed at the end of this episode.

Having said that, I can understand why people are whining about this show, especially you boys: it is featuring the story of four boys. If they were girls, I am sure the reactions would be different indeed.

Well, thank goodness that I didn't let others' opinions influenced me because I ended up enjoying every second of Tsuritama and dare I say it that my faith in noitaminA has been restored!

It is a show that I can't figure out how it will end after watching the first episode which is always a good thing. Predictability can be so cliche and I am not that good at dealing with cliche shit. Tsuritama starts with a tale of dragon with five heads that darkened an island with horrors and such until a goddess appeared one day from a purple sky. The dragon then fell in love with the goddess and before I knew it, there's Haru, one of the boys, who claimed himself to be an alien. He certainly has abilities of controlling people using his water pistol and communicating with fish. It looks like he was searching for something until he found Yuki, whose grandmother is quite hawt to be honest, and has some panic issue. He wants to be normal but has problem dealing with attentions. He transferred to the city by the sea because his grandmother got a new job there. The two of them are Natsuki's classmate. Natsuki is the prince of fishing - oh did I forget to mention that this show has a lot to do with fish and sea? - and has quite a cold persona, which is his charm in my opinion ♥

The first time they met, they were brought together by Haru who brainwashed them to go fishing with him. Yuki seeming has found something in fishing that might help him with his panic attack - and friends too - something that he always wanted.

But they are being watched by Akira, some sort of a prince who is always with a goose, and surrounded by bodyguards. It is still not clear who he is and what his deal is but the episode definitely got me interested in finding out more about everything.

I think Ryota Ohsaka does a really good job at voicing Yuki, given the fact that he is a novice. Yuki is not a one dimensional character and if he can carry his character well, I'm sure he has a bright future as seiyuu right in front of him. Needless to say, given the 1 minute introduction, was enough to makes me giddy of Akira simply because of Tomokazu Sugita. Haru's voice is rather annoying but I think it fits perfectly with the kind of character that he is which says a lot of his seiyuu, Miyu Irino. Kouki Uchiyama deep and serious voice makes me fall for Natsuki so yeah needless to say, I am a fan of all four :D

Everything about Tsuritama is vibrant and bizarre, starting with the character all the way to the animation and arts, which I must say, is something that I love to see in many other A-1 Pictures. It gives the feelings of watching a mix anime between SHAFT and Toei animation. Speaking of which, Tsuritama is directed by Kenji Nakamura, the same genius who directed Mononoke and C. Knowing this just makes my expectation for this show grows exponentially. It is rather careless of me, I know, because this could end up to be another Fractale but hey as long as I'm entertained, I won't complain much.

Yes, I know that I am biased as fuck. Aren't you?

Which mean I love the OP and ED too, especially the ED ^____^

Like I've said, it looks like I am most likely gonna spend my Spring watching A-1 Pictures anime and nothing else.

art & animation 10/10
story 9/10
characters 9/10
sound 10/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 9.6/10

13 April 2012

First Impression: Acchi Kocchi

Of all the 4-koma manga adaptation this Spring, the only one that I am willing to give a chance is Acchi Kocchi simply because I expect good comedy that can makes me laugh. From what I’ve read so far from the anibloggers on twitters, they all seem to enjoy it a lot. I guess I made a good choice, huh?

Let sure hope so.

Well, the start of the episode sure rubs me the wrong way. Tsumiki who looks a lot like Konata whom one of the few female characters that I adore, phailed to impress me with her moeness and lack of self-confidence. I hope the rest of the characters can make up of whatever she’s lacking. Also, I expected comedy, not shoujo/romance!

I feel cheated that she is not as cool as Konata

Did I also mention that I generally hate cats?

But I find myself forgiving of Mayoi who goes nyan here and nyan there. She and Io make a perfect team in my opinion. She is definitely the one that saves this show for me. I enjoyed her sense of humor. She’s dependable too and certainly a friend that you want in your life.

I even like Hime who has nosebleed at every romantic/moe things Io does to Tsumiki. Now, that’s cute and she doesn’t have to force it, unlike Tsumiki. Sakaki is the typical pervert guy friend that is a must for every normal protagonist. He served his purpose I guess.

Like I said, if it wasn’t for Mayoi I definitely would whines a lot about this show. I find it rather tiring watching Tsumiki trying to hide her obvious feelings for Io. Girl, if you want it, just say it! Damn it.

So plus one point for Mayoi for being so entertainyan!

arts & animation 6/10
story 6/10
characters 6/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 6.4/10

12 April 2012

Bleach: Chapter 488

Apparently Hallibel's sidekicks still haven't learned anything. They still bicker in front of the enemy and totally disregarding the situation. This comes as no surprise though because everyone thinks that they are better than the person they are up against, especially in Kubo's world. Sure they can kill the small flies but when it comes to the real catch, they will shit in their pantsu.

I just find it tiresome to be honest simply because at the end of the day I know it is going to be Ichigo who saves their sorry asses.

didn't I said so and this page is the last page from this chapter too >_>

Furthermore, I thought during the last war in that fake Karakura town that the old fuck made, these bitches were fried/toasted? Didn't they like transformed into that huge fugly monster but in the end they were taken care of unceremoniously? Again, did I miss something? Did they and Hallibel got resurrected?

Also, like I have said in previous chapters, the forced comedy ain't gonna cut it for me. Kubo is trying too hard with it and it just ruins the moment. I guess it was good that the anime has ended. I can't imagined how bad this slapstick comedy would be like when animated.

I don't get it why Nel is scared with the three bitches. I mean, she was once ranked as the top ten espada for fuck's sake. Get real please Kubo...

Thank goodness Kubo quickly withdraw from Hueco Mundo and brings the focus back to Soul Society. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the Captain silhouette who is reporting at the Captains Meeting because from behind he kinda looks like Aizen, doesn't he?

Or maybe I just like my delusion gets the better of me because he is just Akon. But what got me really excited is the fact that Mayuri finally confirmed who the hell are these villains who called themselves Vendenreich.

The old fuck is being rude when he cut off Mayuri in the middle of his briefing. I seriously want to burn that old goat to the ground but sadly flames won't do him much harm, would it? Damn it. He is obviously affected by Sasakibe's death for he can't wait to invade the enemy's headquarters. Unfortunately Mayuri still hasn't be able to figure out where it is located. So instead the old fuck ordered all captains to get ready for battle.

Despite everything, whenever Bleach is back to the shinigamis/captains I always find myself feeling elated. These characters never failed to make me feel like that since the beginning and hence why I am so fond of this series.

If only Kubo would stay true to the original Bleach that I fall head over heels in love with...

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

11 April 2012

First Impression: Yurumates 3D

I had to go back and read my review for Yurumates OVA that I watched many moons ago. I did remember enjoying the show at that time though so naturally I hope the good feelings will continue with this TV show as well.

Unlike the OVA however, the TV show only last for 3 minutes (including OP!) for each episode which is too short for me but given my situation, I guess it was good news. I know I can spare at least 3 minutes for anime watching time.

The TV show starts with introductions of the characters. I appreciate it since it helps me jog my memory of the OVA but it all seems too familiar. Did they pretty much repeat the whole thing and divided the 35 minutes OVA into little segments of 3 minutes episodes? I sure hope not!

Well, there's nothing much to say about a 3 minutes show, is there? You could read my review for the OVA since what I think of the arts/seiyuu/animation still stands.

If there is a cicada episode in between this TV shows, then I know for sure that they really just divided the OVA into segments and that will disappoint me greatly.

Until then, I'll enjoy this while I can :)

arts & animation 5/10
story 6/10
characters 7/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 6.4/10

10 April 2012

Bleach: Chapter 487

A week late with the update because I was on vacation (to South Korea) last week. But here I am, back in front of my computer trying to deal with post withdrawal syndrome.

So Kisuke came to help explains shit to the kids. After all, they are risking their lives to help keep the balance between the real world and the world of sins and "heaven" even though they don't have to. Kisuke also didn't waste any time (or rather it's Kubo who has been rushing things off with this arc) to infiltrate Hueco Mundo. He brought Ichigo to greet his impending doom >_>

They all fell where the army of Buckbeard just killed off all the hollows and arrancar around the area. It was supposed to be gruesome but the stupid comedy took that away and we are left with this feeling of... dafuq? I mean, it's like taking a candy from a kid. I don't remember arrancar being this week. Where's the thrill in all of these?

I know that Ichigo has a noble heart and all which is why he never kill his enemy (Ulquiorra doesn't count because he wasn't himself) but saving his enemy just because they are being abducted by his other enemy is pretty foolish in my opinion. If he really do care of saving people, shouldn't he go to Soul Society and help with the shit there? Why help hollows and arrancar that you yourself will kill sooner or later when they invade Karakura town? Doesn't make sense, does it now?

The first fuck head that Ichigo has to deal with is this guy, Iacto Arme (what kind of name is that? O_o). I'm pretty sure he'll be dead soon enough.

These bad guys look like human, or at least shinigami, aren't they? Well, at least Kubo managed to keep me interested in finding out who these guys really are... They are killing the weak hollows/arrancar and spare the lives of others who are stupid enough to lick their shoes for mercy, or accepted after the 'admission test'. But it was all a scam. Iacto Arme wasn't really interested in letting any of the hollows/arrancar lives.

But what do you know, Menoly and Loly (the two bitches that gang raped Inoue back then) still live and they won't go down without a fight. They really do take pride in being Aizen's bitches lolz. I thought they stand a chance against these bad guys but they were easily defeated. What a shame. Well, at least their comrades (this time it's Hallibel's underlings) didn't abandon them, but I doubt they will survive Iacto Arme either.

That is just how Kubo rolls... predictable as fuck. I'm bored.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

09 April 2012

First Impression: Sankarea

I didn't pay any attention to Sankarea until Glo got mad at me in my preview for Spring anime, which consequently reminds me of his spasm post about the manga. Thanks to him, at least I get a basic idea of what this show s all about. Well, I really hope it is as good as he says it is. I said this because in MAL, it clearly says that this one falls under the ecchi category as well. As you all may know by now, ecchi and klux doesn't mixed too well.

(c) Akahito

The first thing that I notice about this show is the male protagonist's hair. For some reason, it really bothers me that his hair looks like neko ears. I wonder what kind of OCD I have for it to bothers me this much...

Anyhoo, Chihiro Furuya is a kid who is obsessed with zombies. He is like our otaku who is obsessed with 2D female characters and wish he could meet/marry one someday. It turns out that God is kind to him for he got his wish granted when he met Rea Sanka (get it?) during one of his zombie worshiping ritual to resurrect his dead cat Babu. Oh did I mention that Furuya has a female cousin whose name is Wanko? lols

I foresee a love triangle in the making >_>

And I must say that I don't like Rea much. She wasn't actually a zombie when Furuya first saw/met her. She was just an ungrateful brat who whines inside a well. She lets her dad took nude photo of her every year for her birthday... so yeah... Also, she keeps shoving her boobies in front of Furuya's face. What about that?

I do like Wanko though.

Rea offered to help Furuya with the resurrection potion. Since she is willing to do anything just so Furuya would keep her secrets, then Furuya asked her to be his guinea pig. I'm sure he'll be successful with it and used it to resurrect her too otherwise there won't be a show.

Thankfully there is hardly any ecchi that appalled me so I managed to at least enjoyed the episode without raging too much. Studio DEEN did good with the overall quality of the animation and art. Same goes for the seiyuu. As I am not exactly an expert about music, I just find the OP rather annoying. Or maybe I just like ballad song better which explains why I find the ED quite soothing for my ears.

So in the end, Sankarea wasn't bad at all though I wish we could see a little more details on Rea's innards at the end of the episode. The humor should be improved though. I hardly laugh at all throughout the episode. I did smile when Mero was introduced though. She's so moe - wait, what klux?

art & animation 7/10
story 7/10
characters 6/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 6.6/10

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