03 September 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 4, August 2012

Wednesday, August 29

Kokoro Connect episode 5: It's a confession episode starting with Aoki and Yui and then Taichi and Iori. Yes, I am fucking mad as hell with this development. I don't like them both anymore. Anyway, after Taichi confessed to Iori, Heartseed pretty much took control of Iori's body and sent her down the river. He turned up again at the hospital and asked the rest to decide who should die with Iori's body. Of course Taichi volunteered but he got denied. Then Aoki switched to allow Iori has one-on-one time with the rest of them. When it Taichi's turn, they fucking kiss. The truth is, Heartseed was just trolling them. Iori survived which fucking pissed me off further. Grrrr...

A boring episode of Kokoro Connect (episode 6). They don't swapped body but now they are unleashing their inner desires. It started with Inaba trying to rape Taichi, and it continues with the others but of course since Taichi confessed to Iori, I have lost interest with all the other characters except for Inaba. Anyway, Taichi can look after Iori and Aoki will looke after Yui. None actually worried about Inaba when she's the one who is suffering the most. I feel like I wanna give Inaba a long warm hug right now.

Thursday, August 30

In episode 7 of Kokoro Connect, everyone is on edge and they ended up hurting each other feelings but not as much as everyone hurting Inaba. They all assumed she's the strongest of them all well, fuck them. In particular, fuck Taichi. He's selfish as fuck too and has no right to be mad at Inaba.

What happened to the pace of Kokoro Connect? Episode 8 wasn't any better. Everyone can't talk to each other because they ended up hurting each other. Fujishima really shined in this episode though. Oh btw, Taichi, Iori and Inaba are supposed to go on a field trip. Let see how that goes.

Saturday, September 1

Tsuritama episode 10: The four guys finally reunited but JFX has already taken over the naval fleet before they could fish him out of the water. There were some unnecessary dorama between Yuki and Haru which made me dislike Haru even more. Also, I think Natsuki has lost his spunk after he got his hair cut. He wasn't as fun as he used to be imo.


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