Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

29 January 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 4, January 2012

Monday, January 23

Recorder to Randoseru episode 2: Shows Atsumi in her everyday life chores like drinking milk hoping that she will grow taller or bringing Atsushi along when she is doing some shopping so he can help her out getting stuff from the high shelves. In episode 3, Sayo treated Atsumi like she's a kid and then proceed to discuss the kind of guy that they like. Sayo obviously has a crush on Atsushi. I wonder if she knew he is Atsumi's little brother.

Episode 3 of Kill Me Baby: Yasuna was easily influenced. This time she believes that she has esper power just because a guy in the TV said so. As usual, she forced Sonya to take part. From esper to voodoo to fortune telling. Best thing about Yasuna is, she NEVER gives up LOL. In second stint, Yasuna came up with different things to do when it's raining outside from playing puzzle rings to making Rain Doll. When the sun is finally up, they introduced a seemingly unused character, Kyara, that keeps looking for Yasuna and Sonya. Rie Kugimiya is her seiyuu, btw.

Thursday, January 26

Episode 3 of Another: Misaki showed Kouichi what is underneath her eye-patch. Well, nothing creepy like Nnoitora's empty eye socket but only a different color pupil. Misaki is a heterochromia but not really since that eye was artificial. She uses doll's eye and that somehow gives her the gift to see things that should remain unseen. She warned Kouichi: the doll shop isn't a good place for him to hang out since the dolls are seeking to fill their hollowness. She also told him about the class 3 story. It sure was creepy telling ghost story inside the doll shop. It was as if the dolls were eavesdropping. When Kouichi ased his classmates and aunt about it, everyone was jumpy and even warned him not to mess with things that don't exist. He didn't heed their warnings though. He then found out the name of the girl who died at the hospital was Misaki Fujioki. When he told Misaki, she said that Misaki was her cousin and admitted that she didn't exist. Just then Yukari was about to go home but I think she saw Misaki with Kouichi and ran quickly away. As she ran down the stair, she slipped and was killed by the sharpen edge of the umbrella she was holding. Jeebus. That was cruel O_o

I don't like her much now :S
(c) Aranmax

Friday, January 27

Hunter X Hunter episode 12: Phase 3 examination continued. They have to serve the 50 hour penalty. Tonpa trying to make Leorio feel guilty about it but didn't work. When that 50 hours were up, they only have a balance 10 hours to complete the phase. At the end of the exam, they were supposed to fight and only 3 should pass but Gon came up with an idea of hacking through the short cut wall with the given weapons. Thus they passed along with other 19 applicants.

that butt crack...

Sora turns out to be the tsundere and not Miu. I found out in episode 2 of Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! that Yuuta will be the legal guardian for all three of them since the plan that his sister took with her husband crashed. Other family member wanted to take those siblings separately but Yuuta was against the idea because of his own experience of losing his parent earlier on.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 3: Yuuta pretty much ran away with the girls. He didn't think it through so when his aunt asked how is he going to raise the kids and attending college at the same time, it finally dawned on him of the magnitude of his responsibilities. He is not chickening out though. They might face some difficulties trying to cope with the changes but they'll manage.

27 January 2012

First Impression: Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!

Episodes: 12
Producers: Feel, Sentai Filmworks
Genres: Comedy

I should probably checking out the shows that are in my 'potential' list like Ino x Boku SS but I find myself more intrigued by this show than any other shows that I have yet to see. Part of it is due to the twitter spoilers that I saw every other day, particularly by Koji Katsuragi. I think this show turns him into a lolicon.

To be honest, halfway through the episode, I don't know what the hell I was watching. There's this guy Yuuta Segawa who is a freshman at a University. Naturally he had a crush on Oda Rankai, his senpai. It is remains to be seen whether there are any romance developed between these two. Yuuta's sister married a guy who has 2 daughters from his previous marriage. The eldest has a crush on Yuuta and the story of this show revolved around the fact that his sister asked him to look after her three daughters when she and her husband went on some trip. A 19-year old guy looking after 3 females? He'll turn into a lolicon in less than 5 minutes.

meet the eldest daughter everyone...
hot dayyum, I'll be tempted to fuck as well

The characters are lively. I like Nimura (Yuuta's friend) right away because of Daisuke Ono. Those three girls/daughters aren't as annoying as I thought they would be (the annoying one at the moment is Oda). I can understand how the eldest daughter could end up having a crush on her uncle. It shouldn't be that weird, even more so that they aren't blood related. Yuuta is a bit of a push over in my opinion. I have yet to see him proves that he got balls of steel but I am willing to give him another chance.

The arts and animation is definitely above average. It is something that I noticed the most throughout this show especially the character designs that sort of reminds me of Otome Youkai Zakuro although these characters look more plum. It also doesn't escape me how the characters have quite an uncanny similarities with other characters from other anime. Sora in my opinion looks like a crossover between Haruhi and Yurippe while Mui looks like Nagi's twin. I hope they live up to the expectation.

I thought Yuuta's voice is too deep for him. At times I feel like Wataru was trying too hard. he's not the only one though. I think Yui Horie sounds just as annoying as her character Oda. That "sobbing" part left me hollowed. I found myself rolling my eyes every time she sobbed. It seems too fake for me. Hina was supposed to be the annoying little child so I forgive her.

I am tempted to label this show as harem but so far I have only see one girl interested in Yuuta, or maybe two if you want to include Oda. I certainly hope that this wasn't the case because most often than not, harem turns me off.

Nonetheless, Justin said that this show gets better with every new episode. I must admit that towards the end of this episode, it wasn't as boring as the first half of the show. I might check out another episode just to make sure.

art & animation 7/10
story 6/10
characters 6/10
sound 6/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 6.2/10

Persona 4 the Animation: Episode 13

New OP looks good and sounds well... Engrish. Hehe. Looks like the kids will get a break that they deserved after they managed to crack and solve the murder case. Or at least I thought so judging by what was said in the Velvet Room.

The episode starts off with Nanako giving an umbrella to a drench fox that wore what looks like a baby bip. When asked by her father, she lied and said she lost it. It also shows that Yuu was pretty busy lately. He rarely eats dinner at home and it seems like Nanako missed him.

(c) Mika Takeda

So she decided to be a detective and finds out what Yuu has been up to. She trails him but was distracted when she found Teddy and thus she lost him so she will continue to trail him until she gets the answer she was looking for. Turns out the guys have no idea what Yuu has been up to lately so when they found Nanako all dressed up, they decided to help her out too.

Guess what though, Yuu is acting like a real hero helping out people. He pretended to be Teddy by wearing his Teddy suit, helping out a child, woman and old lady. Obviously his friends would doubt him and think he was a pervert but everything will be set right at the end.

Jeebus this is one hell of a boring episode unless you are a lolicon.

Everything will be explained in the next episode though. Not sure I am interested to find out...

26 January 2012

Daily Lives of High School Boys: Episode 3

Pretty much have an idea or two how episode 3 is going to be thanks to the spoilers I saw on twitter. Nonetheless, that does not dampened my excitement to watch this show. Daily Lives of High School Boys definitely that show that I look forward to the most every week for the Winter season.

Tadakuni is so moe, it's a sin... hhhhhhhhhhhnnnngghh
(c) pixiv id 444993

Heh, if in the past two episodes you can't tell that this show is directed by the same director of Gintama, this episode has that sure tell tale sign. We got the protagonists talking in the background while they only show clouds lazily moving across the sky. It's an improvement though. In Gintama, all you get is the static picture of Gin's place. This time, Tadakuni, Yoshitake and Hidenori were discussing about how usually anime about school starts in Spring and not Winter. This shows that they acknowledge that they are in anime and for some reason, I always found that funny if not amusing. They even correcting us about the genre. They preferred to be known as slice of life anime instead of a school anime.

Gag #1: High School Boys and Summer Plans

The guys are having a meeting about summer plans at Tadakuni's house. Hidenori chaired the meeting at first but then they wanted Karasawa to take over, who did come in school uniform as per requested. It's fun to see how they look up to Karasawa for no apparent reason. Even when they asked Tadakuni's imouto who she would date, she picked Karasawa as well. Must be the cap. She quickly changed her mind though when Karasawa jokingly said something sexist LOL

Gag #2: High School Boys and the Beach House

So their first summer plan is going to the beach. Tadakuni made a mistake of wearing the school trunk. Heh so moe. The guys were busy trying to get the girls but Hidenori was busy looking at the noodles. He was so tempted he got a nose bleed and consequently another smack from the guys when he concluded that girls like their noodle just like they like their man: HOT. Hehehe, I have to say that he has a keen eye for observation because he is totally right about it.

he's a champion

Gag #3: High School Boys and Hot Spring Balls

The boys went to the onsen next. They played some ping pong with penalty. Whoever failed to answer the question and lose will have to punch the Student Council President. I LOL'd at how the boys readily agreed to that suggestion. That brought back a lot of memories tbh :D

Tadakuni lost in all three rounds XD

I lol'd... hard

Gag #4: High School Boys and the Radio DJ

Hidenori pretended to be radio DJ that's talking FS. I bet FS stands for Fucking Shit. He dragged Yoshitake into it. Yoshitake played along though he took it all very seriously. It was a bit awkward at time because you keep expecting Yoshitake to crack some stupid jokes but he didn't. Tadakuni didn't even say a word during the whole stint except a 'hhhmmph!' at the end of it.

Gag #5: High School Boys and Summer Memories

They decided to have fun till end of their summer vacation. The production team decided to play Capsule in the background while showing the boys having fun at festival, playing video games, etc.

Gag #6: High School Boys and the Train to School

Another Hidenori monologue. He boarded the train with the same girl every day going to school. He got interested in her because of her hairy mole at the nape of her neck. He wanted to tell the girl about it but didn't have the courage to do so. He even seek advice from his senpai who was against his idea as well. He somehow came to a conclusion that the hair mole was proof of her loneliness, that she has no friends who could tell her about it. That was how he found the courage to tell her and surprisingly the girl just thanked him and laughed it off.

And thus end the quest of a stupid boy who worried about stupid shit.

Oh, and I love the ending stint of High School Girls are Funky XD

23 January 2012

First Impression: Recorder to Randoseru

Episodes: Unknown
Producers: Seven
Genres: School

I didn't know this show is only 3 minutes per episode. I wonder what can be achieved for a short stint anime like this. Hardly anything and hopefully it won't be too annoying and made that 3 minutes feel like an eternity.

I saw Rie Kugimiya as one of the seiyuu and thought that this is going to be another shitty anime that Glo has to watch in order to complete his quest. Right then I saw Aya Hirano as one of the other seiyuus as well and thus, I feel obligated to watch this show regardless how shitty it is. The torture that we subjected onto ourselves sometimes Orz

Atsushi and Atsumi
(c) pixiv id 2461540

My brain was trying to compute logic since the beginning even though I already know that the basic story line of a boy who looks like grown man and the older sister who looks like a kindergarten student. Because of these differences, Atsushi, the younger boy, got into a lot of misunderstood situation. For example, in this episodde Atsushi was apprehended by the police as being the suspected molester when all he did was showing his scarf to his kindergarten female friend.

There was nothing outstanding about this show. Everything was average, from the art to the animation and even the seiyuu and overall direction of the show. Though it wasn't bad, it wasn't particularly good either. Also, did I mention that Aya's character actually has a melon size boobs for a change?

But meh, Recorder to Randoseru (or Recorder and Randsell in English) certainly meets my expectation as another anime that is made for god knows-what-reason that we fans can't think of. Does Japanese really watch this kind of shows on TV? O_o

art & animation 5/10
story 4/10
characters 5/10
sound 4/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 4.6/10

22 January 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 3, January 2012

Monday, January 16

Kill Me Baby episode 2: (1) Yasuna kept pastering Sonya to teach her martial arts move so she can countered them the next time Sonya has her head in a headlock. Sonya just made Yasuna even more of a fool then. (2) Yasuna brought a nun-chuck just so Sonya could hit herself with it. Fat chance that it's going to happen. (3) There was a bear at the park. Sonya ran away so Yasuna has to deal with it herself. At last, she accidentally fell on top of the bear's head and knocked it unconscious. (4) They ended up playing hide-and-seek at the park so naturally Yasuna hide but Sonya didn't bother to seek her.

Tuesday, January 17

Episode 2 of Another really creep me out. Those BGM managed to scare me a few times, especially during the hospital and the doll shop scenes. Kouichi classmates still haven't said anything about Class 3 but he keeps seeing Misaki, and as if possessed, always followed her. He even met with the nurse to check whether a girl died and she confirmed it later that a high school girl did die and her name is Misaki. If I was him, I would probably head home but Kouichi went into this very suspicious looking doll shop called Studio M where he met Misaki. He acted like he didn't know that she's dead, or maybe he thought Mei and Misaki are two different girls. Anyhoo, just before the episode ends, Misaki tempted Kouichi and she showed him what's underneath the eye patch that she's wearing. To be continued.

Madoka's mecha or Ovid (Vox Aura) changed color in episode 2 of Rinne no Lagrange. It is definitely looks cooler than before. Anyway, Izo set out to save Array since his Ovid didn't respond. Izo is supposedly the best pilot for the bishies people. Madoka was forced to fight him too and since she was pressured by the expectation, she didn't pilot it well enough like she did the first time. That is until her sister put some sense back into her. At the end of the episode, she has to face Kirius too, who came to fight with his comrades. Dare I say it that this show is a tad more interesting now...

she's growing on me
(c) Nilitsu

21 January 2012

My Favorite Character List: B

This is the list of my favorite characters from anime that started with the letter B. LOL this is like watching Sesame Street. Okay kids, lets go!

anime: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
character: Kouta Tsuchiya
seiyuu: Kouki Miyata

Hot dayyum he's a hot trap too~

Believe it or not, it is actually hard for me to decide who is my favorite character for this show since everyone is made of such WIN (except Himeji). After a thorough consideration, I pick Kouta or better known as Voyeur among his friends. I think I fall for his nose bleed. It's a miracle he's not dead yet with that much blood lost. He is the guy you turn to if you want some smex picture of your crush be it a guy or a girl. He is also the gadget man who has eyes everywhere if it has to do with spying on girls. He was a character without conflict in season one but he found his nemesis in season two: Aiko Kidou. I don't like her for disrupting the normal routine of Kouta.

anime: Bamboo Blade
character: Tamaki "Tama-chan" Kawazoe
seiyuu: Ryou Hirohashi

wait for it... wait for it...
(c) Shino (Eefy)

Tama-chan is a very timid girl who is so damn excellent when it comes to Kendo. She single handedly brought her school Kendo team to become the champion of the National Tournament. I like her almost right away. She is my kind of girl who doesn't talk much but rather walk the walk when needed. She is definitely one of the characters that enjoyed full character development throughout the show from her childhood to her obsession with Blade Braver. Too bad I can't get to see her relationship with Yuji developed as well. Hmm, for that I guess I just have to search for the fanfic.

anime: Binchou-tan
character: Chiku-tan
seiyuu: Mai Kadowaki

She's the red head with charcoal bamboo to hold up his pony tail
(c) Eijima Moko

I don't have much love for this show. I think it was stupid and the chibi isn't cute at all. Of all the stupid characters, at least Chiku-tan isn't boring and is always with innovative ideas. I liked how her hair wiggled when she got an idea. If only she could think of something to ward off her fear for ghost...

anime: Black Cat
character: Train Heartnet
seiyuu: Takashi Kondo

I hold grudges towards Saya. Because of her Train learned about compassion and from a ruthless assassin, he became somewhat meek with righteous bullshit. I'm not crazy about his getup either. What's up with that coat of his? That was downright fugly, man. Having said that, Train is the only character that interest me for this show and thus he gets the coveted spot to be in this list of mine. Got milk?

anime: Blassreiter
character: Joseph Jobson
seiyuu: Masaya Matsukaze

(c) Niθ

He's the most mysterious (and most good looking) character in the serious so it is only natural that I was taken by him. If that is not enough, he is a vigilante too. He became the target for both Amalgam and the police force. He has his own self conflict to deal with as well but never once did he gave up. He fought to the very end despite having no one to rely/trust except that faithful hologram servant of his. That in my opinion is very admirable. Having said that this show is shit >_>

anime: Bleach
character: Ichimaru Gin
seiyuu: Kouji Yusa

(c) pixiv ID 1128455

This one is the hardest for me. I can't decide between Kuchiki Rukia and Ichimaru Gin. So at a time like this, I always listen to my b0nar and my b0nar picks Ichimaru Gin for my favorite character in Bleach. Just saying/thinking his name makes my b0nar bigger by tenfold. He just has that effect on me. Always. Ichimaru is the sadistic shinigami that I have naught but b0nar for ever since he appeared at the Soul Society gate as part of the welcoming party for Kurosaki Ichigo. I refused to believe that he is dead. He lives in my b0nar forever. He has no qualm in inflicting pain to others yet what drove him is his love for a girl. I just wish that girl is DFC me.
p/s: You can read my top 10 favorite Bleach characters here.

anime: Blood+
character: Kai Miyagusuku
seiyuu: Hiroyuki Yoshino

(c) mameko

It doesn't take much for someone to root for Kai. He is all around nice guy, a responsible brother and a good son. He never abandoned Saya even after he learned the truth but that's not the only reason why I like him. It has something to do with how well he handle his feelings around people. I also like to believe that he likes Saya more than a sister and is in denial when he convinced Haji to confess to her lol

anime: Blood: The Last Vampire (movie)
character: Saya
seiyuu: Yuuki Kudou

(c) hitowa

For the movie, there is absolutely no contest. Saya was freaking badass that it is impossible for me to pick someone else for my favorite character. She has her ways with that katana of hers which makes me wish I have a katana of my own and perhaps the skills to wield it as well. Otherwise, I would love to have a sheath katana around my waist like Yachiyo from Working!! does.

anime: Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru (OVA)
character: Yori Yuuki
seiyuu: Showtaro Morikubo

This show is hentaish and has incestship as well between the twins. Yori is the twin brother of Iku and naturally he wants to fuck his twin sister. For that he gets my vote. I am surprised to learn that this one got a live-action TV series adaptation. lol Japan you never cease to amaze me. This show has no great value other than saying it's okay to fuck your siblings lol

anime: Boku, Otaryman (OVA)
character: Yoshitani
seiyuu: Mamoru Miyano

lol there is no one else to pick, is there? besides, he reminds me of someone I know ^_^

anime: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
character: Rika Shiguma
seiyuu: Misato Fukuen

(c) pixiv id 2897090

It was a choice between Yozora and Rika and I'll be honest, Rika annoyed the fuck out of me when she first appeared but as the show progressed, her perverted outbursts were definitely the highlight of certain episodes. I mean, who can forget when he exclaimed EXCALIBUR!! so excitedly? She can turn every situation into some pervert and eroge version and like I said in my review, I wish I have talent like that. I would have been a successful porn writer by now if I do have that talent. Heh did I mention that she's a genius too?

anime: Bungaku Shoujo no Kyou no Oyatsu ~Hatsukoi~ (OVA)
character: Konoha Inoue
seiyuu: Miyu Irino

I always admire a person who can write beautifully. Konoha is one of those people. He even has the determination to complete his stories of which I am struggling with at the moment (granted that I have a day job and weekend class nowadays). Konoha too always looks so lonesome and that just makes me wants to give him a hug and says that I'm there if he ever needs me. Maybe in that sense, I can see a reflection of myself in him T__T

anime: Bus Gamer
character: Toki Mishiba
seiyuu: Kenichi Suzumura

I have difficulties choosing between Kazuo and Toki but the end of the day, Toki's quiet charm wins over Kazuo's megane. And maybe that pink hair has something to do with it as well. Did I tell you that he is actually a year older than me? Hmm... damn, now that I think of it, I should probably picked Kazuo because we are of the same age. Anyhoo, neither of us seem to age much :P

p/s: the list will be updated frequently whenever I completed an anime.

20 January 2012

Mirai Nikki: Episode 11

Jeebus I'm so behind on Fall anime >_>

Kurusu and Ninth made a deal after the policeman begged her, saying that even though she is twisted, the reason why she wants to win this survival game is to make the world a better place. Heh how cliche. While he was on his knees, Yuki and Yuno were arrested by the police, just as he has planned.

I would have made a deal with her too
(c) Hijiri Ruka

Naturally Yuno's instinct was going berserk to protect Yuki but thanks to what Asane said a few hours ago, Yuki understands his role as her breakwater and calmed her down.

Yuki went in for the interrogation first and quickly fell for Kurusu's lies. However when he suggested that they played the Russion Roulette, Yuki started to pee in his pantsu. Knowing that Yuno has the diary to sense that Yuki was in danger, he used the opportunity regardless the fact that he was endangering his colleagues' lives.

Kurusu needed a reason to kill Yuki and Yuno and that was why he planned on making them criminals. He let Yuno shot him but he didn't expect Yuno to aim for his head though. I guess it was unfortunate that Yuno missed the shot and he only missed an ear.

And well done Yuki, he finally did something that Yuno would be proud of. He accidentally shot a police officer when he heard the warning shot. LOL now... that is amateurish. But this officially made him a criminal. He fucking fell right into Kurusu's plan.

usually it's the girl who cried

They managed to escape though but now things will just get harder because they are on the wanted list. Even more so when Ninth was involved. Ah I see, with Ninth around, there was no way Yuno and Yuki can escape. Hmm, I have got to hand it to Kurusu. His plan was flawless so far. I didn't expect to see some comedy injected to the scene though. That was quite a good comic relief to be honest. Heh good job.

It didn't take long for Ninth to switch side though. He showed Yuno and Yuki why Kurusu betrayed them. Apparently he has a sick son in the hospital and wants to become a God so he can cure him. Hah! That was gibberish if I ever heard one. But oh well, he can hope.

Ninth created a new alliance with Yuno and Yuki. They will take Kurusu down but I bet Yuki has something to say about it, especially after he learned about Kurusu's son.

Once a wimp kid, always a wimp.

19 January 2012

Persona 4 the Animation: Episode 12

I have been taking a break from last season anime for a couple of weeks. Time to catch up on things and I figured I should start it with Persona 4. I think this show started strong but as the episodes progressed, it became less entertaining. Hope something will happen to create some excitement to this otherwise dull settings that it sorta stuck with at the moment.

this is far more exciting, honestly!
(c) pixiv id 1251217

Yuu received a Star Arcana this time around. How many does he has now? I lost count. Anyhoo, they are inside the TV world and that psycho challenged them into a game where they are the pawns. As usual, there are lack of planning or the production team thought it was completely normal to have a chat in the middle of Shadows attack. Or maybe they wanted to be funny about it and I just missed the whole thing. Either way, it was Kuma who defeated those lowly Shadows.

Yuu doesn't act like himself today. He kept thinking if they will ever be together again if they managed to solve the case by capturing this psycho who everyone thinks is the killer. That obviously distracted him from a lot of things that were going on.

The killer too has his own Shadows that he needs to fight and conquer.

Just as things are about to get serious, they cut the scene and jumped straight into another scene where they are all hanging out enjoying each other company and have a cook off making rice omelet. And suddenly they said the culprit has been caught. Fast forward a few months, the murder case was forgotten and they still meet like usual. Fast forward another few months, less people showed up for their meet up and Rise was no longer around. They just grew farther apart. I mean, what the hell is going on?

Though it was confusing at first, towards the middle of this shit I realized that this episode deals with Yuu insecurities and how he would feel losing his friends over the time. I bet this was just that Shadow's power or something, and I was spot on.

But it was a good lesson for Yuu to learn. Losing his bond with his friends also means that he loses his Arcana since they are all created from that bond. This makes him powerless and at the same time makes me think if Yuu was being selfish, creating all those bonds for himself? Do his friends feel like they are being used?

Either way, his friends helped him got back on his track and focus to defeat the enemy at hand. They too lost count of all the Arcana Yuu has because he called them all forth. At the end of the day, he was victorious and the psycho admitted being the murderer. Case closed.

And they live a peaceful lives... for the time being.

Urgh so uninspirational >_>

18 January 2012

Daily Lives of High School Boys: Episode 2

The past few days have been terrible for me so I am really looking forward to watch the second episode of Danshiko so that my trouble could be forgotten even for a few minutes. Since this show includes several stint/gag, it is only fair that I write it accordingly.

(c) Asakiti

Gag #1: High School Boys and the Morning Journey

On the way back from school, Tadakuni found a stick. Once he picked it up, Hidenori wasted no time to attack him with an umbrella. Obviously they were role playing from samurai to Jack who supposedly became the Demon Lord. These boys didn't miss a bit when it comes to their imagination, did they? They got into their roles though Tadakuni needed a little convincing but he eventually relented and took it more seriously than the other two. The best thing about this stint is, when somebody else found that stick, their responds were the same. Goes to show that boys are way fun! That is until some girl passed by >_>

Gag #2: High School Boys and Convex Mirror Girl

It was revealed that Tadakuni has part time job at a pizza place with one of his classmate, Yasunori. During this shift, Tadakuni asked Nago the basic thing a high school boy is curious about: What is it about boys that girl finds attractive. She answered truthfully. At their age, it is all comes down to outer appearance. So the boys said those word back at her. That's when she took off her megane and asked Yasunori to hand over the convex mirror. She posed in front of it and has totally a different persona. As if the boys will accept that heh.

Gag #3: High School Boys and the Friendship Power

Tadakuni imouto accused them for stealing her underwear again. Of course they were denial about it until Yoshitake saw the lacey bra underneath Hidenori and Tadakuni shirt. LOL was he the only normal one between the three of them? This presented a conflict for Yoshitake. He wanted to tell them that it was wrong but worried if he would offended them. So what did he do? He joined them! This is definitely one of the quality that I envy about men.

Gag #4: High School Boys and Literary Girl 2

LOL I was hoping that it was Hidenori but turned out it was the delinquent Motoharu. Apparently he has sister complex and he thought the literary girl was his sister so he sprouted some nonsense about wind. Of course the literary girl was taken in but he was embarrassed as fuck after that.

Gag #5: High School Boys and Traditional Events

They have few questions regarding the traditional activities in the school. One of them is fasting for 70 hours. When they met the principal, he made up some shit about 1984 tragedy but Karasawa quickly shot him in the knee when he told them that the school was created in 1989.

Gag #6: High School Boys and Ghost Stories 2

Again, they were telling some stories that clearly were not scary at all. Tadakuni lied about Karasawa and just like before the two of them believe him. Together with Tadakuni imouto they jumped Karasawa just to see what was it underneath his head. Man, Tadakuni sure can lie.

At the end of the episode, there was some stint about Lady Yukano and her three butlers. I don't have any idea what was going on but they kept the momentum going and I especially like the false tooth joke. I wonder if they are going to be a regular for the upcoming episodes as well? Hmm...

Anyhoo, good episode is good. Not as funny as the first episode but I have my fair share of laughing today ^_^

17 January 2012

First Impression: Kill Me Baby

Episodes: Unknown
Producers: J.C. Staff
Genres: Comedy, School

For some weird reason, I have this illogical thoughts that Kill My Baby will be brilliant with it's humor and witty comedy. I have no idea where did I get such thought when I didn't even watch any of the preview (if they had one). I usually will brush off this kind of shows so I was wondering myself what makes me thought that this one will be any different. Let's find out shall we whether I was right, or I will end up killing myself after 24 minutes.

(c) Youkan

Kill Me Baby is a story about two friends, Yasuna and Sonya. Yasuna is the happy-go-lucky type of girl while Sonya is more serious in personality because her job requires her to be so. She is an assassin and is always wary of contact. Unfortunately though, she is pretty much scared with everything else. There is also Agiri, someone Sonya knows from her group of assassins. Agiri is a ninja but she's more like a con artist rather than anything else.

The stints are most like gags which added to the fun. Though it wasn't thought-provoking show, it is not trying to be what it isn't. It stick to what it do best, which is the comedy that transpired/caused through the interaction between Sonya and Yasuna. Nothing more and nothing lss. The art was simple and I actually really like the chibi feel of the character designs.

The repetition of "kill me bebeh" in the OP can either annoy you or makes you want Sonya to really kill you, which is a good thing. I wonder how simplistic a person must be to create song like that? But the ED is pretty hypnotic with the disco music beat and the singing which was done both my the protagonists: Mutsumi Tamura and Chinatsu Akasaki. Speaking of these two seiyuu I really like the fact that both of them managed to embody the essence of their characters respectively. They made them believable when they communicate and being friends despite the difference in personalities. Though Sonya looks sorta like Nagi, she quickly becomes my favorite character between the two friends mainly because of the job well done by her seiyuu, Mutsumi Tamura.

So far Kill Me Baby does not disappoint me with the delivery of it's first episode. I hope J.C. Staff can keep this momentum going because I am certainly looking forward to watch the next episode.

art & animation 7/10
story 7/10
characters 8/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 8/10
overall 7.6/10

16 January 2012

First Impression: Mouretsu Pirates

Episodes: 26
Producers: Satelight, Starchild Records, Sentai Filmworks
Genres: Sci-fi

Mouretsu Pirates is one of the animes that I know won't sit well with me, based on the preview. As usual, I am watching this just to see if I am right about it. I've heard bits and pieces of this show on Twitter but since I tuned out most of it because of the spoilers, I have no idea what to expect.

(c) Matsumoto Noriyuki

This show evolves around Marika Katou. She is the daughter of the infamous space pirate who led the Bentenmaru. She has no idea about it though until she was visited by her mom's friends and was told that she inherited the space pirate ship since according to the law, only the direct descendant can take over. As expected Marika was skeptical but she can't run from her fate, can she?

Her school is taken over and looks like they are recruiting her friends to be pirates as well. On top of that, the new transfer student looks like she knows more about what's going on than Marika. I have no idea what her role in this show is yet but she's clearly a tsundere.

The art and animation aren't something that will guarantee you to watch this show. In fact I think they are below average. The set up supposedly to be in different planet in different universe but they used kanji to write any legal documents and they were too lazy to think to depict the setting that they wanted to achieve for this show. It ends up like they are on earth in year 3050. It's not convincing at all. Same goes for the character designs. I found them not attractive at all.

The OP and ED greatly compliment the show as in, it annoys the fuck out of me. It has some pretty colorful cast of seiyuu at it's disposal unfortunately they are just average at best and didn't actually bring anything special to their character to remember them by.

Mouretsu Pirates is a 26 episodes show. I don't know why it needs that many episodes because I can't see how they can develop the story to be interesting. Though the first episode wasn't bad, it didn't bring anything to the table. I just pretty much sat on my chair and watched it from start to finish without any kind of excitement. It's was monotonous and it's the second worse kind of feeling for an anime fan to have. The first one is of course raging.

Mouretsu Pirates is as average as anime can get, not even that to be honest but if you don't mind spending time watching average anime, go ahead since it wasn't bad. It's definitely wasn't good either.

art & animation 5/10
story 5/10
characters 5/10
sound 5/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 5/10

15 January 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 2, January 2012

Tuesday, January 10

Hunter X Hunter episode 11: Leorio next bet is whether or not his opponent is a woman. Obviously Leorio bet that the opponent is a man just so he can check for himself. Of course he lose that bet. With only 10 hours left, he then bet on rock-paper-scissor which of course he lose again making the game tied with 2-2. Next up is Killua and his opponent is the most dangerous criminal but meh Killua finished him off in less than 5 seconds. That is one sick skill he has, ripping the heart of his opponent like that. So they won that stage but has to spend 50 hours penalty in a small room.

you don't say...

Sunday, January 15

Episode 7 of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle ought to be a good episode since it's about Nonoha and strangely I like her. Ms. Madoka, a kindergarten teacher, gave Kaito a letter. Thinking that it might be a love letter, Nonoha taking out her frustration on the sports that she joined. Little that she knows that Ms. Madoka is a giver and she used the kids as part of the puzzle. Muller, the new POG Head of Japan, set up a sage puzzle that endangered their lives but Kaito, Gammon and Nonoha have no problem solving them and at the same time made Madoka realized her wrong doing. At the end of the episode, Nonoha got the title The Nightingale.

surprise buttfuck is hardly surprising XD

It has been a while. Episode 8 of Hanasaku Iroha - Kissuiso suddenly has a lot of customers but Ohana's grandmother fell sick and rushed to the hospital. Ohana wanted to stay and look after her but she was refused because they were short on staff. On the way back to the inn, Ko called Ohana and I found myself smiling like an idiot. He was on the train on the way to see her too! Kyaaa~ Anyhoo, since there were suddenly so many customer, they thought that one of them got to be a mystery guest to evaluate the inn. They wanted to prioritize them over the other customers but Ohana was against it. She pretty much ran the inn that day. At the end of the episode, she was getting Tohru from a wedding while Ko arrived at the station.

14 January 2012

First Impression: Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

Episodes: Unknown
Producers: Studio Deen, DAX Production
Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life

In real life, I am not fond of cats. I think they are annoying and their shit smell like shit. But there are cats that I am fond of, especially those from the Nyanpire. Just like Nyanpire, this show is supposed to be only 3 minutes long per episode and featured a round cat that supposedly to be the cutest ever. We'll see what I think about that in few minutes...

okay... 3 minutes is up.

And well... nope. Definitely not the cutest thing ever. I don't give a fuck how round the cat is. This show has nothing to offer. It wasn't even remotely funny.

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki is about a round cat that Moe Satou found on the night where she slept on the street because she was too drunk. So she adopted the cat and Poyo quickly becomes part of the family. As expected this show evolve around Poyo and I failed to see what is so interesting about it.

It was too chaotic as they tried to cram to many shit in that 3 minutes of airing time. The characters were pretty much a cliche Japanese family we have seen so many times in anime before. A strict dad, a spinster for a sister and a kid brother that Poyo has something against.

I guess the only thing that's good (for me at least) is the fact that we didn't have that lackluster ED of Nyanpire included. Eh wait, is there even an OP? I couldn't remember.

With that said, I wouldn't continue watching this shit even if I can spare 3 minutes. I just might end up raging every week and I don't want that.

art & animation 5/10
story 4/10
characters 4/10
sound 5/10
enjoyment 2/10
overall 4/10

13 January 2012

First Impression: Ano Natsu de Matteru

Episodes: 12
Producers: J.C. Staff, Sentai Filmworks
Genres: Sci-fi, Comedy, Romance

When I saw the female protagonist has quite a huge rack in the poster, I have got to be honest, I was already judging this show. I don't usually do well with characters with big tits (Orihime Inoue is one fine example) so I have my reservation about this show as a whole. But I'm kinder when it comes to romance theme anime so I hope the romance will outshine any other flaws that I might find in Ano Natsu de Matteru (or Waiting in the Summer). And of course, there's the fact that this one is produced by J.C. Staff.

look at that character chart >_>

Well, I am ready throw my judgement out of the window after less than 2 minutes in. If nothing else, the animation and the art got me hooked right away and is it just me of Kaito looks like Jintan from Ano Hana with that shaggy hair and megane? Having said that, I wasn't very fond of the prospect that there's alien or extra terrestrial being in this show because I personally feels like that theme has been abused for far too much in anime to make it original and different. Hmm, there I go being judgmental once again >_>

Halfway through the episode it started to dawn on me that I might ended up raging about this show. Why? I can already see what is going to happen because apparently J.C. Staff decided to take the safe path and thus it's cliche as fuck.

And then there's that FRIENDZONE shit. For some reason I always ended up liking the other girl, the second heroin, which in this case, Kaito's childhood friend Kanna and for that reason I knew that she and Kaito could never happened simply because a red haired alien with big tits who saved Kaito when she landed on earth (if you asked me, it was totally her fault that he's "dead" so I don't see why Kaito would be attracted to her) decided to overstay her visit and enroll at the same school as theirs.

IF and that's a big if, that Ichika decided to go back to wherever she comes from and Kanna ended up together with Kaito because he either (a) feel sorry for her (b) has no other choice, I would rage my ass off. If the production decided to do something unexpected like that, they better develop the story that is not only convincing but unique as well. I don't want another repeat of True Tears.

I've introduced some of the characters but there are few more in my opinion that are far more interesting than the two protagonists. For example, the ladies man Tetsurou, the perverted Mio and Lemon (that name I think is self-explanatory). I found myself rather interested with (and if) there are other romance budding besides that of Kaito and Ichika. It would be less cliche, definitely.

Like I said earlier, the art for Ano Natsu de Matteru is definitely the strongest selling point for this show. I was amazed by the clouds and the level of details that went into production. J.C. Staff definitely didn't disappoint it fans in term of the quality of the overall animation. I am too lazy to check but is this the only production for J.C. Staff this Winter?

look at that cloud ^_^

I hope more thoughts will be given to the story and romance. I want them focusing on the development of the romance/story as well so that it won't come out too cliche. Cliche just doesn't do very well with me. It tend to make me rage. If it does, then I might just drop this without further notice.

I mean, I was already pissed off when I saw Ichika kissing Kaito in order to save him. THIS IS NOT DISNEY!

Oh boy... I'm in for a rough ride.

art & animation 9/10
story 6/10
characters 8/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 7.6/10

12 January 2012

First Impression: Daily Lives of High School Boys

Episodes: 12
Producers: Sunrise, Square Enix
Genres: Comedy, School, Slice of Life, Shounen

Besides Another, Daily Lives of High School Boys or Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou is the other Winter season anime that I have high hopes for for the simple reason that Tomokazu Sugita is cast for one of it's main protagonist. I am a big fan of him and he is the reason why I become a seiyuu fag so naturally I will watch anything that has him as one of the casts, no matter how small his role may be. The only recent show that he did/do is SKET Dance which he played the big role of making it such an enjoyable show for me.

So needless to say, I am super stoke to check this show out. I have a feeling that Sugita will be just as awesome as he usually is sprouting random shits that only his character can think of. Aight boys, without further ado, lets dig in =3

(c) Asuda

Less than a minute in, I knew I was right about this show; boys who ran holding bowl of soup on the way to school and met with robots flying down from the sky attacking their town. If that is not random, I don't know what is. Why? Because this is not a mecha anime. This show is categorized in slice of life genre and in our real life, there are no giants robot invading the earth. And random is always good in my book. Plus this show is directed by the same guy who did Gintama. If you didn't know how I feel about Gintama yet, you are retarded.

Danshiko (that's what this show is called in anime fandom) is a tale of three boys; Tadakuni, Hidenori Tabata and Yoshitake Tanaka who are friends and attending the same highschool. Just like Kimi to Boku, they have the serious boy and the other two who will do anything in their ability to annoy the living hell of the serious boy, in this case Tadakuni. But it wasn't always about that. We are going to witness their daily lives routines and the people they acquainted and interact with as well which added to the fun.

There are several segments in one episode that cover different topic which tickled my funny bones. I personally laughed my ass off during the skirt segments. I knew boys who actually did that, especially when there was a gullible boy around. Tadakuni fits that description to a T. These segments are even funnier because almost each of it was triggered or initiated by Hidenori. The segment of Hidenori and literary girl at the river bank was awesome too. It's quite a turning point for me personally to be honest because I realized that I found a replacement for Kyon and he even wears a megane. A crossover of Kyon and Gintoki is just the perfect man, if you know what I mean.

Some people might questioned that this is not what boys normally do in their daily lives, but I assured you that for someone who grew up around boys and is still surrounded by boys in daily life, boys really did do all these meaningless stuffs and talk about useless stuffs. That is what make them so fun to be around. Girls on the other hands are boring. They pretty much talked about cute boys and the latest fashion and being bitchy about everything. What's fun about that? For example when Yoshitake voiced his concern about the hair on his nipples, isn't that real as fuck?

what I said

Needless to say, I will probably force this one down everyone's throat. So beware. I'm maximizing my virgin power for the sake of Danshiko!

art & animation 6/10
story 10/10
characters 10/10
sound 10/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 9.2/10

p/s: I am glad that I didn't check out the pre-air show for Danshiko ^_^

First Impression: Another - Horror done right

Episodes: 12
Producers: P.A Works
Genres: Horror, Drama, Mystery, School

Another is one of the two most look forward to anime for this season. One of the reasons for that is because I love horror in my anime (not in real life movie though - I can't handle it) and have always enjoyed horror theme anime like Mononoke or Ghost Hound. The other reason simply because the lackluster list of anime we have for the Winter. Compared to Fall, this season is like at the bottom of the pile of shit.

(c) pixiv id 1408036

Once the show started you knew you are in for a good ride. The story of Another managed to grab you on the get go. The whispering and gossiping about Masaki and the combination with various instrument playing for the BGM really set the mood for this show. It's not even 2 minutes yet but I am already singing praises for Another. That ought to mean that I am right about this gem.

This is a story of Misaki, a girl who died 26 years ago but still a living legend to this very day. Kouichi Sakakibara, our male protagonist just transferred to the town but is ill thus he couldn't attend school until May. He was visited by three of his classmates and they seemed like an odd bunch but for good reasons. They kept asking if he had stayed at Yomiyama before, which of course he has not. For some reasons he attracts supernatural shit, which of course in this case, Mei Misaki, the ghost of class 3 everyone talks about.

When he did finally go to school, there was actually Misaki in that class of his but one of his classmate that visited him was absent. Clearly something was amiss as the other classmates trying not to let him catching on to whatever it was they were trying to hide. It was clear that Class 3 was alienated. They didn't even share their PE class with any other classes. I also noticed that Kouichi classmates got hurt and has wounds. I suspect that it has something to do with Misaki... or not.

Misaki did tell Kouichi about his name that associates to death but that was all. It keeps us wondering and it definitely got me excited to find out.

Between scenes, we are assaulted by disjointed mannequin that could easily creeps you out. Then there is how the show was directed. That scene in the elevator was quite scary, is it not? The feeling was enhanced with the BGM that in my opinion is the thing that gels and makes this show having that edge for horror. They don't even showed us the face of Kouichi's grandparents and let it remains a mystery for us viewer at this stage.

Episode 1 of Another is somewhat perfect for me. I couldn't find anything to poke about. It has definitely meet and possibly exceed my expectation for the show. I am officially a fan now and will probably blogging this every week. This is possibly the best show of Winter season. So if you are complaining about how stupid the other anime are, then you will find satisfaction watching Another.

art & animation 9/10
story 10/10
characters 8/10
sound 10/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 9.4/10

11 January 2012

Bleach: Chapter 479

After almost 3 weeks being deprived of Bleach, they are back in our lives and hopefully after the New Year's break, Kubo has some sense to actually get it together and improved. I was pretty disappointed with what he prepared for Ulquiorra's back story in Unmasked 3. It didn't actually explain anything >_>

Riruka is missing from Urahara's shop but they didn't even bother about it. That's how miniscule her role is in the Bleach-verse. Does anyone even care that Ginjou is dead? Or about any other Xcutioners for that matter? I doubt it.

Meanwhile in Soul Society, the third rank officers from the 13th Squad is reporting in to Ukitake. I got to say that being back to Soul Society and seeing familiar faces of the shinigamis do a lot of good for my rage. Especially the fact that Ichigo is back in Soul Society as well and acting like he owns the place.

He has a welcoming party waiting for him and I almost jizz in my pantsu when I saw Kensei as a captain now. This means that Soul Society has finally accept the Vaizards back. I never thought that I see them again to be honest, what's with Kubo always forgetting his own characters. This is good news indeed. I know my Gotei family would be so stoked about this XD

Kensei isn't the only shinigami who got promoted though. So is Rose and most importantly Hirako Shinji. Fuck I can't stop fapping now *faps*

my pantsu is soaked

But lets not get ahead of ourselves with the fapping and get back to the story. Ichigo is back to redeem the body of Ginjou. Apparently he's the only one who cares of that guy's death. Of course the old fuck rejected his idea but when Shinji asked how could Ichigo forgive someone who endangered his family, Ichigo simply replied that they are all save and Ginjou is nothing more than just a representative shinigami. What he said carried a lot of weight behind the words and since Soul Society at least owes him that much, they don't have a choice but to succumb to his request.

you won't be missed

And that's the end that concluded the fullbring arc. Finally! I was hoping it ended sooner but oh well better late than never. It was a pretty lame

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

p/s: bad news though. Bleach will be on break for another three weeks but after seeing Shinji, Kensei and Love, I'm super excited. I need to know who are they replacing. Or maybe they just took their position back? Awesomeness.

10 January 2012

First Impression: Brave 10 - As Bishie As It Gets

Episodes: 12
Producers: TMS Entertainment, Media Factory, NIS America, Studio Saki Mura
Genres: Action, Adventure, Historical, Seinen

I am hoping that there would be a lot of bishie for this show and that is the only reason why I want to check this out. This could possibly be another Sengoku Basara. We still have Date Masamune as one of the characters but it was to be expected. This is a story of Sengoku era after all. Brave 10 is directed by Kiyoko Sayama, the same director for the likes of Vampire Knight and Princess Tutu. Not exactly convincingbut he was also the one responsible for the storyboard of Death Note so there is still hope, my friend.

The story evolved around Isanami who was pursued by some clan who wanted her special power that she wasn't aware of. While running around to save herself, she met with Saizo, a ronin samurai who helped her out but got stuck with her in the end. Together they went to see the Lord Sanada Yukimura who protected them both and hired Saizo to be one of his 10 brave warriors to fight alongside him against the evil guys. Obviously there will be at least 1 new warriors to be introduced for every episode leading up the climax, which would be interesting indeed.

The art is colorful and the animation smooth but it lacks soul in my opinion. Even the fight happened too fast and wouldn't allow us to savor the kill or the actions, which isn't that many to be honest. The characters are designed by Yukiko Ban who has been involved in project like Gintama. Naturally I can't find fault with anyone who is involved in Gintama and indeed there is no flaws that I want to point out. The characters are bishies alright and if in real life, would most probably seemed out of place in the world of ninja and samurai. I didn't specialized in Japanese history so I wouldn't know if the background is appropriate to that era but as far as I notice, there are just trees and more trees. One thing for sure, I don't think Samurai of that era walking around with Saizo's kind of attire so the believable factor isn't something that they focused on for this show.

The OP is performed by Ono Daisuke and Tetsuya Kakihara who are also the seiyuu for both male protagonists respectively. I like Ono but I don't think that fact can make me like the OP as well. It wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. It made Saizo lost whatever little badassness he got left. The ED on the other hand is an improvement thanks to catchy tune by ADAPTER. The BGM however is sorta lackluster. I want to compliment the seiyuu but at some parts I feel like they are forcing themselves to be their character and as a result, it sounded kinda fake and not as crisp as I would like them to be.

As a whole, this show just pretty much provides me with a feeling of monotone. There are some parts that can used a little bit of improvement but if you are into bishie and a Sengoku era otaku, and wouldn't mind all the flaws that I mentioned above, than this show just might satisfy your palate. As for me, it was okay but I wouldn't feel bad if I missed it. The only good thing about this show is that it made me wants to collect my own 10 brave heroes.

art & animation 7/10
story 6/10
character 7/10
sound 5/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 6/10

09 January 2012

The fucker is free and the Meleis continue to be stupid

This post here is nothing but a rant on shit that I (and Malaysia) have to tolerate and deal with today. Mostly this post will bash the Meleis (read: Malay) who are just so fucking ignorant when it comes to common sense. So if you are Meleis and you are butthurt, well, the chances are, that fucker of a politician might had sodomized you and got away with it.

Yep, you know what I am talking about. Even my friend in Australia knew about the fucking protest that took place. Needless to say, I am embarrassed for being a Malaysian and mostly being a Malay today. If that was all why we are in the news for, then damn it, wake up and smell the fucking coffee, or in this case, shit.

this is me
(c) Chama

this is what I want to do to those Meleis

People always mistook me for being a pro-Government. Well, listen up narrow-minded fuckers, I am not. I didn't vote during the election because I don't have faith in the Government that we have now, nor the opposition party leaders, ESPECIALLY the opposition party leaders. If I was at the age of voting when Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was still the Prime Minister of Malaysia, then I will, by hook and by crook, voted for the Barisan Nasional/UMNO. Sadly though, his successors are lacking in more ways than one and I am not that forgiving. You see, if I'm pro government, would I write this or this?

Having said that, I do believe that at least with Barisan Nasional and UMNO, they are doing it for the people of Malaysia and for the country. I don't fucking care how corrupted they are as long as the people are taken care of; Kids are getting their education, the locals get their job opportunity, etc. I mean, lets be real, no matter who you are, once you have the power and monies, you'll be corrupted anyway. It goes both way, for the government and the opposition. If Meleis can't fucking see this, they have been brainwashed by some fucked up ideology sprouted by their leader. And then ask this, have you ever bribed or took bribed before, not matter how small it may be? Chances are you have, so SHUT THE FUCK UP. Stop trying to be a goody two shoes.

Anyway, lets get back to the point. The fucker is found not guilty of sodomy. I don't even care about the verdict to be honest. It goes to show that Malaysian judiciary remains independent. At the end of the day, it was his personal business with God. This doesn't mean that I truly honestly believe that he didn't do it because he fucking did. It just that they don't have enough evidence to put him behind bars. Seriously, I am surprised that most Meleis are still so stupid as to believe that he's the fucking straight guy who is loyal to his wife. It was obvious from the sex scandal video (last year) that it was him and yet these moronic Meleis still want to believe that their leader is a fucking saint. And yes, he fucking fuck men in the butt as well. I want to say something against his wife/family but I'm not writing this rant for that purpose so I'll omit that.

So he's free and he fucking has the nerves to said that the court has no other choice but to set him free in order to ensure that Prime Minister Najib reputation abroad won't be tarnished. Huh fucking what? So this is about the politics then, and it has nothing to do with you fucking a men though it is against Islam, which supposedly to be your religion, nor does it has anything to do with you redeeming yourself to your family and wife? This is just to rally more Meleis to do more moronic protest for your own personal sake?

What is worst was the fact that Meleis fucking did a protest/celebration for this fucker. These Meleis who always pride themselves to be more Islam that the rest of the Malaysian Muslims who supported the Government. Sure, he was free of all charges, but like I said, where the fuck is your common sense? Didn't you fucking see what he has done the people of Malaysia? After the Independence, we are a peaceful country, with it's people from different races living in harmony. Then this fucker was charged with sodomy back in 1998 and was found guilty (there was also another reason why he was stripped from his position but I won't say anything about it here (feel free to contact me if you are curious)) and suddenly Meleis are divided and Malaysia was in chaos with protests and demonstrations on the street. People started being racist and what not and we took a step back as an independent country. If he was a fucking man who is responsible for his country and his action, he would have went with head held up high and assured "his people" like a real gentleman would. But he did not. In fact he put more oil into the fire and created an inferno. Divide and conquer. Sad to say that he was successful because some Meleis just can't think for themselves.

They have no qualms slandering Najib to be a womanizer etc though as if they ain't doing all those shits. This fucker will go around the world talking shit about his own Prime Minister/Government/Country and instill more hate for Malaysia. And yet all these morons think he was a fucking hero. Fuck it, these Meleis make me fucking disgusted to be Malay.

The sad thing is, while this fucker did all these, the foreigners and the other races in Malaysia just sit back and laughed at Meleis own idiocy. Why wouldn't they be happy about it? They didn't have to do anything. The Meleis are doing everything to fuck themselves.

Good news for the gays though. Lepas ni nak kawen pakai tanjak takyah pergi Dublin. If you are caught, just rallied the stupid Meleis and shouted "God is great". You'll be pardon by the people.

Inilah Melayu tuli.


08 January 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 1, January 2012

Tuesday, January 3

Kimi wo Watareba chapter 3: Ibuki told Haginuma that he was a virgin. Didn't he know that that only makes Haginuma wanted to fuck him more? But not for long though because he's going back to his era. This obviously made Ibuki sad and begged him not to go. I'm a tad confused though because it seemed like his grandfather was kissing him (in the mouth) instead. There can't be incest in this yaoi, can it? And then it took an unexpected twist. Haginuma's grandson who is of Ibuki's age came to see him the day after he left bearing a message. He looks exactly like his grandfather too. Sadly, there's no yaoi involved because that will truly be fucked up to the highest degree.

exclamation mark!

Chapter 4 of Kimi wo Watareba took a different story from the first three chapter. It's title the Garden in a Box. It's the story of arts student Benjamin and Arnest. Arnest is the #1 talent at the school as well as #1 rebel. He wanted to leave the school and thinking of taking Benjamin with him. Of course Benjamin refused at first but once Arnest told him of his feelings, none of it matters anymore. The End. DAFUQ?!

The next sub chapter for Kimi wo Watareba is title With Gentle Hands and I already know what it's going to be about. LOL. Naoya broke his collarbones because of Yuki. He visited Naoya at his house and brought a cake. The icing on the cake fell on Yuki's hands and Naoya pretty much licked in clean and he pretty much do him right after that.

Kimi wo Watareba's last chapter is called Will You Marry Me? and beware, it's a shoutacon. Seichii is born in a family full of gays (yeah apparently they can reproduced) so he seeks Kudo, a shouta, and brought up the subject of marriage. Kudo being straight wasn't that acceptance until Seicii's ex started to stalk him. That changed everything and now he's Mrs. Kudo Siechii. FUCK THIS.

Thursday, January 5

Episode 10 of Hunter X Hunter: It was Leorio turn to fight but since Kurapika's opponent wasn't dead, the game can't continue unless Kurapika kill the guy or wait till he woke up. After few hours, they suspected that he's dead but the next opponent wanted to gamble with time as it's wager. At the end of the episode, Leorio is down 20 to 80 against his opponent. On the other hand, Hisoka was fighting against his arc nemesis but it took less than 5 minutes for him to master a blade technique while his enemy took half a year. Heh, that's awesomeness. He was the first person to pass the third stage of examination after he decapitated his enemy.

admit it, that was cool as fuck :3

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