Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

31 March 2011

Bleach: Chapter 442

I think Riruka is jealous of Jackie but it could be deeper than that. For now however, I don't care to find out as the training, or 'battle' as Jackie called it, commenced.

you have got to love Ichigo's naivety sometimes

Jackie's fullbring is her dirty boots. Stinky and it gave her the power to become the Flash. Unfortunately the fight was boring as hell. I have no interest whatsoever at this moment.

As if Kubo reads my thoughts, he brought the story to the other side of the town where Inoue and Chad were having a conversation over the phone. Inoue told Chad what happened to her when Tsukishima paid her a visit.

I found it extremely suspicious that Tsukishima is the bad guy. If he is, he would have killed Sishigawara when his snot ended up all over his face. Besides, he might be fearful but he doesn't look dangerous. I don't get that vibe from him.

Tsukishima decided that he has had enough fun with Inoue so he's gonna leave her alone. His next target is either Chad or Ichigo. I doubt that he'll go after Ichigo even though he really wants to see how Ginjou reacts and shit like that simply because Ichigo is busy with his training in a fish tank.

So next chapter we are going to see Chad facing Tsukishima.

Too bad the transformation of Ichigo's power needs to wait another week to happen. Damn these slow chapters. I want my Rukia, NIAO!

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

30 March 2011


I'm not a gadget person. I used my cellphone either till it's broken or lost. Same with my laptop and other stuff but lately I have cravings for new gadgets. Part of the reasons because it has becomes a necessity for me to upgrade.

So far there are only three things that I want at the moment. I am not sure when exactly can I afford it though since I have other shits that I need to take care of first. Like my vacation to Bali for an example.

Fujitsu Lifebook SH530

I badly need a new computer. The one I have now is lagging like an old grandmother. I used Fujitsu's laptop before and the performance was excellent. Unfortunately my brother-in-law broke it thus I'm stuck with this stupid Acer I'm using now which have been struck by lightning twice. The first time it happened the screen fucked up. The second time, the keyboard got the shit. So now I have to bring an external keyboard for the laptop. I have changed the keyboard 3 times since then.

This Lifebook will cost me MYR2799. Fuck.

HTC Incredible S

Yes, I don't have a bloody smart phone. I never used my phone other than to call or text people. I might get this one first before I buy the computer because the phone I have now is starting to fuck up. It's a Sony Ericson phone and it's bloody useless. I bought it less than 6 months ago and I already sent it for maintenance once because the software made it lagging to the point that I can't received or send text to people. I should have bought a Samsung...

But anyway, since my work kinda requires me to be online almost 24/7 nowadays, I guess I need a smart phone to make my life easier. I need to keep up with the technology, no?

HTC Incredible S will cost me MYR1999. Bloody hell.

iPod Touch

I travel a lot (even if it's to and from KL every weekend). I realized that I need something to entertain me when I have nothing to do (like in a plane or in a hotel) even more so now that I have songs that I want to listen to 24/7.

iPod Touch is a secondary option though. If I find the smart phone to be entertaining enough than I might just abandoned my wish of obtaining this one. If I still want to listen to music, then I'll just buy iPod Shuffle or iPod Nano that cost must less than this beauty.

64GB iPod Touch cost myR1399. Oh shit.

Too bad my birthday has just passed.

29 March 2011

Anime: Spring 2011 v2

Just noted that I am not happy with the deterioration of my post as of late. Take this post for example, I have been postponing this post since God knows when. I am simply too busy to sit down and write properly. I can't even remember the last time I wrote a chapter. That's how bad it is. Obviously the lack of writing makes me jittery and shit which consequently makes me grumpier than usual so if this post sounds forced, perhaps it was.

All I need now is a way to ease my tension and what better way to do it than talk about the upcoming Spring anime season. Hopefully it will lift up this terrible feelings I'm feeling at the moment.

Once again, let me thank Scamp for providing the chart, which according to him could be the last time he's doing it because cowboybibimbop is doing a better job at it. I'm too tired to argue.

I am not gonna waste my time repeating myself so I am just gonna say my two cents for the shows that I haven't mentioned (or mentioned enough) in my previous post.

  • Crap, I need to watch Nichijou OVA fast before the TV series airing. The synopsis shows great promise of randomness. I can honestly say I am interested with this one.
  • The story seems week for C but it's going to be aired at noitaminA so I am hopeful for this one.
  • I am skeptical about Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san because the poster just warns me not to take this show seriously, which of course in contra in what Production I.G usually produced.
  • Another noitaminA slot show, Ano Hana definitely got me hooked with the synopsis. Reuniting old friends sounds kinda fun. This reminds me of my own good time with friends. Furthermore, this one is produced by A1-Pictures. There are plenty of reason why this show is a must watch.
  • Kaiji season 2? I need to watch season 1 first >>
  • What is this I see? Is that Drossel? She's making a comeback with Fireball Charming. This should be fun, especially when the figures are made to compliment the old one.
  • Keeps Sofuteni the fuck away from me.
  • Hen Zemi is obviously a hentai.
  • There is nothing promising with Dog Days. Where it supposed to sound manly and mean, the synopsys made it sounds very gay.
  • I need to watch the first season of Tono to Issho otherwise I won't be able to proceed with season 2.
  • Dororon Enma-kun is a remake. It has potential but I'm not hoping at all.
  • Another anime based on pachinko game, Sengoku Otome will be as dumb if not dumber tha Rio! Rainbow Gate.
  • WTF? Qwaser no Stigmata II is already on schedule? Where the fuck is my Working!!
  • I'm going to stay clear of the last two rows anime in the chart.

I'm gong to reserve my thoughts on OVA and specials until I have finally seen it.

Alright then, I think I have covered everything. The tears can' stop falling so I'm going to say ciao and good night.

28 March 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 4, March 2011

Monday, March 21

Catching up on Fractale episode 8 and 9. Phryne really pissed me off. What a slut.

Tuesday, March 22

The second opening for Star Driver is not bad at all. Anyway, episode 15: Wako was jealous that Mizuno got to kiss Takuto even if it was just a play. Really, she should pay more attention to Sugata. I mean, he got an offer from Head to be the Emperor for first division of Glittering Crux, the Vanishing Age. It would be awesome if he accepts it. He bet with Takuto that he’ll cancel hi engagement with Wako if Takuto can defeat him in the next training. Mizuno overheard their conversation and BAM! she went cuckoo. Things aren’t looking good for her especially when their mom returned. She tried to leave the island but was caught up in a loop. Maiden can’t leave the island, right? That’s why.

Star Driver Episode 16: The Vanishing Age is after Mizuno since they have figured out who the west maiden is. They bluntly approached her and offered her a way to leave the island. Marino is still missing so Mizuno is really in a mess. She was captured and shit revealed itself. Apparently Marino was just a clone Mizuno subconsciously created to protect herself. Now two seals have been broken. Star Sword (Head) then challenged Takuto, confidently thinking that he’ll win for sure since he’s a Ginga Bishounen as well. No wonder I mistook Star Sword as Tauburn earlier. The fight made me sitting at the edge of my sit. Fucking awesome. Head was definitely not all talk. He doesn’t even break a sweat. But of course Takuto was soon got new power out of nowhere. I literally scream FUCK OFF to Takuto when his mark turned red all of a sudden indicating a power up.

gayest entrance ever!

Wednesday, March 23

Head name is Reiji Miyabi. I found out about this is episode 17 of Star Driver. The Glittering Crux is looking to unseal the East Maiden next but Head stopped them. In the 4th phase, the driver will become one with the cybody which mean he/she may be trapped in zero time. Head even blew the cybercasket. The reason is only those with real mark can drive the cybody in the 3rd phase. Vanishing Age totally took over the meeting. Takashi (Ojou-sama toy boy) is one of them. The other two are the lesbian girls. Madoka was the first to challenge Takuto and she was just meh. On the other hand, Head’s cybody was destroyed in the last episode and regeneration rate of success is only 50%. He must have had other plan because he doesn’t look worried at all. Btw, I think I know who is the East Maiden. She’s the president of the drama club.

Episode 18 of Star Driver: Fireworks burnt down Takuto’s room so he’s staying with Sugata. He kinda jealous when he saw how close Wako and Sugata are. Not a development that I want to see though. But this episode is about Keito who secretly went to karaoke to sing like an idol also about Madoka (again). She interrupted Takuto and Sugata’s training with her first phase. I really don’t like these two fags. And holy fuck! I totally went off the mark. The east maiden is Keito and he fucking rape Sugata when he’s asleep? O_o

My reaction to this is:

I am fucking speechless and fucking pissed. Only I can rape Sugata!

Friday, March 25

Fulfilling the promise to myself, I’m gonna watch Level E episode 11: The Kisaragi High School baseball team went missing and the bus ended up in an empty stadium in the alternate dimension. Somehow Ki was there too so obviously he’s behind it though he’s saying that they are trapped in someone else’s mind, most probably one of the players Of course at the end of the episode they got back to the real world but I really don’t understand how did they manage to do that? Was it because they were having a good game n the alternate dimension?

Since I need to release my fucking stress today, let’s do one more show. I picked Mitsudomoe episode 10: they had a joint recess with the first grader. Hitoha flashed a kid her Gachi Rangers shirt and belt but it looks like she was flashing something else. Mitsuba flashed for real and was labeled a “nympho’. She lied to the kids that it was a compliment so they quickly imitated her. Then Micchan and Futaba broke Hitoha’ Gachi Rangers stuff. Of course Futaba got away with it and Mitsuba got into trouble again. In the last segment she was sick and it was revealed that Hitoha stashed her porn under the bed. Heh, I always enjoy watching this show.

25 March 2011


If you read my blog often, you might have came across this post. I wasn't planning on blogging about it but people have been asking me why not since it could mean potential customers. So I thought might as well do it and since I don't want to blog about it, I used tumblr instead where blogging made easy.

After some serious thinking, I came up with the name scrumbtious for my blog. I'm gonna trademark it soon because I'm planning to name my cake shop scrumbtious as well. Why? Because it's fucking smart. If you can't figure it out, you are dumb.

click the picture for linkage

The blog has been up for more than a week now and I suddenly realized that it doesn't serve it purpose of promoting myself business wise. If you browse the cake/cupcake blog in Malaysia, you will get exactly what I mean. People will automatically assumed that I'm not from Malaysia because of the type of cakes I made. Obviously no one would be interested to place an international order for cakes, right?

But I am definitely not one who do the norm so I want to fuck them however that will defy the purpose of me blogging the cakes. So here I am, asking for your opinion whether or not I should blogging properly which mean I should seriously consider an online business.

p/s: I'm so fucking stress out with work at the moment so I look forward to quit my job, get my cert and concentrate on cakes. Consider this post as me releasing my stress.

22 March 2011

Fractale: Episode 8 and 9

I am going to dedicate this week to Star Driver, Fractale and Level E. I will try to catch up and if I have more time to spare then I’ll play catch up with the older shows as well.

I’m going to start the week with Fractale episode 8. Clain and Phryne were captured. The ugly dude who captured them turned out to be Phryne’s father. Not her real father but like a priest at the Temple. A perverted one at that. I would have never guessed that these two were fuck buddies. Fuck, that makes me wanna puke. Those who think that Phryne is holier than thou must be weeping at the moment. No wonder she has no qualm getting naked in public. She might be unwilling victim or she did it because she wants to save Clain but that doesn’t change the fact that she was a slut, like all the Phryne before and after her will be. Yep, she’s not special. Remember the kid who looks like Nessa? Her name is Phryne too and there are several rooms more filled with Phryne. They are all considered as the key.

translated: "Let me fuck you"

See what I mean?

So thanks to Phryne, Clain was saved. While he’s recuperating, he met the other Phryne and found out that Phryne is actually Nessa as a grown up. (Are you confused yet? LOL)

In the mean time, Sunda is ready to attack the Temple because it seems like Nessa has gone to where Clain is. Dias offered a helping hand.

Nessa was obviously pissed that they hurt her precious Clain so she went to the temple looking for him and by sheer luck found him. With the help of slut Phryne, they got away only to end up at the Phryne disposal center where they dispose the defect and rejected Phryne. Dramatic scene followed where Clain tried to save the Phrynes. Of course before he managed to do that, the perverted father once again captured Phrynes.

At the same time, Sunda and Dias came to the rescue. As expected, Dias just does whatever he likes. He didn’t really understand what a rescue mission is and go on attacking the temple, obliterated almost everything (the pervert is miraculously alive though). That's my kind of guy but I like the responsible Sunda too so all fair.

That's my guy ^_^

And that’s the end of episode 8. Clain is one lucky motherfucker. He survived the fatal gunshot and the bombing all in one episode. I guess he is not allowed to die. Not when the slut Phryne has pretty much confessed to him.

In episode 9, the temple declared war with the Lost Millenium which means everyone in Fractale is allowed to kill the members of the Lost Millenium. The temple played dirty, destroying the village where innocent civilians are. I’ll be pissed too if I was Sunda especially when Dias unexpectedly revealed to the rest of the leader that Sunda has both keys for the reboot. Shit.


I can’t be mad at Dias either. His reasoning is solid but it’s inhuman. So they’ll go all out against the Temple as well. Wouldn’t killing Nessa and Phryne is much easier? LOL sorry sorry.

Sunda decided to leave Nessa and Phryne in the village under Clain’ care. Big mistake I think because either the pervert or Dias will be looking for them. They are much safer on the ship. But whatever. I’m more worried about the Granitz at the moment. My heart sank when they took the family picture because eventually some will never come back alive *sobs*

Phryne left while Clain and Nessa were sleeping. That’s good. She is making sure that Nessa and she are not too close that they can become one. That will reboot the fucking system. Obviously Clain will whine and go looking for her, fucking up all the other plans.

Yes. I’m fucking mad right now.

On the side note, I love the camera angle in episode 8, or perhaps in every other episode. I might just notice it now. Awesome.

So English is the universal language in Fractale and yet the speak Japanese

21 March 2011

Bleach: Chapter 441

Ichigo quit his job. Or tried to. Obviously the land lady won't hear shit about it. She even acted all concern about him. Figures. Everyone wants to get into Ichigo's pantu one way or the other. Thankfully he's wearing a chastity belt and only Rukia has the key. Heh, I'm deviating.

Anyway, continuing from last chapter, Ginjou told Ichigo that Tsukishima was once their leader. He's the one who device the plan of handing over the Xcutioners full-bring to shinigami representative (apparently Ichigo wasn't the first case. There are other shinigami representative around?).

However once the members did that, Tsukishima killed everyone. So that was his intention since the beginning. He attacked Ishida and Inoue because he doesn't want the Xcutioners to get close to Ichigo, and at the same time grab Ichigo's attention.

Somehow I think that this whole thing is very fishy. I can't find myself trusting any of these newcomers, no matter how good looking they are. I believe they know more about Tsukishima's plan than what they wanted Ichigo to believe. So they send Ichigo home while they prepare for the more crucial training.

As Ichigo walking home, he saw his dad. Remember him? The irresponsible adult who left his kids behind without a word? Yeah him. He was meeting with Urahara and acted very fishy too. Don't tell me these two had an affair. That would be so wrong but so right at the same time.

Fuck, I'm deviating again.

Anyway Ichigo's suspicion multiplied by a thousand.

WTF is this shit? *biggest facepalm reaction ever!*

So he get on with his training without much fuss. His next training partner is Jackie Tristan. This time around Riruka transferred them into a fish tank.

Expect another transformation for Ichigo's full-bring next week. Great >>

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

20 March 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 3, March 2011

Monday, March 14

Fractale episode 6: the ship has landed and there's someone else like Sunda who is in charge. His name is Dias and he's a bishie. He' the leader of Alabaster, another faction of the Lost Millenium. I feel like this faction has some hidden agenda going on. Turned out Dias is a cold blooded murderer. It just made him cooler if you asked me. LOL. On the other hand Clain is interested with an old pervert. He was invited to see something good so he left his night watch post to meet him. Phryne tagged along. The old man showed the ideal Fractale town and this is where he learned about the Alabaster's cruelty. I think the old pervert is Clain's dad if the photographs Phryne stole were any proof.

This is Dias

Episode 9 of Level E: Princess Saki didn't give up. So what if Mikihisa is a girl? She just needs to turn him into a man. Craft has been deceived by the Macbac species. Thank goodness Ki is back. With his help, they created a clone of Mikihisa so that human species will be saved and Saki got what she wanted. I like the end of the episodes where the narrator said that it is us, humans, who will bring destruction to this earth. That's the fucking truth.

Wednesday, March 16

Fractale episode 7: Clain and Nessa ventured out on a smaller ship since he was excited with his new camera. In the middle of the flight Nessa wasn’t feeling so well (she’s being hacked) thus affected the system of the ship. They crashed. He ended up at Xanadu, the perfect Fractale city. He was found by a whore doppel who brought him to where Nessa is. Clain did not know that he and Nessa were in the “wanted” list. In the mean time, the Phryne and few others were looking for him too and found out that Xanadu is really corrupted. The whore planted a virus that fucked the Fractale terminal in Clain which caused him a lot of pain. Of course that will only pissed off Nessa and for the first time we got to see her power. She pretty much cleaned up Xanadu leaving it as a barren city. This made one of the doppel extremely unhappy. To protect his way of life, he fucking shot Clain. At the same time, the church has found Phryne. Shit going to hit the fan soon. Watching this episode makes me think. Even now there are people who are against technology where at the same time there are people who can’t live without them. The situation is similar so it should hit a nerve somewhere.

Friday, March 18

The start of episode 10 of Level E shows promise because it was all serious and shit but who am I kidding. This is Level E after all. The mermaid, who can tell when people is lying to her and killed them with her tongue, was in trouble. She met with the color rangers who helped her get out of her pinch. The episode itself was insignificant but I have to give credits to the production team. The quality of the animation was top notch. They certainly didn’t take any shortcut for this one.

15 March 2011

Help Japan

I feel guilty for not doing this sooner. Life fucked me bad but the Japan people had it worst. So, echoing Glo's and many other bloggers' effort, here I am imploring my reader to donate to Japan. If you still need a fucking reason, read this.

(c) yusri bachok

There are several ways to donate so there is really no reason why you are not doing it.

Alternatively, check out Mashable for other ways to donate.

Needless to say, most of us are pissed off with morons who think that the Japanese people deserved the disaster because of the bombing of Pearl Harbour and other such petty reasons. Some even tried to justify it with religion shit. I can't believe that such ignorant and imbecile people still live at this time and age.

The reason is simple, earth is in chronic state and the sooner people realized this the better. March 26 is Earth Hour day. I hope people are aware of what they should do for that one hour. You might think it is insignificant, it really is not.

13 March 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 2, March 2011

Sunday, March 6

Tegami Bachi episode 20: The reason why Zazie became a Letter Bee was because he wanted vengeance for the gaichuu who had hurt his parent. He wouldn't mind if he lost a letter or two in the process which of course didn't sit well with Lag. So he volunteered to retrieve the letter. Zazie followed him though and thank goodness for that because Lag couldn't handle the gaichuu alone. The truth is, Zazie was injured because he was trying to save the letter. Awww he's so cool sometimes ^_^

raep is imminent

According to MAL, I have one more episode to go to complete To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Special so I might as well watch it today. It was less than 10 minutes long and I have forgotten that it was filled with rubbish, but it made me laugh nonetheless especially during the brain-freeze skit.

Tuesday, March 8

Episode 8 of To Aru Majutsu no Index II did not start off good for me. Not when Index started chewing on Touma jut because he didn't pay attention to her. Jeebus how spoiled can she get? Thank goodness there are Misaka and Accelerator to save the day. At least now I have a reason to sit through this episode. It became even more interesting when Kuroko accidentally revealed Misaka's feelings for Touma, in a lingerie shop no less. But enough introduction. This episode introduced new character who has similar ability like Kuroko and she told her that Misaka had something to do with the outer space suitcase robbery. Obviously she was trying to stop them from rebuilding the Remnants and Tree Diagram so the experiment with the Misakas will not be resumed.

her ability is called Move Point where she can transport shit without touching them

I got excited so I decided to watch episode 9 of To Aru Majutsu no Index II. The Misakas gathered to stop the Remnants while Kuroko got seriously injured and it turned out that the Move Point girl has some mental issues. One of the Misakas went to seek help from Touma. I was about to complain but I love it when Misaka and Touma are together so I'm all for it. I must admit, it was pretty awesome when they both went to save Kuroko. It gave me chills. I thought that was it but BAM! Accelerator came in finished the bitch off with style.

I say yes for a hug!

Friday, March 11

Il-re finally made an appearance in episode 5 of Togainu no Chi. He provided drug for the weak and cowardice. But that's about it. No explanation, no nothing. Akira went out searching for tags leaving Keisuke behind. Obviously he was worried and when Akira got back wounded, they had a fall out and Akira told Keisuke to his face that he irritates him with his meek attitude. I understand where Akira is coming from. He must have felt burdened with Keisuke's kindness.

Saturday, March 12

I only have time to read Bleach latest chapter today. As expected, it sucked.

12 March 2011

Bleach: Chapter 440

As you can see, I am not that excited to read Bleach hence why the delay. I can pretty much predict what's going on in this chapter. I hope Kubo proves me wrong though.

He started off with a suspense, as if Inoue is really in grave danger. I obviously thinks that Inoue needs to die because because of several reasons. She's acting noble seeking revenge for Ishida. Unfortunately she' no match for Tsukishima which means she's causing trouble for all her friends. If she' stronger and less dumb, she could have handle Tsukishima by herself.

Which is why she got stabbed through her titties. Saten Kesshun who made an appearance after how many years were totally useless.

Bad news is, it was all a hallucination or some shit like that because Inoue is still alive when Ichigo and Chad met her sitting in front of her apartment looking daze. She didn't tell her friends the truth but considering Tsukihima as her friend now. I mean, seriously, did you make her dumb and stupid on purpose Kubo just to annoy people like me?

Chad can read minds now. He know Inoue was lying because she wants to protect Ichigo and all that shit. Urgh fuck that. Friends don't keep secret from each other you dumb ass. She just made her friends more worried and of course Ichigo won't keep still until he finds out the truth so he went to the only source of information he knows now which is the Xcutioner headquarter.

At the end of the chapter Kuugo Ginjou told Ichigo that he knew who Tsukishima is. Apparently he was once an ally. I'm too lazy to think of any theory at the moment. This chapter sucks.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

09 March 2011

Getting older

The day is about to end. It has been 30 years and 18 hours since I was born in 1981. My life has been filled with ups and down and after considering everything, I think I got it good.

I wasn't born on a silver platter, instead I was born with a cleft-pallet. What the fuck is that? Google it you dumbass. I got my first surgery to correct the defect when I was 8 months old. I got another surgery when I was 7 years old. This time for my left knee. For some reason the joints weren't hooked right. At the end of last year, I was diagnosed with tumor on both of my breast. I got rid of the one on my left and since the right is benign, I just let it be. It was nothing serious but at one point, it crossed my mind that I could probably ended up as flat-chested for real *facepalm*

I hope my health would be better from now on. I need to gain a few more kilos as well though I doubt that it will reach 40kg. I'll be happy with 38kg. As for getting any taller, I have given up on that one. 5 feet 2 inch is quite a nice height, don't you think? Also, I am still keeping my chastity belt on.

I have wrote quite a lot regarding my jobs and my dreams so I won't bore you with the same shit anymore. This time I want to write something that has to do with my horoscope because the subject fascinates me. If you can't do the fucking math, Neptune and I are best of friends, which mean I am a Pisces.

(c) steel eyes

According to the line-up of the planet and shit like that, personality wise I am supposed to be understanding and affectionate, which I am. I like to believe that I am easygoing as well. I'm sure my friends could attest to that because I can adapt to any type of situation and personalities. Even though I might not look like it, I do have an aura of quiet empathy otherwise my friends won't be coming at me with their problems. So overall, I think I am quite a nice person after all.

But don't be fooled. Most Pisces have two different personalities. The person you met is not necessarily the real me. I might be your neighborhood's serial killer. It's not like I'm faking it but I only open up to certain people. We are also very creative people and often have big dreams and even wilder fantasies. Sometimes, the line between fantasy and reality became blurry and I feel like fish out of water. It happened more often when I was younger. Nowadays, I try to be a realist although that doesn't stop me from fantasizing. It helps get the creative juice flowing because I need it in my line of work.

Just like any other Pisces, I am a sucker for romance (but not shoujo, the irony). I still believe in the conventional ways of falling in love and shit like that, an expect an extra-ordinary kind of love (anime influence, no doubt). I know I treated my boyfriends like crap but that because I don't really feel any real connection with them otherwise BAM! I would have been swept of my feet and I'll be doting and loyal as fuck. Who is the lucky Cancer is the million dollar question at the moment.

2011 is supposed to be a good year for Pisces and so far it has been quite true. I can't fucking wait for Spring to come because according to the horoscope, money is going to fall from the sky. Hopefully it would be the sign I need to start with my patisserie project.

and with that, I'm signing off because I'm too sleepy to continue.

Happy 30th Bornday, klux

05 March 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 1, March 2011

Tuesday, March 1

Star Driver episode 14: Takuto revealed to the twins that he doesn't have a girlfriend. Obviously they want to be his now. Mizuno even got a chance to kiss Takuto passionately on stage. By the way, Head is back at the Vanishing Age headquarter so he's planning something to while Marino will appravoise Ayingott to try and defeat Tauburn. Ayingott has the ability to find the four maidens and it does looks quite formidable compared to the other cybody. Marino lost control of it and it went berserk, attacking everyone. Even Tauburn had problem defeating it so Sugata stepped in and helped him. Even if Marino hiding the fact that Mizuno is the West Maiden, Head knows about it so she won't be protecting Mizuno for long. The BL in this show is awesome. I don't particularly like Wako but I think I can tolerate her when she's fantasizing about Takuto and Sugata.

I might as well... Starry☆Sky episode 8: Kazuki spoke of power. I don't give a damn about this show so I don't remember shit. This show is more gay than gay itself. I can't handle it. So why the fuck am I doing watching this shit? Oh yeah... the seiyuus >>

Episode 8 of Level E: Princess Saki from Macbac is coming to earth looking for a groom. There is a catch though. The races that she reproduced from will be destroyed because all the males will be sterilized hence no new generation etc. Ki's three minions were trying their best not to let her mate with any male human being. Of course it was futile because she and a Mikihisa fell in love at first sight. They fucking eloped! Turned out that Mikihisa is female and is actually gay. The earth is save then? LOL I know how this show can troll us so I'm not going to predict any shit right now.


Saturday, March 5

A few more anime as an attempt to salvage this otherwise bleak weak of anime. Going to watch Sukisho episode 2 just because I'm doing this in alphabetical order if you still didn't see the pattern. First of all, let me say this because I missed it in my first impression post but the BGM is really annoyed the fuck out of me. Secondly, the plot for this episode was stupif. Hashiba and Sora joined Matsuri with a School-Do-It-All shit where the do chores for those who hired them. Their first mission was a photoshoot. Hashiba became Kenshi and Nao became an English lady. Seriously, this is too fucked up man. I am starting to rage. Thankfully, Yoru almost took over at the end. Yoru is probably the only reason I'm sticking with this show. But the details between Ran/Sora is really confusing =\

Might as well catch up on episode 4 of shitty show Rio: Rainbow Gate. Rina came over and became Rio's partner. She has bad intention but of course towards the end of the episode all is well. Fuck this is fucking shit.

Bleach: Chapter 439

Another late entry. My life is really fucking me in the butt right now >=(

Oh shit. Kubo is psychic! >>

Kubo's attempt at humor continued in chapter 439. I was bored for the first few pages except when I saw Ichigo's cute face. After that the boredom continues.


Ichigo was pretty much done with his initial training to bring out his full-bring so he can go home now. He refused at first, thinking that he might as well stay at the club house but Ginjou didn't allow him to do so because he needs proper rest.

Back at Inoue's place, the nerd guy introduced himself as Tsukishima Shuukuro. That name is a mouth full if you asked me but it suited his character nonetheless. He can use a full-bring too and since he's always around with books in hand, obviously his full-bring has something to do with books. I was actually beaming when he took out his bookmark and the thing started to transform into a sword.

[colored by ioshik]

The reason he was there was to take care of Gishiwara and not Inoue. Being an upright character, Inoue of course stepped in to stop him, not only to protect Gishiwara but to seek revenge for Ishida as well. Does she really thinks she can defeat the dude?

Ichigo stopped by Chad's house for the left over bread that Inoue brought him. Chad obviously detected that something was wrong and started panicking.

Great. Once more the story is about saving Inoue. *yawns*

Wakes me up when the shit is over. By the way, now I started to believe that Tsukishima might be from the Xcutioners and he's there not to harm Inoue but to help her find her full-bring just like Ginjou did with Ichigo. Or we can still used my theory from the last chapter.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

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