29 July 2013

Diary of a tard: Week 4, July 2013

Monday, July 22

Love Lab episode 2: The introduction of the Student Council's secretary, treasurer and the president. The secretary is a big klutz which I found kinda cute while the treasurer and the president are somewhat the villain of this show. Riko is still the most normal character in the show though.

Anyone else think Chii is a slut? Watching episode 3 of Brothers Conflict really pissed me off. Anyway, they have introduced all 13 brothers. And guess what, the twins are actually triplet! But looks like the focus has shifted back to Subaru and Chii. It's their parent's wedding by the way and I still cannot brain how the fuck a woman that young can have 13 sons  with the oldest looks like the same age as her. Logic down the drain...

Wednesday, July 24

Maki fell sick in episode 3 of Love Lab. So Riko asked Sayo to join the Student Council again. She didn't know that Eno has a cunning plan on her own in order to regain her position as President. She changed her mind though but the paperwork was fucked up and so there are commotion during the meeting. If it wasn't for Sayo and Riko, both Eno and Maki would have get the end of the stick. So now that the issue has been solved, Eno and Sayo joined the Student Council again with Riko as the latest member.

So dere

Friday, July 26

Episode 4 of Free! focused on Rei learning to swim. He has a hard time learning until towards the end when he tried the butterfly stroke and voila! I think KyoAni was trying too hard with this episode especially when they tried out various swimsuit on the boys. I should like it but somehow I don't. Something must be wrong with me. Anyhoo, Rin accidentally met Haru during the shopping and told him that he needs Haru to take swimming seriously otherwise, even if he wins, he can't move on. Awww these two are so in love with each other...

the uke and the seme ^___^

Sunday, July 28

I am still recovering from my fever. When night comes, it's getting worse which mean I'm sorta bed ridden and so it's as good time as any to watch Gatchaman Crowd episode 2. Instead of getting rid of the MESS, Hajime let it go. Her senpai is obviously more than mad at her but she totally has different idea than the rest of the Gatchaman. She's definitely not one to play by the rules. The second time they fight, Hajime managed to get friendly with the MESS and so it returned everything that it took. Towards the end of the episode, they showed two villains. One of them is the guy behind GALAX. Ah, plot twist already.

I feel like dropping Blood Lad every time I watched it. The urge to kill Fuyumi is too overwhelming. Anyway, in episode 3, Staz seeked Wolf to get the book of resurrection. They settled it through boxing. If Staz wins, he gets the book. If he lost, Wolf gets Fuyumi. Their match was interrupted though by Bel and Staz gets the book anyway. Unfortunately no one can decipher it so Staz thought of going straight to the writer who happened to be his brother. He doesn't look very thrill.

Genshiken Nidaime episode 3 focused on Madarame and his crush on Saki. Everyone knows about it which surprised Madarame but he still acts as if he doesn't understand what they are saying LOL obvious shit is obvious Madarame. Then the story switched to Hato. It's the first time I get to see Hato being himself, a guy, but his conscious is always with him, putting BL ideas in his head. It looks like he's banking on Hato x Mada but Madarame being such a straightforward guy didn't get the hint at all. I certainly enjoyed this episode heh



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