20 May 2013

Diary of a tard: Week 3, May 2013

Sunday, May 12

Shingeki no Kyojin episode 5: The Colossal Titan has somewhat the magic to appear and disappear whenever they wanted to. Eren was about to attack the god damn motherfucker when it's disappeared and it seemed like they are quite intelligent. Since the wall has been breached, all the soldiers are required to stand guard. Most of them died, even Eren. Yes, Eren was eaten at the end of the episode. I can't fucking wait to see what Misaka would do. The only reason I'm not panicky is my friend Mulo has already spoiled me about Eren so I somewhat knew what to expect next and why my fujoshi friends are so into the Titans XD

Chrona versus a death scythe in chapter 83 of Soul Eater. Frodo and Comrade Tzar lost the fight and got caught in the madness. Stein brought Maka, Soul, and Kim to Moscow to check out what's going on. Maka and Soul tried to bring back the death scythe from madness but to no avail. Instead, Soul was caught in the madness as well because of the wound he got from his previous fight with the Black Blood. In chapter 84, Stein used Jacqueline to fight off Soul while being hugged by Kim and Maka. LOL he is so popular with the girls. While they fight, Soul was fighting within himself to gain control and of course he has no problem in doing so. As they were busy in Moscow, Chrona has taken over a town in Ukraine with her black blood.

Hmm, why does Soul always have to act all cool and stuff? Sometimes it's a turn off.
Yay new chapter of Hyakko! Chapter 43: Ah but who the hell is Alice? I must have forgotten all about her and for some unknown reason the mangaka thought that she deserved a chapter that's all about her. I'm pissed off to be honest because I just want to read about Torako and that dude that has a crush on her ww.

Ah no wonder Hyakko's update is so late. The mangaka has a new manga in progress: Abnormal-kei Joshi. I decided to check it out and man, this manga is all over the place but in a good way... I think? It's about this guy Shinya who dislikes girls but have them throwing themselves at him. One is a masochist, another is a stalker, a serial killer, a sleeping beauty and a protective knight. However, he's a sister-con and to add to the plot twist, his sister's teacher is a rapist and murderer and he's aiming Mei, his sister, to be his next target.

Monday, May 13

Episode 6 of Shingeki no Kyojin is dedicated to Mikasa's flashback, of how she became so cold and so attached to Eren. Well, I can't blame Mikasa. If I was her, I would have fallen head over heals over Eren too. He's so manry www.

Aku no Hana episode 2: Takao picked up Saeki's gym's uniform and brought it home. Nakamura, the girl sitting behind his desk apparently saw what he did and thus Takao's nightmarish days begin. I just fucking love Nakamura. She's so fucking eccentric she reminded me of me LOL

Wednesday, May 15

Episode 3 of Aku no Hana: Nakamura is awesome. She stripped down Takao inside the library and forced him to wear Saeki's uniform. Seriously, Takao was absolutely naked. LOL. Then she forced him to spend the rest of his after school with her. At the end of the episode, someone from the class lost her lunch money and everybody accused Nakamura. Somewhat, Takao has developed this feelings, whatever it may be, and so he defended Nakamura. Now everyone thinks he has a crush on her. Oh I really hope that is the case to be honest.

Lets continue with episode 4 of Aku no Hana, shall we? I think I'm in love with Nakamura. Her psychotic persona really resonates with me. I was thrilled when all she did was smile when she caught Saeki agreeing to go on a date with Takao on Sunday. That night, she stalked him at his house, dragged him a round town, gave him a slap across the face just to ensure that Takao will meet her before the date. Wanna know what she did? She asked him to wear Saeki's uniform underneath his clothes. Man, she's awesome like that XD

Thursday, May 16

Aku no Hana episode 5: All Nakamura did is instill some evil thoughts into Takao's mind and then she waited to see how he reacted to such evil thoughts. This time, she wanted Takao to kiss Saeki before the date ended but Takao asked Saeki to go steady instead. In her frustration, she threw a bucket of water over Takao's head and with the wet shirt, obviously Saeki can see her gym tee underneath. In order not to let her see it, Takao fled and went to meet Nakamura. After some persuasion, Nakamura decided that it would be amusing to see how shit will turn out between Takao and Saeki so she gonna sit back and enjoy the show.

Episode 6 of Aku no Hana: Nakamura spreads her evilness towards Saeki as well. She told Takao that Saeki wanted to have sex. Obviously Takao will start imagining some erotic stuff, that pervert. Hah!


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