15 July 2013

Diary of a tard: Week 2, July 2013

Thursday, July 11

Shingeki no Kyojin episode 12: Eren lost control of himself as a titan so he attacked Mikasa but somewhat hurt himself. When the other saw what he did, they all quickly lost hope. Thanks to Ian though, they stuck to their plan albeit reluctantly. However, since Eren was down, all the other titans are attracted to him so the elite teams have difficulties defending him from getting eaten. I gotta hand it to Armin. His quick thinking to wake Eren up works (feels like eternity though). Credits must be given to Jean and other guys too for fighting so bravely, especially Jeans since his 3D maneuver broke and all.  

Friday, July 12

Episode 2 of Free!: Rin won the race against Haru but he ain't happy about it because Haru was on his tail without breaking a sweat. The others then found out that Rin has been coming back from Australia every New Year but he didn't bother to find them. Apparently Haru and Rin had a race once where Haru beat Rin oh so easily. This is a year after Rin studied in Australia so naturally Rin was hurt and from that moment on, Haru decided to quit swim competitively. Ah the BL is so strong in this one. Haru is especially affected by Rin so much behind that stoic facade of his.


Sunday, July 14

Episode 13 of Shingeki no Kyojin was intense as fuck. Eren finally managed to control the Titan and so the humans became the bait in order for him to complete his task. I admitted that I shed tears when people were getting eaten and killed left and right. If I'm in their shoes, I would have probably broken down from all the grief for my dying comrades. Anyhoo, Eren successfully installed the boulder to closed off the hole in the wall. That's the first time humans win against the Titan but at such a high cost too. Eren was then captured by the police. After some interrogation by the Recon Corps, Levi made a decision to accept Eren under his wings. Now I'm excited as fuck for the next episode.

After watching episode 2 of Danganronpa, I've decided to drop this shit. It's getting ridiculous. Maizono was killed and then monokuma decided to have a trial. If they guessed the wrong culprit, they'll die. One of the student, the model, opposed and she was killed on the spot. And get this, the blood was violet. That was it for me then. 

Shingeki no Kyojin episode 14: Eren is put on trial as humans are unsure if his existence as Titan  would be a threat to them or a saviour. The police wants him dead since he could start a rebel. The Garrison wanted him alive but with no strong proposition. It was Recon Corps, or should I say Levi, that put matter to rest when he beat the crap out of Eren just to show them that he's the only one who can kill Eren as Titan (which is sorta true). And so the court let Eren joined the Recon Corps.

this should be a really bad ass moment for Levi but that pose... LOL


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