09 July 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 1, July 2011

Sunday, July 3

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Matsuri special - nothing special really just Akihisha trying to jump Hideyoshi at every chance he gets, whether in real life or in game mode. Needless to say I approved though I think Akihisa is better off with Kubo :D

Gonna consumed the rest of the episodes for Fireball Charming. That's 8 episodes in one sitting, approximately 16 minutes overall. Heh. Drossel meets the old servants that are called Zugzwang. Drossel changed it to Chickaboo. Catchy indeed. In episode 7 Drossel asked where does word comes from, who created them. Obviously it's the ceiling. Hehe. Drossel gets a bike in episode 8. Pretty cool shit and I'm sure it will cost a bomb. I dunno what the heck episode 9 is all about. Drossel gets another head peace set and a megane in episode 10. Just how many accessories does she has? Oh it's her birthday, no wonder she gets a new one. Jeebus she gets a new gear in episode 11 as well. Fuck I want her in my collection. Something about mankind returning in episode 12 and a hint of why this season is called Fireball Charming. It should be Fireball Warning. Drossel goes into slumber and no doubt will be awakened in season 3 in the last episode. The end. Overall 8/10

so want!

Monday, July 4

Watching last the last episode of Sex Pistol. It's a yaoi and the first episode was released in Spring 2010. I expect more from the second episode but I just got more talking than action. That pissed me off even though Madarame does end up with Fujiwara. Is it so hard to ask for more fucking and less talking in my yaoi? Seriously, I mean, there was even rapeage going on but they didn't show shit! Urgh final score 6/10

Tuesday, July 5

The final episode of Yendomasu Yo, Azazel-san: lol this show is an absolute blasphemy to religions around the world. Jesus making a penis joke? Brilliant. But it seems like Zeruel has been tricked. Turns out Beelzebub was just eating a pile of shit in the back alley when Sakuma and Azazel found him. He goes berserk and Sakuma herself put his life to end. LOL final score 9/10.

never thought you live long enough to see it, right? ^__^

I'm reading another yaoi manga because I'm stressed out. Ai dano Koi dano by Ootsuki Miu about two guys who aren't really close before get together when one of them was dumped (by a girl). Since they don't know each other before, they only judged the other by their outward appearance. One of them is not bisex by nature while one of them doesn't believe in love. It's not hard for the bisex to convince the other to fall for him. Overall ratin 7/10.

there's just something about kissing scene that makes me melts

Saturday, July 9

It may looks like I didn't have much done but I've read the latest chapter of Bleach and check out few of the new Summer season anime. I'm just too busy preparing for a huge event (GEGO) that took place yesterday and my cousin engagement party that will take place tomorrow. Orz


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