23 January 2010

Diary of a tard - week 3, January '10

Sunday, January 17

I have seen the uncensored version of Seikon no Qwaser. Now it got me thinking that I probably should just continue reading the manga and forget about the anime...

I decided to catch up on Tegami Bachi. I have been neglecting the show for the past two weeks. They have not disclosed any new information about Gauche but they did introduce the doctor: Thunderland Jr.

Aight, time to complete One Outs! I have 4 episodes left. Yosh! I can do this... I think? This show is really one of the very good strategy shows that I have seen. The reason I postponed the completion of this show is probably because I don't want it to end? lol retard but I do feel like that with a certain shows hence why the backlog. Take these 4 last episodes for example. I dunno how the heck it will end and the suspense just keeps on building. Yep, definitely a show that deserved the rank of almost perfect :)
edit: I did it! I completed the show! w00t! One down 14 go.

Monday, January 18

When I wrote my first impression on most of the winter 2009 season, I didn't think that I'll be watching any of them week-to-week basis except for one anime: Durarara!! However I found myself with free time and nothing else to do. I am still finishing up on my backlog anime but in between those, I thought why not just see few more of the episodes, perhaps it will grow on me? Or maybe it has something to do with my New Year's resolution. The only anime I have dropped for the season is Omamori Himari. It is just too shitty for my taste.

And that is how I find myself watching the 2nd episode of Hanamaru Kindergarten. I would have spanked Anzu's butt if she's under my care. It is for her sake and it should have been a lesson for the rest of the class. In the second segment of the episode, Hii-chan just proved that she is the best character in the show. I enjoyed it.

The dialog and the age of the character do not match -__-

Tuesday, January 19

So.Ra.no.Wo.To episode 3: I really like how the show started off. It has the serene feeling to it. Felicia went to Treize with Noel and Kureha so Kanata has the whole day to practice with Rio. But there won't be drama if everything goes as plan right? Kanata fell ill and we got glimpses of Rio's flashbacks. I don't get it but why was Rio panicking? *sigh* whatever. In the end she called a non/nurse/doctor. Lets hope we don't see any mecha in the future episodes. Also I really think the troop is useless as shit.

Chu-Bra! episode 3. Yes I am still watching this show. Don't ask me why because I dunno the answer to that question. Anyway, Nayu has a stalker as she decided to open an Underwear Club. She was all emo and shit.

Thursday, January 21

*sigh* Bleach episode 254 is shit again >_>

on the other hand, Bleach chapter 389 is awesome. People may say otherwise but screw them XD

As for Naruto chapter 479, Tobi explained what those eyes on Danzo's hand are. They are Izanagi, a jutsu of ultimate illusion. I still facepalm at the illogical of it all. Eyes on your hand? Pfft >_> Then he went and called a Baku, a mythical chimera that devours nightmare to counter the Susano. Err... yeah -__- They kinda showed that Sasgay managed to stab Danzo in the end. I bet it was all an illusion.
Wow I approach Naruto like Bleach-haters approach Bleach. I can't find anything that excites me. Then again maybe because the chapter concerned Sasgay and Danzo. I kinda hate both of them and can't wait for this shit to be over.

FLAGS chapter 6: Apparently Pilaria is a dangerous assassin but she decided to play soccer with Usagi's Shiden instead which consequently destroyed it. Usagi broke down and said she can't fight without her Shiden. Lame. Oh wait, she was just playing mind tricks on ya -__-

Kuroshitsuji chapter 41: Whoa WTF Kuroshitsuji has a musical? I must see this! Anyway, I find it awesome that the servants of Ciel is always so vigilant even in their sleep. Sebastian left them instructions for the next three days. I suspect that he's not going to be around. That's the only explanation I can think of atm. I got to say that it was funny when Mr Wordsmith started to theorize about Sebastian eloping with Meilin. Remember back in November when they showed us the spread of Sebastian fatally injured? Well that what happened in the end of this chapter. HOLY SHITE! Ciel almost lost it when he saw what happened to Sebastian. I'm not gonna lie. I cried... But this rules out the possibilities of Ciel as the murderer, which I figured what Sebastian wants. And in the end I don't believe that he's really dead. He can't be. Just no... IMPOSSIBLE!

I picked up a new seinen manga (or was it manhwa?): Let's Bible. The one-shot is funny and I am happy to report that the manga is too. The art is definitely something worth checking out for. I love the details.

Another episodic review rant on Ladies versus Butlers. What is wrong with me?!

Saturday, January 23

I really can't wait to see the episodes of Durarara!! Haven't feel this excited about an anime for a long time. I can't even remember the last anime that I watch week to week with so much anticipation. In
Durarara!! episode 3 titled Rampant, Anri Sonohara becomes the class representative and Mikado Ryugamine becomes the vice. I suspect he likes Anri because he quickly raises his hand when he saw the other guys were thinking about it. Masaomi Kida doesn't want to be left behind so he goes around town looking for a girlfriend. lol I really like the confident level of this guy. Then they see Anri getting bullied and Mikado becomes her knight in shining armour. Sorta. When Orihara and Shizuo appeared, they turn this whole episode into one that is full of EPICness!!!
p.s: This time the story was told by Simon
p.p.s: Yagiri went looking for his love (the girl with the scarred neck that bumped onto Mikado in the first episode) and found her at the end of the episode.
p.p.p.s: Orihara reminds me of Gin somehow and I still wants his babies XD

I get carried away and write an episodic review for Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu episode 3. But the show deserved it.

Fairy Tail episode 14: the fight between Lucy and that 'Love' lady continued. I gotta admit that Lucy was funny in this episode. Aya Hirano did a mighty good job. This is the episode where Erza appeared to bring back Natsu and the gang. Gray wins my adoration as he went against Erza. Awesome. btw, Natsu tilted the ruin and fighting with Reitei.

Yuuri has a new present for Kaoru in Zettai Karen Children chapter 202. Theodore brought it for her. He also told Yuuri that Nai will self-annihilate if she ever leave the group. Theodore too think that Yuuri is getting soft. Maybe she'll get the same treatment as Nai?

Ultimo chapter 12: WHAT THE- My jaw hung from the start to finish of this chapter. Regula get in between Ultimo and Vice but before he can do anything, Rage (Wrath) appeared and kinda killed Regula. The others were suffering the same fate too. Gorg in the hands of Glutton, Service getting raped by Avaro (Greedy), Sopia caught by Allgreo (Pride) and Dezil (Lust) basically cut Slow in two. Palace (Sloth) warned the other not to move but they crushed the good Douji nonetheless. The only one standing is Ultimo. In the turn of event, Murayama revealed something unexpected and right after he said that, all the masters for the five good douji were decapitated by Palace and caused the destruction of the world (hyakki eikou) WTF?!


I however would've worn Anzu like a hat. She's like a freaking marshmallow! They need Anzu cushions stat.

Sora no Oto was fun as always. nothing more entertaining than watching THE LEGION'S FINEST.
I'm going to skip your baka to test review for now as I haven't watched ep 3 yet. I swear on my gleaming boomstick that I will return.

Anzu is cute. So are the other runts. I just don't like the idea of a horny child. lol

And I still can't find myself enjoying Sora no Woto like the rest of you guys. The show is just too blah for me.

*takes a peak at your gleaming boomstick* XD

"*sigh* Bleach episode 254 is shit again " :(

Hmm.. Was the guy really jerking off? -.-"
I don't know if it's just my sarcasm meter being off again or my eyes imagining stuff. Lol...

Bleach is still in the filler so don't let it fool you.

and I'm not kidding. THAT GUY WAS JERKING OFF.


hAHHhaHa... Ok. Am gonna have to push Duradura up the list now. Even if it isn't complete!

Nothing really excites me this season at all... Maybe I don't even really feel like watching Durarara...


You two! Go watch Durarara!! NIAO!

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