20 November 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 3, November 2011

Friday, November 18

Episode 4 of UN-GO: the mother and the uncle realized that Kazamori was just a program. They kept quite knowing that the company's stock will plummet if the public learned that the president was an AI robot. Inga transfered Kazamori to a doll secretly and that's how Shinjurou managed to get Kazamori out of the house. It's pretty much the last RAI doll in the world and wouldn't it data goes instinct. They all continue the investigation because they want to know who exactly burned that victim and who was he. Turned out he was one of Self Defense Force's Insurrection Countermeasure Office. They want to monopoly RAI for military purpose and thus desperately wanted Kazamori. However, he was well protected by Sasa Kamamori. Yep that old fart still lived. He faked his own death so the military won't pursue the idea. Bad news is, he's a wacko and thus is arrested. This means Kazamori is free.

but wasn't he just about to cum when Kazamori sucks his @#$!&?

Saturday, November 19

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai episode 6: Kodaka made a promise to Yozora 2 days before he moved but Yozora didn't show up. Hmm, why would they wait? Why can't they just say about it there and then? Needless drama is needless. Anyhoo, back to their club activities, they are going to karaoke and Yozora made Sena begged if she wanted to join them. Served her right for being so cocky in the beginning. Yozora and Sena ended up in different individual room and weren't enjoying tthemselves because Kodaka wasn't around. Meh these two can't be anymore obvious. At the end of the episode, Sena invited Kodaka over because her dad wants to meet him. This caused Yozora to be suspicious and jealous as well.

Episode 7 of Hunter X Hunter: They are flying on the airship to go to the location for the third phase. The examiners all agreed that Hosaka is someone not to be taken lightly. Heh, this is like me fallen for Ichimaru Gin all over again. I definitely get the sense of deja-vu with Hosaka. He's the bad guy that you just hate to love but can't help it. On the other hand, Kilua revealed to Gon that he comes from a family of assassins. Their chat was interrupted by Netero who then challenged Killua and Gon. If they can bet him, then he'll make them a Hunter. All they had to do is get the ball from him. Naturally the boys failed but it was entertaining to see them using their techniques for it, especially Killua.


That was a nice case, Kazamori should've been destroyed or something, though...
That doctor was quite twisted...
I like Inga and Shinjuurou, they're pretty fun...:)

I like Inga too before he transformed into a horny biatch and make Shinjuurou her doormat

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