28 May 2013

Diary of a tard: Week 4, May 2013

Tuesday, May 21

Aku no Hana episode 7: I didn't expect much when I started watching this episode but then greatness started to happen. Takao wanted to come clean and he asked Nakamura to do it for him. She agreed on a condition that they have to meet at school at midnight. Takao agreed. Went they met, Nakamura told Takao to write what he did on the blackboard which mean everyone will know that he's a pervert. Takao naturally declined. Nakamura was disappointed and told him their contract is null and for him never to talk to her again. For some reason, Takao can't accept this and did what Nakamura told him to do. That scene, where Takao liberating himself while Nakamura enjoying the sense of freedom, was easily one of the best moment in animu. I FUCKING LOVE IT. It left me with a feeling of giddiness and absolute bliss. I was in a very foul mood before I watched this episode. After it's done, I was skipping and couldn't stop grinning. FUCK YEAH!

Friday, May 24

Episode 7 of Shingeki no Kyojin: Mikasa finally found out about Eren's death and she was seemingly not empathetic about it but she managed to get the other soldier from giving up. Halfway through, she herself was giving up on her life but only for few minutes. She got her determination but rather quickly but that's not the best part. The best part is the fact that there is another titan who is killing other titan. Something that has never been witnessed before. They all considered it as abnormal titan but I got a feeling that titan is Eren. How he become a Titan? That's what I wanna find out but I refused to spoil the thrill by reading the manga. I need to be patience with this one.

Saturday, May 25

Watching Red Data Girl episode 6 at the office on Saturday because I have no life like that. Sagara asked Izumiko and the twin to accompany him to student council official meetings. Mayura suggested the Toshinaga shrine and off they went. Mayura came clean and asked Sagara whether or not he is on her side or Takanagi's side because apparently there are only two factions at the school. She also challenged Sagara to a duel to see who is stronger.

Karneval episode 4: I do not like Yogi much, even in the manga. I think he's too much of a cry baby and too gay for my liking. He's clinging on Gareki way too much. Or maybe I just want Gareki all to myself LOL. Anyhoo, Gareki managed to survive the kidnapping thanks to Iva. After their mission at that place was done, Gareki, Yogi and Nai went to Gareki's old town where they met Tsubame and Yotaka, the twin. They suspected Tsubame has turned to Vuraga

Monday, May 27

I am addicted to Aku no Hana. After the last episode, I can't wait for the release of episode 8. The pace is definitely different from episode 7 but the emotional impact is still as strong in my opinion especially for the first 5 minutes where they just walked around holding hands. The connection between these two was undeniable then. Anyhoo, no one knew or suspected Takao who wrecked the classroom because the ink covered his name but because of the painting on the floor was similar to the book that he gave Saeki, it was easy for her to figure that out. She confronted Takao who wanted them to break up. All of these was witnessed by Nakamura. Awesome stuff is awesome.

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