16 May 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 2, May 2011

Me and my fucked up scheduled. With just one week of vacation, I am already behind 3 weeks worth of anime. On top of that, I got food poisoning that shut down my body system for two days. Damn, time to catch up.

Wednesday, May 11

Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san episode 4 and 5. Grimiore gets on my nerves. He's not funny anymore, just obnoxious. I can't wait to see what Undine has in store. She managed to turn Hebi-chan into a fugly chic but of course her curse will be undone when she's happy so it only lasted for about a few minutes. It's enough for the pig NEET not to like her anymore though. Once again, Akutabe is such as awesome character in this one. I wonder if he's even human. Sarier is introduced in episode 5. He is an angel sent down to protect and guide lost soul but he's a fugly coward. He seriously doesn't like demon and ready to go to war with them. Akutabe summons Moloch who specialized in violence to help him solve a case. Unfortunately we didn't get to see him in action until the next episode.

Episode 4 of SKET Dance: They are making fun of cliche. This better be good. There's this girl who aspired to be a mangaka. She sees everything through her Otome filter and mistook Bossun as a bishie from shoujo manga. Nothing funny though but that is only the first half of the episode. In the second half, the client lost a Pelolin wrapper and they are hired to search for it. The gangster from episode 1 fell in love with the girl (the client in question) and was the one who found the wrapper. It might sound boring the progress takes turn to the funny. Kinda but not really.

Thursday, May 12

I'm hungry but since I am too lazy to go to the kitchen, I will watch Gintama instead. Episode 146: The conclusion of Yoshiwara Burning arc. It was kinda of cliche but fuck it this is Gintama so all is forgiven. I am more interested with Kamui though. He'll be back for Gin.Guess what, Abuto still alive so he learned how strong Kagura is now. Interesting indeed. After the fight, Gin met with Kagura and Kamui's dad where he warned Gin about his son. He asked Gin what will his choice be if he had to fight Kamui in front of Kagura since despite the badmouthing that she does, she still wants to save him. Gin did not say a word which make the plot thickens even more. Awesome.

Friday, May 13

Ano Hana episode 4 invokes so many emotions when it comes to Yukiatsu. I love it.

The last time I read the chapter of Amatsuki was back in July 2010. So phailed. Chapter 51: Utsubushi comes to Toki rescue but he quickly captured by Kurotobi. Demon isn’t allowed inside the temple after all. Beni-san comes afterward to bring Toki and Tsuruume away leaving her brother Kurotobi to fight with Utsubushi. Heh but let’s not forget Tsuyukusa. Beni-san sends Toki and Tsuruume away so that she can move freely against Tsuyukusa. Fuck, I’m nervous for him because I know Beni-san is someone you don’t mess around with.

I want a Tsuyukusa plushie too!

Holy fuck yes, Hyakko update! Chapter 40: School Festival is coming up so they are having a discussion of what to organize. The lesbian class president suggested a maid café and the boys gladly agreed and from there it branches off to many other ideas. This chapter is not much but we can see how real the situation is when a fujoshi gets excited at the thought of Tokeo crossdressing, a girl otaku looking forward to cosplay as maid, a robot maniac overjoyed at the thought of making a mecha Kamen Battle 00 play, etc. They ended up doing a Halloween theme party for the whole school. Now I look forward to the festival.

Saturday, May 14

A quick watch before my trip to Kuala Lumpur in one hour. I still haven't showered yet. Orz but whatever, X-Men episode 5: Hisako is getting on my nerves. Was her voice has always been this annoying? Professor X offers Emma to be one of the X-men (and Hisako as junior X-man) but of course Scott is against it though no one listens to him. So he takes out his frustration with Hisako. He trains her with such a bad ass attitude. Heh. Since Hisako is such a weak shit, Emma finally agree to let Charles do a mind dive under the condition that everyone get to see it. In doing so she proves herself innocent and has nothing to do with Jean's death. So now that everyone is happy, they go to Japan again to deal with the secondary mutation.


I wish they'd make another season of Hyakko. I actually liked that anime a lot after hating it through the first 2 episodes.

Hyakko is one of the anime that deserved a second season. Fuck, this reminds me that i still need to make a post about that.

You read the manga, Glo?

I have not, because I have no real time or life (which has changed now that school is out for the summer)....but shit now I'm going to be replacing my school hours with work hours, so I still have no time YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

I barely have time either. It's either I spend it on anime or on manga. I chose anime though I occasionally do come back for my favorite series like Kannagi, Hyakko and Amatsuki.

Working at the camp?

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