14 February 2010

Diary of a tard - week 2, February '10

Sunday, February 7

Yay, another josei titled Zanbara. I can't resist a bishounen holding a katana. It's just too fucking sexy to ignore.

Yosh! Finally caught up with Hetalia Axis Power. 3 episodes left before this ONA is completed, no?

Watch episode 14 and 15 of Cheburashka Arere? and I gotta admit, the selling point of this 2 minutes show is it's cuteness, especially Cheburashka's voice.

A little late for the weekly anime but better late than never. Here is a secret: I usually skipped the OP and ED of an anime, even Bleach's but since the OP of Durarara!! is so freaking awesome, I sit there and listens to it with my tongue lolling =P In episode 5, it is Kida's turn to become the narrator. Apparently he too has a hot for Sonohara so love triangle FTW? Who knew that Kida was depressed before. He sure doesn't seems like the type no? I am happy to report that at least he is genuine when it comes to Mikado and for that mysterious girl who has something to do with Orihara. On different side of the city, the people were harassed by the Slasher (I suspect she's Haruna), Yagiri is eloping with that girl with the scarred neck and there's a reporter who asked who's the strongest in Ikebukuro. I REALLY like the way the story was told in this episode.

I have no freaking idea what Seikon no Qwaser (episode 3) is all about anymore... I don't remember reading the scene where Sasha titty rape Tomo in her sleep and then he did it again with that nun? WTF? Mafuyu is still trying so hard to get in his pants too. Obvious girl is annoying! It wasn't all about the oppai in the manga so I'm not used to this. I mean, they only teased about the lesbian. Wonder how that would turn up... hmm... >_> Well, at least the bloodfest kinda make up for it.

cheeky little pervert

Monday, February 8

Durarara!! chapter 6 is pretty much tells the story of how Celty lost her head and how she met Shinra. It just like how Shinra told the story in the anime but the anime omit one great information: Celty has feelings for Shinra. I goes awwwwwww =)

Saw the special of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. WTF is the only thing that came to mind.

I have 2 weeks worth of backlog weekly anime. Time for the real thing. The only reason episode 17 of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun is tolreable was the appearance of characters from Index. Meanwhile episode 18 was so damn predictable. It also reminded me of Hanamaru Youchien. Also I think the earthquakes is a setup for future episodes.

I just realize the OP for So Ra no Wo To reminds me of Mononoke. Anyway in episode 5, things are still the same. They are still so lax. They are more like scouts rather than a troop of army. Kureha looks like she has never seen a man, Noel cracks a joke (haha), Flicia takes them out for a field trip, Rio shows them how to carry a heavy backpack (WTH) and Kanata is blah, the usual. I have a good chuckle though at some of the scenes.

Noel is so much win

Tuesday, February 9

So Ra no Wo To episode 6: I dunno what the heck is going on. Kanata gets her first paycheck so she want out shopping for presents while the others playing mobster. The two stories entertwined and that was it =\

Ladies versus Butler (episode 4 and 5): I dunno what I am doing anymore...

Wednesday, February 10

Bleach episode 257 is kinda OK. I really like the quality of the animation this week. Thumbs up for the production team :)

I is in a really shitty mood today. Time for heavy therapy: Gintama.

Thursday, February 11

Bleach chapter 392 is awesome! Momo died. Kinda XD

How convenient is it that Naruto awake at this time when Sasgay was about to proceed with his evil plan (naruto chapter 482). He pull a fast one on Mr. Wood and escape, obviously trying to save Sakura who managed to shake the others in her suicide mission and declared that she wants to leave Kanoha and join the gay bastard. I say that its good. She needs to be dead. Just like Karin who apparently is not dead yet :(

Durarara!! chapter 7: Holy fucking shit.... I'm speechless when I found out who the Dollars members are O_o I also learned few things that are yet to be revealed in the anime. For example, Yagiri incestship and what happened to Anri's friend. Awesome!

I almost forgot that I have K-ON! Special: Live House! on my disk. I guess I didn't give it any priority much. It was good seeing Ritsu again. I kinda missed her. She makes this otherwise shitty anime OK for me. And it is also good to see the girls take the performing seriously instead of the usual gibberish of tea and shit. They began to understand after looking at other bands and how committed they are. And I am actually excited for Ritsu (since the others were fucking useless with their moe-ness). I just wish they showed us a bit more of the performance. Shit, am I turning moe too? This got 6/10

This the the logo for Aftershcool Teatime. More like a logo fitted for a coffee shop >_>

OMG Spice and Wolf II Special is fucking boring!! It fucking reminds me of Isshoni Training. NOT a good thing. 4/10

Seikon no Qwaser episode 4, the uncensored version. OK explain this to me. What the fuck is up with all the screaming whenever someone sucks your tits? It's fucking annoying and I don't give a damn if your answer is because you were aroused. That's making it more annoying, you bitches! And seriously Shasha's role turned out to be so fucking retarded. Saving girls from titties rape? What kind of job scope is that? BULLSHIT!!

Don't say that AFTER you licked other girl's pussy, you hentai!

I saw Two Walnuts or Futatsu no Kurumi. Not a bad war episode. I actually shed a tear at some of the war scene. Full review coming up soon.

Friday, February 12

Was browsing through danbooru when I found this picture:

Needless to say, I was intrigued. When I found out that it was from a manga Togainu no Chi, I don't waste any time to check it out. It is pretty badass with promise on hand-to-hand combat battle and bloodfest.

Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it :)


Happy Chinese New Years!

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