22 July 2013

Diary of a tard: Week 3, July 2013

Tuesday, July 16

Watamote episode 2: Kuro met her friend, Yuu-chan, who was a geek too during middle school. She prepared lots of things to talk about (all askew). She thought that Yuu will still be the same Yuu in middle school but her friend changed so much in terms of appearance but the good thing is, they both can still have fun and what not. At least until the end of the day when Yuu revealed that she has an argument with her first boyfriend and then Kuroki had a withdrawal LMAO

Friday, July 19

I really enjoyed episode 3 of Free!. All mostly due to Ryugazaki, the new recruit for the swimming team. Initially he's in the track team and is doing vault-pole (When he did the vault-pole thingy, I drooled because it was simply beautiful). He rides the train with Nagisa every morning and that's how Nagisa pestered him to join the swim team.  He refused every single time. Anyhoo, Gou managed to schedule a joint practice with Rin's school. He volunteered to help the swim team but when he saw Haru swim, his heart was basically stolen. By the way, that's when it was revealed that Ryugazaki actually doesn't know how to swim. Kehkehkeh.  


Saturday, July 20

Episode 2 of Gin no Saji: They have to pick a club and Hachiken doesn't know which club to choose but since he has hots for that girl from the equestrian club, he joined that club instead. Throughout the episode, he learned to appreciate the animal as well as be more responsible towards them. Nothing special for this episode though which kind of disappointing.

Sunday, July 21

I found that episode 2 of Blood Lad was boring as fuck: Staz and Fumichi went to the human world. Naturally Staz was excited with everything while Fumichi almost disappeared so Staz let her licked his blood (I am envious). Soon Staz realized that Fumichi is indeed something special to him since he didn't get the vampire urge when it comes to the other human beings like he did with her. Then they met Bel-chan, the owner of the gate. She's searching for the demon who stole her magic so that she can marry him. She also told Staz the book that is at West Demon Territory which supposedly has the method how to resurrect Fumichi.

Brothers Conflict episode 2: I have to say that among all the males, I'm most taken in by Subaru. Anyhoo it's his 20th birthday and they were celebrating it. Chii made cakes and whatever. It was clear that Subaru likes Chii but he denied it by being mean. When he went to her room to apologize, he accidentally kissed her when he was knocked out. On the other hand, Yusuke made it clear that he likes her and won't give up on her which mean he won't settle for being siblings. This episode introduced Futo as well, quite a mischievous character who trolled Chii alot. But meh we all know that EVERYONE will eventually likes Chii more than just a sister >_>

Such a tsundere. Hhhhhngh

Episode 15 of Shingeki no Kyojin: The Recon Corps went to their former headquarters for hiding. Hanji came over to ask permission for Eren's help for her experiment with the 4 feet and 7 feet Titans that they captured earlier. As she sat through the night with Eren, the Titans were killed. Before that, Erwin somewhat looks like he has some hidden agenda going on. The death of the Titans could be of his doings.

Yajima has problem registering Hato as a girl in episode 2 of Genshiken Nidaime. I can't blame her though. Once you have seen the dong, that's it. The story behind Hato's cross-dressing is pretty straight forward: he's been bullied for liking BL, and he likes it. Since he's a fudanshi, whenever a guy want to approach him, he gets quite the BL rush. In the mean time, Ogiue managed to get her one-shot manga in the magazine and the club members of Genshiken are helping her out.

oh my~


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