15 January 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 2, January 2012

Tuesday, January 10

Hunter X Hunter episode 11: Leorio next bet is whether or not his opponent is a woman. Obviously Leorio bet that the opponent is a man just so he can check for himself. Of course he lose that bet. With only 10 hours left, he then bet on rock-paper-scissor which of course he lose again making the game tied with 2-2. Next up is Killua and his opponent is the most dangerous criminal but meh Killua finished him off in less than 5 seconds. That is one sick skill he has, ripping the heart of his opponent like that. So they won that stage but has to spend 50 hours penalty in a small room.

you don't say...

Sunday, January 15

Episode 7 of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle ought to be a good episode since it's about Nonoha and strangely I like her. Ms. Madoka, a kindergarten teacher, gave Kaito a letter. Thinking that it might be a love letter, Nonoha taking out her frustration on the sports that she joined. Little that she knows that Ms. Madoka is a giver and she used the kids as part of the puzzle. Muller, the new POG Head of Japan, set up a sage puzzle that endangered their lives but Kaito, Gammon and Nonoha have no problem solving them and at the same time made Madoka realized her wrong doing. At the end of the episode, Nonoha got the title The Nightingale.

surprise buttfuck is hardly surprising XD

It has been a while. Episode 8 of Hanasaku Iroha - Kissuiso suddenly has a lot of customers but Ohana's grandmother fell sick and rushed to the hospital. Ohana wanted to stay and look after her but she was refused because they were short on staff. On the way back to the inn, Ko called Ohana and I found myself smiling like an idiot. He was on the train on the way to see her too! Kyaaa~ Anyhoo, since there were suddenly so many customer, they thought that one of them got to be a mystery guest to evaluate the inn. They wanted to prioritize them over the other customers but Ohana was against it. She pretty much ran the inn that day. At the end of the episode, she was getting Tohru from a wedding while Ko arrived at the station.


I don't see anymore of your hunter x hunter reviews. Did you dropped the series?

No I am not dropping the series though as you can see I'm way behind on the episodes

I see... hope you'll catch up on it soon because where the episode currently now is one of the reasons why Hunter x Hunter is above any current shounen out there.

Let us hear your thoughts on it as well when you start watching it again. It's always a treat to hear new fans take on HxH. :)

You make me wanna pick up the series again ASAP and I will do so when this weekend is done and over with. At the moment I just can't afford any anime watching time because work is piling up. Life can be shitty sometimes >_>

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