20 March 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 3, March 2011

Monday, March 14

Fractale episode 6: the ship has landed and there's someone else like Sunda who is in charge. His name is Dias and he's a bishie. He' the leader of Alabaster, another faction of the Lost Millenium. I feel like this faction has some hidden agenda going on. Turned out Dias is a cold blooded murderer. It just made him cooler if you asked me. LOL. On the other hand Clain is interested with an old pervert. He was invited to see something good so he left his night watch post to meet him. Phryne tagged along. The old man showed the ideal Fractale town and this is where he learned about the Alabaster's cruelty. I think the old pervert is Clain's dad if the photographs Phryne stole were any proof.

This is Dias

Episode 9 of Level E: Princess Saki didn't give up. So what if Mikihisa is a girl? She just needs to turn him into a man. Craft has been deceived by the Macbac species. Thank goodness Ki is back. With his help, they created a clone of Mikihisa so that human species will be saved and Saki got what she wanted. I like the end of the episodes where the narrator said that it is us, humans, who will bring destruction to this earth. That's the fucking truth.

Wednesday, March 16

Fractale episode 7: Clain and Nessa ventured out on a smaller ship since he was excited with his new camera. In the middle of the flight Nessa wasn’t feeling so well (she’s being hacked) thus affected the system of the ship. They crashed. He ended up at Xanadu, the perfect Fractale city. He was found by a whore doppel who brought him to where Nessa is. Clain did not know that he and Nessa were in the “wanted” list. In the mean time, the Phryne and few others were looking for him too and found out that Xanadu is really corrupted. The whore planted a virus that fucked the Fractale terminal in Clain which caused him a lot of pain. Of course that will only pissed off Nessa and for the first time we got to see her power. She pretty much cleaned up Xanadu leaving it as a barren city. This made one of the doppel extremely unhappy. To protect his way of life, he fucking shot Clain. At the same time, the church has found Phryne. Shit going to hit the fan soon. Watching this episode makes me think. Even now there are people who are against technology where at the same time there are people who can’t live without them. The situation is similar so it should hit a nerve somewhere.

Friday, March 18

The start of episode 10 of Level E shows promise because it was all serious and shit but who am I kidding. This is Level E after all. The mermaid, who can tell when people is lying to her and killed them with her tongue, was in trouble. She met with the color rangers who helped her get out of her pinch. The episode itself was insignificant but I have to give credits to the production team. The quality of the animation was top notch. They certainly didn’t take any shortcut for this one.


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