Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

22 April 2009

My ratings

My opinion is bias but I try to balance it out by rating the anime according to several criteria which are: Art, Sound, Characters, Story and Enjoyment. Adds all that up, I will have the overall rating for the animu/mang0.

10/10 - Masterpiece. Reserved for a special must watch anime/manga. You better see/read it otherwise I shall dubbed you a fucktard for the rest of your fucking miserable life.

9/10 - Great. Anime/manga that is made of awesomesauce which provides me with constant fangasm. However, I still could find slight fault in it. I love being a nitpick asshole XD

8/10 - Very good. Anime/manga that I thoroughly enjoy yet something just doesn't add up.

7/10 - Good. Average good anime/manga that I enjoy but will probably forgot about the details in a couple of months.

6/10 - Fine. Anime/manga that has nothing special. Usually when it gives the monotone feelings when I watch/read it.

5/10 - Average. Anime/manga that is meh.

4/10 - Bad. Urgh! >_<

3/10 - Very Bad. *puke blood*

2/10 - Horrible. WHY?! WHY THE FUCK WHY?!

1/10 - Unwatchable. Self-explanatory, isn't it?

13 April 2009

Bleach Trading Figures Series 3

The complete set of Series 3

Currently, I only have Ichimaru Gin and Soul Society Aizen in my collection.

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