16 May 2011

The overdue diary of a tard: an introduction

Edit: I wrote this back in 2009. I'm no longer free lancing. I have weekdays job, weekend job, clothes-making business and taking orders for cake and cupcakes. I am no longer a manga whore like I used to be and work pretty much consumes most of my time nowadays. I just feel like posting this again just to remind myself of how big of a fan I am when it comes to anime and why it always give me something to smile (and be happy) about.

Otaku is extremely negative in meaning as it is used to refer to someone who stays at home all the time and doesn't have a life (no social life, no love life, etc)

It is always good when you meet people who share the same passion and interest. Although I am lacking such friends in real life, because they are a bunch of retarded people, I am fortunate enough to make some in the webz, because we are teh awesome people.

Now that I am doing free lancing, I think I am becoming more of an otaku in every sense of the word (I know how negative the word is in Japanese culture, thanks to Miyazaki Tsutomu, the fucking bastard, but this is not the kind of otakuness I'm talking about despite that some of you might think it is LOL - refer to the definition of otaku that I have provided plzthx). It does freaking me out sometimes when I realized I haven't interacted face to face with another human being for more than 3 days or haven't gone out of my house up to three weeks at one time. But then again, I don't see the need to do such things when I can derive pleasures from anime/manga/writings.

I have been living my life as an animetard for slightly over 10 years now. It started as a hobby but quickly turn to obsession when I can't get enough of everything. I didn't advertise my 'otaku'ness so openly back then for reason that the 'net was still relatively new at that time. I can't even afford ADSL, for pete's sake. How things have change for the past 2-3 years. I begin to fangasm/nerdgasm at every chance I get. Not to mention the amount of blood lost I've suffered due to nosebleed. The animetard in me shine through when I started to meet people all over za wurado. I swear it was like we are on the same wavelength since we were in our mothers' wombs! The passion we share... it was beautiful. It was sacred.

I'm so fucked up, according to one of the retarded people I mentioned earlier. I nodded my head vigorously when he said that which consequently made him do the facepalming, Kyon style. I giggled because of Kyon, he took offense and gave up trying to put some sense into my oh-so-awesomely-corrupted brain.

Thanks but no thanks.

Recently I feel like my blog needed a revamp. I haven't touch it for almost over a year because the 'emodramo' that happened in 2007. I just lost interest. Then I met animenerdz who asked if I could write reviews for them. I thought why the hell not since I've been doing that in my blog as well. So lo and behold, my blog is alive again!

This is when I started to meet people who collects figures. I have a bunch myself but the collection is nothing to be proud of considering how puny mine is compared to the others. After I saw their collections, I just got this unexplainable feelings of being unfulfilled. My heart beats faster than it normally does whenever I learned that they have added a new nendoroid or a figma or a trading figures to their collections. I believe the reason was simply because it is full of envy.

It left me no choice but to join that league of extraordinary gentlemen (haven't found one female collector yet).

For now, I end this diary as I hunt for the figures to complete my Bleach set.



I'm looking forward how your new look of your blog. It's good to see a bleach fan with quite an amount of toy collection. :)

i plan on being that female collector... collecting figurines is going to be my new obsession!


@LEon, how do you like the new look? ^__^
By appreciating Bleach, you have becomes one of my best buddies XD

lets get started right away! oh do you already some figures with you right now?

I don't see why you can't write editorials when you can write these diary entries. They're pretty much the same, really.

It's weird how the word otaku is taken in the negative sense in the East and a largely positive sense in the West. The West doesn't have a problem in calling itself otaku, because they just look at it as a hobby. This is similar to how the word "nerd" has lost its intensity - earlier, being called a nerd was taken pretty seriously. Now, people just look at it as a mild classification like jock.

I think figurines, cosplaying and cons increase one's otakuness (as per your definition). Being a closet animetard is no better. My friends know I love anime and they've never teased me with it, because I'm just like them in everything else (studies, sports, hanging out etc.) But telling them I run an anime blog...well, that's a whole another story :D

I just don't have enough concentration to do an editorial.

Not everyone is well verse with the term. Many still called me an otaku and even though I know they weren't trying to insult me, i still corrected them and educated them on what it really means. The effect might be less apparent outside of Japan, but as you can see from Ore no Imouto, the Japanese are still so conservative about it.

Your friends don't know about your blog? O_o

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