31 January 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 4, January 2011

Monday, January 24

Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge episode 7: (1) About health between Shirai and Mayor (2) Check-up with P-ko obsessing her physical outlook (3) everyone else obsessed of getting sick to get the attention of their love one. (4) everyone ended up getting an evaluation for rocket launching in which they have to stay in the basement for 5 days to see how they cooperating. Girls with girls and boys with boys. Obviously hell broke lose. For girls it was P-ko who became the victim. The boys however pass with flying colors. NOT! LOL

I feel like watching the anime in aphabetical order. Next up is Beelzebub episode 2 and 3. Hilda moved in to Oga-chin's house and Oga's mission is to find someone stronger than him so Beel will leave him alone. So he met Kanzaki (whose seiyuu is Sugita. w00t!) but again it was a phailed attempt. The electrocution is still annoying as fuck.

Fuck fucking yes though for Zettai Karen Children chapter 247: I didn't notice this before but just when Minamoto was about to kiss Feather, Kaoru appeared and was in Feather's place so Minamoto kissed her instead. FUCKING W00T! Things were obviously awkward between them after that *chuckles*

Holy shit. I just realized that it has been over a year since Durarara was first released and I am still on episode 13. New OP and ED. I like the old one better. But that aside this episode focuses on Anri as the narrator. Obviously I'm interested. I have always been interested when it comes to the trio. She's narrating the life of Celty after the event that took place in the last episode. She, understandably, is making an enemy with the Traffic Police Force, especially one of the officer: Kuzuhara Kinnosuke. It was funny to see her shivering in fear in Shinra's arms and claiming the TPF as the monsters. During their conversation, it was hinted that she and Shinra is now bed partner. I smiled at how sweet the relationship is. Besides the officer, Shinra's dad has came home too. As for Anri, she knows that Ryugamine and Kida both like her but she couldn't make up her mind about them since she's still so hung up on Harima. Towards the end, it seems like Kida has something to do with the Yellow members. If Ryugamine is the leader of Dollars, I assumed Kida must be someone important in Yellow as well. Perhaps the leader? Izaya warned Ryugamine about them not happy with Dollars. Heh yeah, I can distinguished who is who in the chat room now. This episode points out the slasher that has been killing people around since the Dollars meeting and at the end, it kills the three sluts who were bullying Anri. Fuck I love this show.

Tuesday, January 25

The Disckonian that Ki killed was really mad and sent a signal of distress to the rest of his species in episode 3 of Level E. They have until sunset to give Ki up but of course they can't do that so they tried all methods to get Ki's memories back. It was hilarity. None of the methods worked though. Why? Because Ki set all these shit up. What the fuck? I've been had. Actually we are all have been punk'd! LMAO. This is awesome :DDD

Wednesday, January 26

After almost a year, I’m resuming my watch on Fairy Tail, now on episode 16. Natsu stopping Gray from kicking Lyon’s ass. Unnecessary drama if you asked me. But yeah, Gray managed to kick Luon’s ass at the end of it but it was too late since Delliora has awoken and Gray is determined to seal it again using Iced Shell just like UI.

Let’s move on to another boregasm show, GetBackers episode 11: Gin and Ban have to cooperate with Dr. Jackal, Himiko, Shido and Katsuki for this new job and it involved Infinite Castle. They are to retrieve IL from the castle. When Ginji got there, obviously complication arose since he’s the former emperor. Looks like the new guy in charge (Makubex) had some nasty ill wills going on. Things are getting interesting indeed.

Thursday, January 27

I'm glad I decided to watch Hourou Musuko episode 2. I was reluctant at first since I don't think I want to see the drama even though I think this is a great show. Chizuru made me laughed. She reminds me of Maya from Kuragehime. This episode is about Saori getting into terms Nitori and Takatsuki. She obviously has feelings for Suichi and is not dumb not to see that Suichi/Takatsuki have feelings for each other. That's why she's no longer friends with them or everyone else. I like her character a lot in the beginning but towards the end, she disappoints me. Suichi really needs to step into the real world though but I kinda understand where he's from so it leaves me in a dilemma. I dunno whether to support him or shake him till his teeth rattle. He's a bad influence for Makoto. Now he's turning gay. And I don't like the fact that the feeling of Suichi/Takatsuki has been cemented since episode 1. The highlight of the episode for me got to be Maho's love story unfolding. Kyaaaah, I'm such a sucker for romance.

Saturday, January 29

Giant Killing episode 11: The match became extremely intense with Tatsumi’s side doing all the defending from Nagoya. Tsubaki in particular has been doing all the hard jobs blocking the ball from entering the goal. Nice, and it’s only the first half. Long way to go. I hope Tsubaki will not lose it in the second half. Great stuff, this show ^_^

The start of episode138 of Gintama was kinda WTF. Black Dragon and Stainless Boy? I thought I was watching a wrong show for a moment and it seemingly is not related to the episode at all. After the OP, Shinpachi and Kagura was cleaning the place when they found Gintoki’s old picture of his ex girlfriend former partners for the “Odd Jobs” before Shinpachi and Kagura came along. They all looked the same as Black Dragon, had a psychogun attached to their arm, or in Ikezawa’s case, a sake bottle. It was fucked up, as usual, which made it so much fun.

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