29 July 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 4, July 2012

Monday, July 23

Tsuritama episode 9: the whole of Enoshima has been evacuated due to the mass attack on people by the JFX. Haru and Koko tried to stop the alien but Koko was killed in the process. Due to this Haru went back to Enoshima and helped with the evacuation. He sent Yuki away as well who is coming back to Enoshima to help Haru. Akira on the other hand has sorta left DUCK and is determined to help Haru as well. Natsuki isn't much of a help though >_>

this fanart has nothing to do with the context
(c) Haruma High Drop

Tuesday, July 24

Episode 3 of Kokoro Connect: Inaba sorta pushed Taichi to get together with Iori. Her reason being that Iori might be broke down at any given moment. I have different idea though. By the way she reacts, it looks like Inaba is the one who needs all the mental help she can get. In the mean time, the episode revealed that Yui suffers from androphobia, but nothing that Taichi can't help it, even if it means that he'll be loosing his manliness. And, the end of the episode got me hook like shit. Inaba lost consciousness in front of Taichi and BAM! TAICHI x INABA FTW!!

The microbes are seriously getting annoying, reminding Sawaki that he hasn't told Oikawa yet about his ability in every god damn episode so far. Episode 3 of Moyashimon is no exception. Sadly though, the microbes ain't the only one who gets on my nerves. Oikawa as well. Turned out the underground "secret passageway" that she suspected was just a brewing cellar used by the professor and Yuki. Speaking of Yuki, I want to see him in a man clothes again!

Sunday, July 29

Kokoro Connect episode 4: Apparently Iori has trauma too so Inaba asked Taichi to help her as well. Iori doesn't know who she really is since she's good at creating a persona to cater what people want of her. But of course Taichi promised that he will never let Iori lose herself in the process. I thought he said something to himself along the line of "because I love..." but was interrupted by Inaba's voice in his head calling him a selfless freak. This episode seemed to focus on Taichi helping out the girls. Inaba is not without worries either as she told him about her insecurities and not being able to trust anyone. Taichi convinced her to tell that to the rest of the club member at the price of telling her his biggest secret... that he masturbated to Inaba. BEST PICK UP LINE EVER.

now kissu!


Kokoro Connect: kind of interesting that there has been so much about feeling pain while in another's body lately -- first the kick, then experiencing Inaba's body puking.

the body swapping thingy was a brilliant idea. But I am somewhat disappointed that they didn't try to check out the body when they swapped. Oh well at least Taichi did grab Iori's boobs when they first genderbent.

it would be hilarious if they were caught masturbating when they swapped bodies lol

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