20 May 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 3, May 2012

Sunday, May 13

Continuing the Remember Love project, I have decided to rewatch Detroit Metal City, one of the anime included in my anime of the decade list. Episode 1 basically shows how conflicted Negishi is with his two identities, especially after he met Aikawa. It also introduced us to a line of extraordinary characters who will entertain us non-stop including the President.

she's awesome as fuck

Monday, May 14

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 3: Yes, I'm this behinds with the current season's episode but who cares. Anyhoo, Mutta is undergoing all sorts of JAXA grueling physical exam. Naturally some people were envious of him because he's Hibito's brother so they thought he knew all about the exams and what not. It gets to his head but that won't stop him. Serika-chan, the woman he has a crush on excels at every exam and she saw him in front of the spacesuit figure trying to look as if he's in that and she too ended up with a crush on him because he reminded her of her father.

Episode 2 of Detroit Metal City: Negishi is fucked up. He said he dislike being Krauser but when someone belittle his ability as a musician when he's normal, or when he's drunk, he has no qualm to be Krauser even in public. He "rape" a policewomen and "assaulted" a cop for that. If you asked me, I say he has bi-polar disorder.

Oh you!

Tuesday, May 15

It looks like Yuki has accepted the fact that Haru is an alien in episode 4 of Tsuritama. He has a lot on his plate as he deals with Haru's antics up till the point that he can't take it anymore. He pretty much tell Haru to stay away of which Haru did. This just to make Yuki realizes Haru's presence as a friend is quite essential and Haru on the other hand learns that he needs to be more sensitives around human. Yuki, Haru and Natsuki have started fishing in the ocean where Yuki managed to catch a sea bass. All of these events were witnessed by Akira. He wondered if Haru came just to make friends. It is always interesting to see things from his point of view.

Yurumates 3D episode 6: This time they are in Kumi's room (though you can't tell a difference) and decided to play "split the watermelon". As usual Kumi trolled them all, first using the wooden stick and then she took it to another whole level: with a knife. As you probably know you have to close your eyes for this game, so just imagine the Matsuchiki, Sae and Yurume's reaction when they saw her with a knife blind-folded. Kumi should never be trusted with pointed object. Never ever.

Thursday, May 17

Episode 5 of Tsuritama: Yuki decided to buy his own fishing gears so they went shopping at Masaki. Akira was there too. Fishing is not a cheap hobby by the way. I should know. My dad is crazy about fishing. So naturally as a high school boy Yuki have problems coming up with the money to buy decent gears so Natsuki suggested that the three of them work with Ayumi, the captain. Once again Yuki transformed. He was timid on day one at sea but after admiring Natsuki as well as thankful for Ayumi's confidence in him, he changed. Yuki has no problem to shout out greetings now, so unlike him from the first episode. We can also see changes in Natsuki. He is no longer emo and smiles a lot more nowadays. As for Akira, he followed them on the boat and was surprisingly into fishing himself. He is still in denial that he needs friends though. Basically, I just love the character developments in this show.

Another warrior appeared in episode 2 of Sengoku Collection. She's Ieyasu who for some reason love to sing and dance. She tried her luck couple of times but she was rejected because they think she stands out too much. She was lucky though that Rosary's (the top idol - hot as fuck) manager saw her and signed her. After training and such, she became an idol, even beating Rosary from the top spot. Because of this, she chose to stay on our world and willingly gave her Secret Treasures to Nobunaga when she came to take it by hook or by crook.

Kimi to Boku episode 11: Yukki is collecting bread sticker to get a free plate. That's how he met the daughter of the woman who runs the cafeteria at their school. It's pretty obvious that Yukki is infatuated by her though he denies it vocally when Yuuta mentioned her. On the other hand, Chizuru's feelings for Masaki deepens. He even asked Shun directly if he likes someone at the moment. I wish him the best of luck. I love the subtlety that the show used when it comes to the matter of the hearts but it always near damn breaks my heart whenever these boys seem to like a female counterpart. I want them all to my self T_T

it has been a while since I saw these guys ♥
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Friday, May 18

I start reading another yaoi manga today: Comedy Evolves by Love. I like what I read for the first couple of pages. Hane Hajime just broke up with his girlfriend. Heartbroken (but not really) he went for a drink. The next thing he knew, he was in bed, with his butt hurt and was greeted by twin. They had a threesome (or so he thought) and he has no recollection of it. Somehow he promised the twin to help them out and that he did. Since he has nowhere to go, he lives with them and that's how he develops his feelings towards Miyoshi. Problem is Miyoshi is married to the lady boss and straight as an arrow. It was Ryouji who fucked him before and again after that. Not that he remembers because he was always too drunk. But obviously as time passes by, Hane finds himself switching from Miyoshi to Ryouji. However there is bound to be dorama and because this is a comedy, it was really fun seeing the characters sorting their problems out.

Sengoku Collection episode 3: Thank goodness Inushinde and Illogicalzen warned me that episodes without Nobunaga were meh so I don't raged for no reason. It was melodramatic shit with Kenshi and Katsunage than I don't give a shit about. Conclusion of the episode is they both wanted to stay in this world thus willingly gave Nobunaga their Secret Treasures.

In episode 4 of Sengoku Collection, the pace picks up again because hey, Date Masamune always managed to do that regardless what gender s/he is. Also, s/he always looks so freaking hawt. In this episode, Masamune was tricked by a drug lord and was sent to prison which she later escaped and seeks revenge. When Nobunaga came to challenge her for the Secret Treasures, Masamune decline, saying that she takes a rain check on that fight. Nobunaga agreed since the police have already surrounded the area. They both flee the scene of the crime.

I'd fap to this, if I'm a male


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