27 February 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 4, February 2012

Wednesday, February 22

Kannagi chapter 38: In previous chapter, we've seen Nagi taking Tsugumi somewhere. She looks mighty suspicious but I doubt that she will harm her. On the other hand, Zange is locking Jin in some room to ensure he doesn't gets to Nagi. Luckily he manages to escape but without a proper functional brain, it is futile because in no time at all Zange catches up to him again. As they are running around, Nagi intercept them with Tsugumi in her hand. Argh, what now I have to wait another quarter of a year for an update? Damn it!

*gasp* Jin's real face!

Chapter 52 of Amatsuki: Hizame (who is also known as Yata Bikuni) introduced herself to Toki. She, Ainezu and Kanzou were sent by Sasaki-sama of the Onmyou Bureau. Ainezu offered to help Tsuruume and Toki just have to agreed in order to save her. He was suspicious of them because it was Kanzou who took Kuchiha away. They also told Toki that Sasaki-sama traded his sight so he can see demons and it was Hizame who did it. She was also the one who raised Ainezu and Kanzou and teach them all sorts of things. She's one powerful bitch indeed. By the way, I sort of forget. I thought it was Kon who is interested in Kuchiha. Apparently Toki likes her too as he blabbered to his so-called enemy.

I have decided to pick up Ame Nochi Hare or Clear Up After Rain again. I read the first chapter in the same week two years ago but I have forgotten what it was all about so here I am reading from the first chapter again. It's about five male students: Yamanoi Hazuki, Goromaru Junta, Sakonji Madoka, Kisaragi Touma and Maki Yuusuke. On the first day of school, an afternoon storm changed them into girls.

now they have penises

Ame Nochi Hare chapter 2: They turned into girls but instead of grabbing their boobies, they are worried about how slender their fingers are. Something is wrong with these kids. They told Haruto who found them and invited them to stay at his place for the night. The next morning when they woke up, they have turned back to normal. However, during rain in the afternoon, they once again turned to girls. no one knew that Maki Yuusuke was in the same predicament though. I feel sorry for him to go through the shit alone.

The kids have figured out the condition of when will they change in chapter 3 of Ame Nochi Hare. They all ran off to Haru's place whenever they transformed. This time Touma and Madoka finally met Yuusuke and learned that he's the same. Haru doesn't like the fact that they do nothing when transformed into a girl so he approached the vice principal of the girl school and asked her if she could helped out. So suddenly they'll be attending both school. I don't like where this is going... Anyhoo, Haru's friend came over just when Haru fell on top of Hazuki. Perfect timing isn't it?

Thursday, February 23

Ame Nochi Hare chapter 4: Well, that friend of Haru is Jouji. Once explained he's now in cahoot with the rest of them too. Hazuki decided to move into the dorm just so he can keep it a secret from his family. He and Goro moved in with Maki. Haru got all of them the girl's uniform and even footed the bills for the underwear. This mean they are going to attend the girl school whenever it rains. There's this girl from the first chapter that I have been trying to forget but looks like she'll be Hazuki's love interest. And here I am hoping that Hazuki will hook up with Touma :(


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