13 May 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 2, May 2012

Monday, May 7

So because of Trazor's month of May project, I ended up rewatching Lovely Complex again since I chose this show as my first show for the project. It has been a while since I last sit and marathon a show. Let's recap. Episode 1 introduce the characters and their goals to find a girlfriend/boyfriend. Episode 2 they both bumped into their ex as well as childhood friends. Episode 3: It's the Valentine's Day. Risa made chocolate for Ootani but since Ootani is pissed off with Haruka he rejected it. Haruka took the chocolate and told Risa that he plans to make Risa his girlfriend soon. Episode 4: A 1st grader, Seiko, has a crush on Otani and acts upon it. She bloody kissed Ootani and asked him out. I am still pissed that Otani agreed just like that. Men! Episode 5: Risa is slowly coming to term with her feelings. This episode reveals that Seiko is actually a trap. LOL got me every single time.

Wednesday, May 9

The girls suggested that I read Not Equal, another yaoi manga that according to them involved incest and the hottest smex. I read this for the latter, obviously. This manga is about a son who has a crush on his dad. It just so happened that he got the chance to travel back in time and met his shouta father. You should know how the rest of the story goes from here. Conflict and dorama ensued. I wasn't that big of a fan on incest (unless they are twins) but whatever the smex is yummy.

he's licking his lips when he thought that and I thought fuck! he's fappable

Thursday, May 10

Completed Not Equal by scanning through the last 3 chapters in raw. Like I said, I read this for the smex and boy it came too late. The build up was too much for me as they tiptoeing around each other. I guess logically it should be like that. This involved morals as a human being and incest is always wrong in the eyes of the society which is probably why this manga is liked by many. To be honest I was quite disappointed with the smex. It was not exceptional. I've seen better and hotter smex in yaoi T_T

Thanks to my fellow yaoi fangirl, I end up with another incest yaoi titled is Aijin. It's about Akira basically, who whoring himself to save the shop and to help his step-brother out. The man he is whoring to is a the son of the company that is going to buy the shops around and build a mall. See the pattern? The smex wasn't even that good. I think I'll drop it now >_>

Friday, May 11

Yurumates 3D episode 5: It's Tanabata. So Yurume and the other wrote some wishes. Kumi wants every good sold at half prices while Sae wrote a fucking narrative that include the Martians invading earth. Matsuchiki is the only one who wishes for normal shit like be happy but everyone else thought that it was impossible lol. Well, the ended up hanging the wishes in Yurume's room and then having a drinking party. Naturally the room turned the chaos but still Matsuchiki defended his wishes to the very end.


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