05 March 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 1, March 2011

Tuesday, March 1

Star Driver episode 14: Takuto revealed to the twins that he doesn't have a girlfriend. Obviously they want to be his now. Mizuno even got a chance to kiss Takuto passionately on stage. By the way, Head is back at the Vanishing Age headquarter so he's planning something to while Marino will appravoise Ayingott to try and defeat Tauburn. Ayingott has the ability to find the four maidens and it does looks quite formidable compared to the other cybody. Marino lost control of it and it went berserk, attacking everyone. Even Tauburn had problem defeating it so Sugata stepped in and helped him. Even if Marino hiding the fact that Mizuno is the West Maiden, Head knows about it so she won't be protecting Mizuno for long. The BL in this show is awesome. I don't particularly like Wako but I think I can tolerate her when she's fantasizing about Takuto and Sugata.

I might as well... Starry☆Sky episode 8: Kazuki spoke of power. I don't give a damn about this show so I don't remember shit. This show is more gay than gay itself. I can't handle it. So why the fuck am I doing watching this shit? Oh yeah... the seiyuus >>

Episode 8 of Level E: Princess Saki from Macbac is coming to earth looking for a groom. There is a catch though. The races that she reproduced from will be destroyed because all the males will be sterilized hence no new generation etc. Ki's three minions were trying their best not to let her mate with any male human being. Of course it was futile because she and a Mikihisa fell in love at first sight. They fucking eloped! Turned out that Mikihisa is female and is actually gay. The earth is save then? LOL I know how this show can troll us so I'm not going to predict any shit right now.


Saturday, March 5

A few more anime as an attempt to salvage this otherwise bleak weak of anime. Going to watch Sukisho episode 2 just because I'm doing this in alphabetical order if you still didn't see the pattern. First of all, let me say this because I missed it in my first impression post but the BGM is really annoyed the fuck out of me. Secondly, the plot for this episode was stupif. Hashiba and Sora joined Matsuri with a School-Do-It-All shit where the do chores for those who hired them. Their first mission was a photoshoot. Hashiba became Kenshi and Nao became an English lady. Seriously, this is too fucked up man. I am starting to rage. Thankfully, Yoru almost took over at the end. Yoru is probably the only reason I'm sticking with this show. But the details between Ran/Sora is really confusing =\

Might as well catch up on episode 4 of shitty show Rio: Rainbow Gate. Rina came over and became Rio's partner. She has bad intention but of course towards the end of the episode all is well. Fuck this is fucking shit.


Rainbow Gate should be renamed Rainbow GREAT, because it's so awesome!

I wish you were being sarcastic there, Glo

I've actually stopped watching it after the episode with the really tan robot girl. Then again, I've stopped pretty much everything.

Fact is I work a shitload now (compared to how much I used to work) and I have to wake up every day at like 6. That's too early for me, and it means I have to go to bed earlier now, which takes away from precious anime watching time. BOOOOO.

I know how you feel. It sucks when work dictates your time which is why i have always have this nagging voice at the back of my head to quit my jobs. but in order to do so i need to marry a fucking rich man.

I'm pretty much fucked.

and can't we both just stop the dare and stop watching this shit? It's too much for me to take >_<

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