23 January 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 3, January 2011

Sunday, January 16

I'm in a mood for comedy so I pick up Mitsudomoe episode 7. I almost forgot how chaotic and fun this show is. I lol'd when Hitoha got so into the Gachi rangers. It was lulz worthy when she tried to talk about it with her fellow classmates but phailed at it. Obviously things get awry when the teacher involved. Then the classmates got confused because the twins dad looked like Satou when he's at their age. What a fucking coincidence, eh? LOL I would be traumatized if I was Oga-chin.

The irony is, despite her personality, Hitoha is the most talkative in this show

Monday, January 17

Rie Kugumiya was annoying in Dragon Crisis. I hate it.

Mitsudomoe episode 8: Mitsuba tasted her own medicine thanks to Hitoha during gym class. Then we got the cockroach exterminator scene that turned out to be about the teacher's obsession with Gachi Rangers. Next up was Futaba short break with her song about boobs while she saved a lost boy. Not as funny as the last episode but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Tuesday, January 18

As predicted, Fractale was awesome. It exceeded my expectation. w00t!!

mangastream published a new manga today called Soul Eater Not! I think it's a parody of Soul Eater. It still has it own set of original cast but this time the focus is on a girl from Japan, Tsugumi Halberd. She's the weapon type (pretty much like Soul). It pretty much explained what the school is. Hmm, instead of a parody, I feel like this is more like an introductory manga for Soul Eater. Even Sid sensei is not a zombie yet and Medusa is still around so I wonder when is this. Not too bad but I wonder if it's necessary. Why don't the mangaka just focus more on the manga and make it a weekly manga instead of monthly? Tsugumi looks like a Maka clone so I don't like her much but the new faces are fresh and interesting and I spotted bishies so I'm gonna follow this one just because :3

Wednesday, January 19

Another show that I dropped after the first episode is Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakare ne. It was torture.

Thursday, January 20

Kore wa Zombie desu ka is full of random goodness. Now I can see why Glo said it reminds him of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu because I can't relate it to Gintama. Gintama is too epic for the like of this show :D

I'm watching episode 3 and 4 of Starry Sky. I gotta meet Tsubasa the inventor, Azusa the shortie, Shiranui Kazuki the fucking cool dude and Hayato Aozora the redhead. Jeebus, they tried to create some drama but it was torture. Fuck, why am I still watching this? Oh yeah Sugita. But he wasn't around for these episodes. There's Yuuichi Nakamura though.

I was completely wrong with my initial thoughts for Hourou Musuko. I stand corrected.

Friday, January 21

Level E surprised me with the humor. I'm liking it.

Saturday, January 22

I turned a deaf ears and blind eyes for the Fractale debacles so that I won't let it get to me when I watch episode 2 of the show.

Sunday, January 23

LOL fuck, Level E totally got me to believe that Ki El looks so fucking hideous in the last episode. Turns out, that was his pet Clive. Jeebus. Then an octopus like UFO came down and sent out scouters to search Ki El. They landed in Disckonians territory. Apparently Ki and the scouters are from the planet Dogura and the captain of the UFO ship went to Disckonian leader (disguise as human) to seek help. There are other species on earth as well like Ellerians who are the Dickonians sworned enemy. These species are vulgars and love violence. Anyway, the girl next door found out about Ki and as expected she will help them out. I got a feeling that she's just amusing herself. She was around when the scouters found Ki (who is a Prince of Dogura) who has killed a Dickonian. Fuck... trouble!

oh so bishie ^_^

Just so you know, I really hate Glo for this. He challenged me to watch the shittiest anime ever and since I have an ovary, I accepted it. So here I am watching Rio: Rainbow Gate! Fuck you Glo! Episode 2 is about bouncing boobs,training the clumsiest intern ever, Rio as gate holder and Elvis challenging her for the card. Episode 3 is about a haunting casino in an old castle. FUCK THIS IS FUCKING SHIT!!!


"Rie Kugumiya was annoying in Dragon Crisis. I hate it."


Rainbow Gate is actually better than Dragon Crisis.

I wouldn't know because I dropped Dragon Crisis. I doubt it was worst than Rio though. Don't tell me I have to see it for myself to believe it =\

Actually, I think Soul Eater Not is going to be more of a high-school-drama type of manga instead of the action-packed craziness that the normal series is...*sarcasm* Ican'twaittoseehowthiswillturnout...

I noticed. But if the bishies play a bigger role, I might ended up liking it despite whatever. I'm such a sucker ^_^

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